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    HEy my clan can use u in clan wars plat div is a pian we r  n 3rd place if u want to talk my gt is ScoutSynp3r m24 contact me it will helps us all out

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    "Go For Broke or Go Home"


    We are looking a fresh new batch of kick ass players.

    Our motto is "Go for Broke or Go Home", meaning we play to win even if it means sacrificing your k/dr.  We need loyal members who will not abandon their clan members, and will not waste time in Minecraft, Happy Wars, or any other game when clan wars is in session.  We want serious members who are dedicated to playing and are frequently active. 




    • Xbox 360
    • Level 13
    • Clan k/d: 1.64
    • Clan Win Percentage: 68%


    • Must be frequently active
    • Must have Call of Duty App
    • Must play with available clan members
    • Must be able to follow directions
    • Must play a variety of game type modes, core and hardcore


    • Message: playerhilton9


    • Message TripleM1KA


    We Try Hard.

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    We want you....

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    aaaah the good old days in mw2 when u could resuply claymores , i once had about 15 claymores in that bunker on that one map with radiation surrounding it , no need to tell what happened when i shot a few rounds without silencer and all dot chasers came running into the bunker


    and conserning the silencers in this game they really need to take away some more damage when using , 99% are using those f*********** silencers

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    The message may have just popped up for ps3 then. Either way I hope the problem is fixed soon. 

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    MW3 and BO2 had the LMGs right I think, from my first impressions I think they are pretty good in Ghosts...


    I've only used the M27 and the LSAT so far, and I'm only a low level so I haven't had the chance to try out many attachments...

    How do you set the gun up for Anti Air Support in Ghosts, as that was a speciality of mine in the past...

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  • 12/08/13--01:44: Re: Where is the dbl XP?
  • Thanks, both of you. I have not been very good at acknowledging responses, and Im sorry it took so long for me to say thanks. I agree that it should only be brought out for certain events, or reasons, because in all honesty, my black ops 2 guy would have never made it to prestige master had I not utilized double xp end of the month events. It actually made me look better than I was by getting to prestige master. I would be willing to bet the majority of my "promotions" took place during double xp weekends, in the Nuketown only map:)

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  • 12/08/13--01:45: Re: Can i run the game?
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    Have you had your yearly vaccination of Static IP Sungirl

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    Banned for making the same kind of joke ban as me.

    Banned for not being original

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    I read up on all of that jazz and it just comes out as gibberish to me.

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  • 12/08/13--01:49: Join 704N(xbox one)
  • Need more info and you would like to join add my account xhaloxkingsxgod

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  • 12/08/13--01:49: [EU] [PC] Looking for a clan
  • Im looking to join a clan. If you are intrested feel free to add me.

    Steam: Arc7ic

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    First of all please read the clan details below. 




    Level 11

    K/D RATIO 1.59

    WIN % 71.00

    PLATINUM DIVISION (currently 119 points and 2nd place)



    - must have at least 1.2 K/D RATIO (overall) in order to try out

    - must be active players



    So this is how the tryouts will work.  I will recruit a total of 5 players, does not matter how many try out, bottom line is I will be taking a total of 5 players, no more no less.  We will be playing 2 games of Team Deathmatch (core) which means I can only pick up 5 players at a time per tryout.  The first game will just be warm-up therefore you will only be evaluated lightly but the second game will be the final match where we will base 90% of your performance.  I will have 3 groups to start but it depends really how many try out.  In order to reserve a spot in the tryouts please e-mail me your gamertag and a message stating that you want to try out for the clan [BoPa].  Send the e-mail at rafaeljohn176@yahoo.com.  Clan tryouts will be held at 9 p.m. December 9, 2013.  Once you send the e-mail you will be getting back an e-mail with a confirmation group number and a time to try out so one try out is approximately 30 minutes so some will not start their try out until 9:30, etc...  First come first serve on the group so whoever starts sends me e-mails first then that will depend in your group number.  Again it really depends how many try out.  Don't worry I will inform you some more on the lobby if you have any other questions or just send me an email if you have any questions.  I am the only one who is hosting the tryout since our clan is small anyway so please bear with me. 


    I encourage most of you who meet the requirements to try out.  Thank you for reading and good luck!

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  • 12/08/13--01:52: Re: The Perfect COD
  • less weapons

    less rewards

    no game ending reward

    no old maps

    no pro voted maps.

    still points for getting friendly tag in kc


    So your perfect cod isn't mine perfect cod.


    And mine perfect cod isn't the perfect cod for somebody else

    etc etc etc

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    I had to learn how to set up a Static IP and open up ports - boggled my mind to begin with. But, it does work. What console are you on --> I'll hunt down some digestible info for you.

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    There's no dedicated servers on the Wii U not in America neither in Europe because if there were actually dedis this game it wouldn't lag like it does. I live in Central America and get put in German Lobbies there's something going on with the match making so don't make it sound like Australia is the only place with problems

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    What game system

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