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    WiimotesRus02 wrote:


    Padiego wrote:


    You sound like those guys that think that the Kennedy assassination was ordered by the CIA

    Did you know he was shot by a body guard from the car behind him, by accident. It has been worked out that as he looked up to the window, he reached down for his AR-15, but as he started to turn the car pulled away suddenly causing him to fall back and pull the trigger. That's what all the cover up was about..

    Yeah I was going to mention that, but I didn't have time to reply.  That's why the secret service didn't do the autopsy in Texas, took over the autopsy room when they did one, took all the info, and took his brain.  They proved with ballistic evidence that Oswald's bullet did go through JFK's neck, but it was basically impossible that a bullet from his gun did the headshot.  Instead it supposedly came from an AR-15 that the agent in the followup car pulled out when the shooting started.  The car accelerated and he accidentally pulled the trigger.  Pretty convincing evidence if you watch the documentary. 

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    Hi Guys,


    I am searching for UK (and USA!) Call of Duty Ghosts Players for our clan on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


    Currently have 19 players in the clan and a lot play daily which is also a bonus.


    We play a mixture of game modes and play both core and hardcore so have no fear here.


    We won the first clan war and will win this one too so unlocking plenty of new equipment and patches.


    We do not have any tests / tryouts etc, a positive KD is preferred but not essential.


    This clan is for 18+ only as we wanted to avoid the 12 year olds shouting racism and abuse in between games!


    If you want in then you can either:


    1. Look up WRC Wreckin Crew on the CoD App and send a request to join




    2. Message me on XBL: A5HMAN 87 and I will send an invite to your barracks.


    Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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    We are currently seeking active members to join our Platinum level clan. We won last weeks war and have the patches to prove it. Our average k/d is 1.23 and we're on everyday. All our members are 21+ and don't take the game too seriously,  but hate losing. Send an app to RTD-303 or pm emjayECLPSR on PSN. Currently have members on xbox, ps3, and ps4. Join us and let's win this war!

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    I am a member of "Killaz for life" [K4LS]. We have been having clan roster issues. Some members still occassionally appear connected to a previous clan they belonged to [DNR]; although, only in the friends list and not reflected in the lobby. Also, our Clan Commander was recently 'booted' from clan. I use 'booted' loosely to describe his inability to access the clan in any way. It acted as if he was not a member of any clan. He, unwisely, attempted to see if he could start a clan with the same name, and appeared to have had success. However, he left that clan after created. We then attempted to have his account logged into on an alternate system, which still showed him as not being a member. Checking the Android app, it showed a clan roster of '8,' but only listed 7 names, not including his. We essentially had no commander. I invited him to the clan to see if that would fix the issue, especially being concerned about his creation and leaving of a clan of the same name. The invitation was accepted, and he once again gained access to the clan; although, I am not sure if he has full leadership access again. After he accepted, it once again showed him on the clan roster, which became '9.' On the Android app, it only lists him once, and still appears to list no commander. On the game, he is listed twice in the roster, once as soldier and once as commander. The clan does not want the progress we have made up to this point to disappear due to these issues, especially with his unwise testing of the system in creating the same clan over again. I have done my best to describe the incident as accurately possible in the hopes it will help to lead to a quicker solution to any ongoing bugs or technical issues. I would greatly appreciate if it would be possible to have the roster corrected, including restoring full commander duties to the appropriate leader. If you need any further information, please contact me via registered e-mail. We have plenty of Lieutenant Commanders, and so still have access to enough features to get by until the issues can be resolved, assuming no further difficulties. Thank you for your time and consideration.Administrator

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    It's not about be being a butt licker. It's about applying dirty, unlikeable facts of life to your gaming experience. Namely, that sh*t happens. The other aspect of life that sucks is that, well, I'm just not the best there is at everything there is to do. That in mind, what can I do to makes things for myself just a hair-bit better?


    I can stop worrying about the sh*t I can't change and start focusing on the sh&t I do control.

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    It is the best thing we can do and it works to some extent, I believe it takes multiple reports and on blops2 they asked if we can record them cheating in theatre and name the file appropiately. However there is no console bam on ps3 so it is sorta a waste of resources maybe? Until they find an alternative method or get it so these hacks dont work in game then banning/resetting there accounts wil be sufficient. It just takes time I'm afraid. I agree on the lack of a statement though. Personally I only see a hacker with an in-game advantage every ten games or so, and prestige hacks give no advantage.

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    i sent you an invite the clan name is Venom T3am we are currently ranked 1st in the bronze division we are an up and coming clan its your choice to be a part of something fun no hard feelings if you dont, our clan K/D is 1.07 we are all laid back and enjoy the game.Our clan rank is lvl 5.

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  • 12/07/13--00:37: Re: NEW CLAN COME JOIN
  • you need to play black ops 2 and i looked you up you don't have no stats bro do you even own it? haha

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    Has anyone else had the problem of trying to play Extinction mode but when the loading screen comes up and the bar fills about 75% of the way it goes back to the ready up screen and says "Unknown Function" ??   It has done this multiple times, have reset router reset xbox, disc is clean and it is also giving the same problem on my little brothers system who is using a separate disc.



    PLEASE GIVE SOME FEEDBACK ON HOW TO FIX THIS IF YOU READ THIS IW, Would like to play extinction to prestige but I cant play online, Not solo, not custom not public match... HELPP

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  • 12/07/13--00:43: Re: Extinction not working
  • Yea, me and my lil brother have the same problem on separate systems and separate discs, no solutions mentioned yet

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    Kuwait Legends

    The news has broke that the ps4 is coming out in Kuwait on the 15 of December and most players in Kuwait prefer the playstation over the Xbox and they also prefer call of duty over every other game the came out/will come out because call of duty ghosts is fun, competitive and great game that compare you with other clans and friends, it is also like social media where you talk with friends, families and like facebook and twitter you find great friends.

    At this moment in time while i am writing this thread I am in Australia and this is why I got my hands early on the playstation 4 before my friends and siblings got it in Kuwait. Back to the clan recruitment, when the players in Kuwait get the ps4 they will be looking for a clan, so this is when i thought of making a clan ready for them to join.

    What we offer to all our members

    - Active members to play with

    - A good home

    - Clan Tag (Aiming for gold)

    - Participants from all over the world

    - Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, And coming soon a YouTube Channel!

    - Clan events – training sessions, inter-clan tournaments, clan wars

    - Sponsored tournaments to win  prizes! such as (playstation store gift cards and other gift cards)Events happening every month!

    This clan will  try to be the best clan in Kuwait and hopefully around the world.

    requirements to Join


    - K/D REQUIREMENT: Must have a KD of 1.000 or above

    - Experience: Must have a little experience on call of duty.

    - MIC: we strive to make this clan have great teamwork at to do that, we need communication between player

    - Dedication:we need the dedication of every single player to allow the clan to grow

    More requirements will be added before the 15 of December. and also if you not form the middle east and you want to join you may send me a message on the ps4 with KD and your experience because it is good to have people from different time zones.

    Any questions, feel free to message Q-hawe-8 on PSN. I'll reply as soon as I can

    Thank you

    Inshallah you will join

    ps4 ID: Q-Hawe-8

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    I Upgraded my hardened PS3 version to PS4 (I did not get team leader pack in PS3) and apparently had season pass although it always indicated it was available to purchase. In PS4 I have the same problem.  On going into COD ghosts and selecting related items, season pass showing as available to purchase but when I click on it, it says I already have it.  Team leader pack showing as free but when I click on it, it says I do not have season pack so I cannot download it!!  Aaargh!

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    My clan is in platinum division with about 20 people. We won the first clan war by a landslide due to lack of participation on the other teams but this clan war we have no chance due to the fact the leading clan swept the board early on and got all the big points for being the first to cap. They had 100cp with a few hours making it almost impossible to catch up only receiving  2-4 cp for taking over a node after the first grab. How is it fair that the initial cap takes less wins to take a node but pays out 4 times the cp?

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    I am having the same problem except mine says "lost connection to host/server". Did you get a message to download a new playlist for the game? My problem seemsto have started after I downloaded it.

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  • 12/07/13--00:49: Re: Extinction not working
  • Same here, I cannot play solo or multiplayer on extinction. It's giving me the same "Unknown Function" error every time I try and load up a game, it happens around 75% through the load screen.

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    Ok I'll do what ever GT guitarmanx7x

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  • 12/07/13--00:51: Re: IW has done it again
  • to camp in cranked all you have to do is wait, and the headless chickens run around, ghosts is to campy and i hate it, the more i play it the more i never want to play cod again.

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    Nope, No new playlist option.. was playing it fine 24hrs ago and now i tried to get on tonight about 30 minutes ago and I'm having this problem, Im able to get on multiplayer and get into games there just wont let me play extinction mode for some reason, only seeing Unknown Function havent seen the Unable to connect to host yet..

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    Pretty sure it was confirmed that Alex Mason assassinated Kennedy, due to the effects of being a sleeper cell (according to Black Ops 1 at least ).

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    whats the point of these threads? if youre not surprised why are you posting? what is your topic, other than iw is a "poop" company? how is this constructive or helpful? how is this not spam? why isnt this crying dlc garbage thread locked? how does dlc for a community of a few thousand, 800-1000 of them playing at any given time even going to work? these are the questions id like to have answered.

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