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    I have tried it all!!! I need help

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    People say the lag is real. I do not know if its lag or just bullets not registering. Check out this video that i just uploaded for proof https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=Call+of+Duty%C2%AE+Black+Ops+III.mp4


    A little background about myself to justify why i uploaded this video. I have been playing since the release date. I am going on my 5th prestige, my overall KD is 1.98 my Win/Loss is 2.04. I have 48% of all multi player challenges complete. This was in a hardcore game mode. If you notice the first person i killed in the video took 5 rounds with a gun that should kill with 1 round. Then 2nd person i was shooting at, my aim was directly on target and not one round registered. What the video does not show is the enemy lying outside the window directly in front of me, i fired another 2 rounds and i still did not get the kill. A enemy ends up jumping through the window and killed me with one round. I noticed this started happening more and more after the first 800 and something mb update a week or so ago.


    System and connection info:


    Advanced Warfare Xbox one console.

    Astro A50 headphones. ( i have tried every headphone out, from all the turtle beach headphones and even have a backup pair of astro a40s)

    Scuf Controller.

    Samsung 65" 4k curved TV. (also have a 2nd xbox with benQ's best monitor)

    Verizon Fios Quantum Gateway router.




    I have verizon fios 300mb up / down connection

    My xbox one is set to a static IP

    I have tried every different nat type open methods: port forwarding, upnp on and off, setting my xbox one in DMZ mode.

    (Each method keeps the nat type open, but not one has made a difference from the other.)

    I also went to the extreme to disconnect my xbox ones hdmi cable from the 9.2 channel entertainment receiver ( I love movies ) i have and connected it directly to the HDMI port on the tv. Which made no difference at all.

    Under the xbox one display settings i have played with the 1080p and 720 option. Advanced warfare loved 720p, i was able to run circles around the enemy. With black ops 3 it seems to like 1080p better with RGB selected and 36bit.

    I am completely at a loss with this. It can get pretty frustrating. The only thing i can think of to do next if no one else comes up with a solution is change my router. I actually have been on the hunt to purchase the best gaming router for multiple consoles but have not found one yet. If anyone can point me in the right direction it will be much appreciated.


    Xbox Live: TODDzillaInLA

    Follow me on Instagram: TODDzillaInLA

    check out my clans website: www.offwithurhead.com

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    Need two more players with a mic for buried Easter Egg we have mics . Add or message me psn = tattooBobby86 and o67west

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  • 12/05/15--19:30: Re: Havoc Map Pack
  • Im having the same problem. I have the first 3 dlc's and all it says is that there is no games then puts me in a lobby where you cant play the dlc maps, just the maps that came with the game.

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    Hey there, Drago-Foxx here is the links to all the information  call of duty world league Call of Duty World League | Home  also here is a blog about the world league. Introducing the Call of Duty World League

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    Same thing happens to me lol need a fix

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    I saw something else on the forums that someone got banned 2 days after they hit master prestige so I guess you are not the only one who is having this problem.

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  • 12/05/15--19:36: Re: Bo3 Soundtrack
  • Hey,


    When you redeemed the code on your PC you downloaded a zip file which contains the MP3 files of the soundtrack. That content will be on your PC, perhaps in your downloads folder.


    - Dan

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    We Are a small clan looking for 16+ of age, fairly good, mic required (on ops,meetings,ect.) message me on playstation, jac_197 or Tilkod

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  • 12/05/15--19:39: Loyalty Awards
  • I have not yet recivied my loyalty awards. I have master prestige in black ops 2 and linked my account/has steam setup. So why havent i got my stuff :(

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    Reaper is activating his Scythe skills hot on defense all the time. He is taking out entire groups of dragons and killing off heroes. Is this a gitch and if so why has it not been fixed. If it was intended, why was it not announced.

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    First of all,thank youfor thisquick response.

    I have reported my problemas you haveofferedmeby following allthe steps onthe link.
    I also installedas you haverecommendedmeWindows MediaFeaturePackbut but the situation
    remains the same: alwaysthe black screenafter theActivisionlogo.

    There was abetadriver available formy graphics cardfrom the AMDwebsite(Crimson-Edition-15.11.1 beta):but stillno change.

    (if Iam notclear, donot hesitate totell me,my English isnot very good)

    Thank you for helping me!

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    At the time I didn't know it was a known issue. I work and also been caught up with the attack in California so I didn't know tell earlier  today. Also with the ISP part some people could of have Mc Donalds WiFi and it could of been acting up. Lol

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    Just so you know it wouldn't let me watch the video without making a Dropbox account

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    Could you upload a video?

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  • 12/06/15--18:12: Prejudice against PC gamers
  • Why the PC platform was excluded? It will be released for all consoles, but will not be to the PC. And Snoopy fans who are PC gamers and don't have console?Dreary Snoopy (1).jpg

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    Same wtf is happening? Is it because bo3 is out?

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    I  am  in XGC  MILITIA  XK  you must be looking  for  new  recruits  for  our  clan  must  be  18  if you  want  to  join  my gamertag  is  XGC  DEAD  BABY  on xbox  one 

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    Hi there, this is a known issue and is being actively  looked into. Sorry for any inconvenience

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  • 12/06/15--18:23: About to prestige
  • I can't seem to figure out what I wanna unlock when I prestige? I'm trying to get diamond for Smg's, and currently using g the Kuda. So I don't need to unlock a gun. Should I do a perk? Or a specialist? I have about 17k till I am done with level 55

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