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  • 12/06/15--18:24: guitar hero live
  • hello could help me please? I can not synchronize my guitar (if you turn on USB, the red light) and was almost ready, and I had appeared the option of left or right handed, please help. I follow the steps as instructional and nothing says someone can explain to me how?

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    Were 2 days 8 hrs.. We need 2 more..i think we'll be ready to rock by then.. Ill keep you posted bud

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  • 12/06/15--18:30: Re: Forum changes?
  • Till tomorrow! Haha..crazy bro..

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  • 12/06/15--18:35: Re: Clan recruitment
  • ima  quickscoper i want to join

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  • 12/06/15--18:44: Stuck on v.
  • It turns out that my Black ops 3 is still on v I asked my friends what version are they on and its more newer than mine. Please help i cant find a way to force the patch update. Still cant play for 4 days now. I tried verify game cache, reinstall, disabling windows defender and still nothing works. I think the problem is with the version of the game but i cant find a way to do it, please help

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  • 12/06/15--18:50: Re: Gaming set ups
  • set-up.JPG

    Here's my set-up at home.....


    23" Samsung monitor

    Xbox One Day One Edition w AW controller

    Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 edition

    Elite controller (same one from previous reply)

    Seagate 4TB external HD (same one)

    Turtle Beach Stealth 500's


    Mac with a ghamorra thread, 55"Plasma TV with the hockey game, and my NJ Devils zombie.

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  • 12/06/15--18:57: Re: COD Maps in real life
  • Awesome!

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    Awesome! Someone else who remember the original GoldenEye. Man, I used to get my butt kicked in college by some pothead who absolutely dominated that game. Dude knew all the spawns. Seems like all the people who do partake in Marijuana kicks everyone else's butt in CoD.

    I agree about the lack of OBJ players in OBJ lobbies. Nothing like a HCDOM game with someone going 56-8 with 0 caps. I know, they defend themselves by saying 'I kill the other team so my teammates can cap flags." I guess that can loosely be described as an objective, but I wish those players would at least slow down, when they are on my team, and help me cap a flay instead of thrust jumping over me.


    Oh well... back to some more HCDOM I go.

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    Hey, thanks for the response oRLsx317o! So 1 meter equals roughly 3 steps in the game? That's info I never knew, and appreciate.

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    Blocked him and sent a grief report to sony on the last invite he sent, there is no option for spamming invites in the list so I just said harrassment.

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    please someone help it said answered by axel something but my internet went out.

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    I can confirm that it now does download and runs on 5th gen.

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    That'd be perfect! Any fresh meat I see 50lvl or higher on I'll toss um your way

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    I keep getting paintshop/emblem material from the black market and I can't use them bc they never actually show up in the paint shop. Does this happen to anyone else

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  • 12/06/15--19:37: Re: About to prestige
  • That is really up to you.


    My recommendation is to unlock something you are using a lot now that you won't be able to unlock until late levels next Prestige. Perhaps a high-level Speciaiist?


    I used my first one on the M8A7, I just wanted to be able to keep working on it. My next Prestige I am taking Dead Silence, waiting till 50 this Prestige has been tough.


    There isn't anything better than anything else to take... its all about what use and whats important to you. But its silly to take something you unlock early, better to use it on something you'd have to grind for otherwise.

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    We currently have a group of players (currently 6 players) who have left a clan due to them not being fond of our competitive desires.

    -We are active players who desire to become better as BO3 players and wish to test our strengths in arena and clan battles.

    We are discussing either merging into a clan or starting our own. I will post two sections for people wanting to join and people wanting us to merge into a clan:


    Clan Merge:

    • We want an active community who we can have friendly battles with other teams of the clan and who we can party up with.
    • We would like active admins who can open opportunities of battles versus other clans and maybe competing for money.
    • We also want the clan to be active to the bone and cleaned regularly so it is in superb shape.

    Recruitment:- We can also start a new clan. You can join in our activities with our active players and possibly become an independent clan or follow us to a possible Clan Merge.

    • You must be active and playing BO3 on a regular basis.
    • We play arena on a regular basis so we can play there and improve our competitive skills.


    Please message me @ skype regarding Clan Merge or Recruitment and post offers of a Clan Merge below.

    Skype ID: seandashit



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  • 12/07/15--19:11: What is a good ping?
  • question for people without lag.

    what is a good ping? what's acceptable as a ping?

    is it steady your ping? is it bouncing up and down?

    are you playing on a TV or screen?

    what is your setup?

    I'm asking all these because I tried everything, maybe I'm missing something, I don't know.


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    Hey there, buy the game new!  So there will be a code in there for you. Sorry for any inconvenience though!

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    Hey there, it is still an issue. But they are working hard on getting this issue resolved sorry for any inconvenience and please be patient 

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    I am looking for good players who know how to do the easter egg.

    Must have a mic.


    Gamertag:   FireDatxxOGxx

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