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    i managed to make it go away for seraph head and body by hilight the top secret in black market, for accessories won't work though

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    The Argus used to be very inconsistent when you hipfire it, but it was remedied with the update.  However, I'm not a big fan of the "slug" shotguns because I feel that a single projectile makes them too similar to Sniper rifles (although the Argus is more unique since it does have hipfire spread).


    But the real concern involves the other three shotguns.  They are all very weak and need major buffs:

    1. Increased pellet spread when ADSing;  No more extremely tight spreads.
    2. Guaranteed OSK's when ANY shotgun deals barrel stuffing damage (the distances you can acquire OSK's depends on the weapon).
    3. Faster rate of fire for the Haymaker.



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  • 11/20/15--14:36: Re: How's your connection?
  • Connection depends on many many many factors


    Location is one major point.


    Overall I had nothing but low pings for 99.8% of my games

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    What's your point? "Comp" players have removed strategy from the game for far too long. This way is great.

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    I am also having this issue. I am hoping that once I start to use her and unlock some camos it will go away.

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    try heading in top secret features for head and body, but they won't go away for accessories, hoping they'll go away with unlocking in black market....however could take for ever since it's RNG

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    i have not tried local but online zombies is just messed up only Multiplayer

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  • 11/20/15--14:41: Xbox one soe easteregg
  • Please only message me if you know how to do it and have a mic my gamer tag is hectic star if you dont know how to do the Easter egg at least up to killing the shadow man please

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    You can't think of the Argus as a regular shotgun. It's a KSG with a free hipfire spread that's actually somewhat usable. It's one of the best shotguns I've ever used for that reason alone; it's a pocket sniper that can be used from the hip at point blank, which makes it more reliable overall.


    I don't think me and you have been running into the same Haymaker. A guy killed me with one from a good 20m yesterday, hipfired with horrible aim thrashing from right to left, yet it still melted me in 4 or 5 shots. Dropped me so quick I couldn't even react. Of course it could be a case of "dying faster" than it takes to kill, but still... didn't look very difficult to use. Fully auto shotguns are and have always been AIDS, and I'd be happy to see them weak until devs get the idea and drop them completely in favour of pump actions.

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    Pretty simple question and this one you might get around to actually answering with some sort of thought and intelligence.   I have been looking thru the forums and have found numerous people that have had there campaign wiped out because of problems on your end but instead of acknowledging that you blame the consumer or just don't respond. 

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    I play with Really good people and looking for similar players.  Most of us have a KD of over 2.00 and WL also over two.  Mic/headset is required for callouts and teamwork.  Send Stats to JohnnyKORambo.  Looking forward to Dominating with you.

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  • 11/20/15--14:42: This game is fucking trash
  • tthis game is a waste of money. the glitches, everyone knows you guys are aware of the ******* bullshit that's going on but youre all too worried about the ******* money. it's funny how i have another post about your bullshit that I posted yesterday and it's still on the forums so obviously you dumb ***** don't look at this ****. The ******* game glitched again for me at round 19 and I lost everything AGAIN for a second day in a row I'm tired of all the lagging out **** that happens even when nobody is lagging and connection is strong. i guarantee more than half of the people that play zombies have this problem and like I said in my last ******* post fix your **** and if you need me I'll be playing battlefield 4 with Robert Kotick's(CEO of Activision) mom on my lap.

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    Shotguns as whole are terrible and no reason to use them. SMGs kill faster within all shotgun ranges.

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    There are no 'strategic choices' unless you know your opponents strengths and weaknesses. Maybe if the game was built where items, weapons, perks and streaks all had specific uses, but that level of skill-gap does not exist in Call of Duty.

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    i'm guessing u have reset ur router and ps etc?

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    Hey there,


    Thanks for reporting the particular issue and for providing so much information about it. Have you tried to install the Windows Media Feature Pack by any chance? For Bit Defender can you also try to uninstall it to see if it makes any difference? Lastly, if you are willing please use our PC Performance Issues form to report that so that we can gather information on the particular issue in relation to your system settings. Let me know about any of that and if there are any updates with the problem.



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  • 11/21/15--16:43: XB1 Zombies
  • looking for some people that want to play some zombies i am curently prestige 2 and need 3 players to player either the giant or shadows of evil thanks.

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    My bo3 map.jpg





    As you can see we have a very simple map design that fit black ops 3 very well but its a tad bit too bit i think they could decrease the size of it

    Purple- is the pathing which we have 3 lanes with a few cross points

    Blue- is the water you can get in it and will lead to very obvious location no tactical advantage what so ever

    Yellow- one building you can go into

    Red- are the 3 bridges that support the 3 pathing style that 3arc loves

    Think this kid got a shot at becoming a map designer on 3arc team?

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    Hello? Anyone?

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