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    gotsomestars wrote:


    I watched about half of it (sorry I'm at work). You have improved from your first couple videos. I'd suggest using an AR if  you are going to patrol the outside edges like that. You are using a close range weapon in a situation where you'll likely run into mid to long range gunfights. Maybe the hvk or icr since they can compete at semi close range as well. Your awareness to the minimap has improved a little, but keep working at it. Lastly I noticed that you slowed down a little. I'd (personally ) recommend slowing down a little more and maybe lowering your sensitivity a few notches. I noticed when you turn it's quite jerky and you tend to overturn.  Anyways thats all I'll can remember atm, I'll try and add some more in a bit. Keep your head up, you have improved.


    While I'm happy to praise where praise is due I do have to agree with Gotsomestars on his critique. An AR would have been a good choice for patrolling the longer lanes. Also he may be correct about lowering your sensitivity a bit (notch at a time).

    To add to this you do need to keep your gun up a bit more often so it becomes second nature to move around that way at all times. Move from cover to cover (which will slow you down naturally) and stop check at each one so people don't take you by surprise. Pre aim when you are "in" cover never when you are out in the open. Pre aiming is great when you think someone is coming ahead but have the relative safety of cover. In the open it slows your ability to turn on them and reduces your peripheral vision making you an easier target.

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  • 11/21/15--16:46: Re: XB1 Zombies
  • gamertag is Xx S 1 M Z Y xX if you want to play

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    Hey there,


    Which Nuketown code are you trying to redeem? If it is the Nuketown Personalization Pack then redeem that here: Call of Duty® - Code Redemption. If you are referring to the Nuketown map then you will have to redeem that through your platform's store, so either Steam, PSN or Xbox Live. For PSN and Xbox Live there is a Redeem Code page that is part of the marketplace or store. Let me know if you have anymore questions about that.



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    FTFrs, I usually enjoy reading your posts, even when I have a differing opinion about something. I probably agree with this one, but I'll never know because your habit of capitalizing words as a method of placing emphasis on them renders it unreadable. It's fine if you want to do that, but I'd suggest using it sparingly. It's getting worse and your posts are beginning to resemble ransom notes.

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    I would love to have a little group of zombie players. I'm in US so ping should not be a problem (Well except it is the internet so... )

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    edge66 wrote:


    Well I'm the thread starter and this is what happened. I slowly improved to the point where I was getting scores of 7-4, 11-5, 10-9 on hardcore TDM. By no means great, but I was getting to the point where I was getting slightly more kills then deaths and getting used to moving round the maps well. Then you won't believed won't believe what happened. The game broke.

    I deleted the game because of the dodgy patch and the game would never come back on. I checked the disc and it had all scratches on it and that was it. I cleaned it, did everything, the disc wouldn't work.


    So now it means buying the game again, and although I was starting to like it, I'm not sure I like it enough to buy again and it had to happen on this weekend when everyone will be likely level 55 by next week thanks to the 200XP. So even if I did buy it  in about a week's time, everyone will be well ahead and I'll get slaughtered again. sigh...

    Dude that's some cold s**t right there. Glad to hear you improved but bummed to hear your game broke.

    It's what happened to your disk that mostly makes me choose digital now.

    There are some stores out there with disk resurfacing machines that will (depending on the depth of the scratches) be able to fix that for you for a really reasonable fee.

    Try a second hand music or games store, they are usually happy to oblige and sometimes even do one for free if you're buying something else at the same time.

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  • 11/21/15--17:00: Re: Zombie:O
  • Hey there,


    Is Zombies mode crashing for you specifically you at round 3? Or kicking you out to the dashboard, or what specifically? Also, what platform are you playing on and has this only started happening since the patch on November 19th? Let me know about all of that and any additional information you'd be interested in providing.



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    My wife and I have found a few strategies for a couple of the maps that work most of the time. Assuming we only get 2 mindless spawn flippers on our team. However, there are a few maps that we just don't play.  Aquarium is god awful, metro is god awful, and the map in the city (Exodus? ) is god awful. Breach would be ok with a decent team of 3 or more. Redwood is terrible.  And evac is ok with a team that doesn't constantly run from A to C. Fringe is ok , but one side has an advantage.

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    USA add me C4CraZed

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    Oh and about taking breaks. I'm torn between BO3, visiting a galaxy a long time ago far far away and the new Jessica Jones series on Netflix.

    It's a great series but man what a crappy time to release it!

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    i agree guitar abuser, I think I mentioned this to him in a previous post but guess he didn't learn his lesson. It's almost like you are attempting to make shape of what he is writing but then it is just diarreah spilling out." I do not pay to win" gosh I really hate that comment. What are you winning? This is a game not a real life situation. Get outdoors more. You play and get loot. There is no losing, winning, pay to win/build. All diarreah that comes out.

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  • 11/21/15--17:10: Re: Zombie:O
  • Not really crashing but there is a problem.. I put attachments on the kn-44 ( level max ) and all other weapons has the same attachments and they are lv 1.. im playing on Xbox One. and i meant with round 3 that zombie walk really slowly and dont run. or maybe its me idk i didnt played since 4 days cuz my controller was broke.. thanks dude:) keep it up for great work;)

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    Q39ESM wrote:


    Do you mean a tech issue or you can't find the menu to go to the inbox?

    For me the menu bars or X in the upper left bring my username up from the bottom of the screen, then it's a swipe up to see the menu with the "inbox and activity" option.

    So much easier on the old/AW forum format where you just saw your username in the upper right and pressed it . . .

    Wow I looked there before but it doesnt show until I scroll down.  Thats not handy at all but at least its there.

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  • 11/21/15--17:14: Re: Big Dog Studios [BDS]
  • I wake up in the morning look in the mirror and go big dog!

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    Thank you so much for that information and detailed information at that. Could you private message me a few more details so I can report the issue? I'll need your Steam ID (or gamertag), platform, and any screen of the issue if you have one. It would be very much appreciated since this seems to be a newer issue.



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    Exactly the same here has been for weeks and weeks no multiplayer games available, except maybe 1 team deathmatch. I have all dlc's but purchased individually, not the season pass. Spoke to an activision support suggested buying atlas gorge aswell, I  stupidly did! thought it would get me into a larger pool of players, made zero difference.

    Always able to find a game in zombies on any of the four maps its just the multiplayer that has disappeared, my NAT is open and i have the xbox one connected through an ethernet cable thinking this might also make a difference which it didn't. I have read that uninstalling all dlc might "fix" the problem but then you lose that content which is no good.

    Personally i have spoken to support a couple of times, also e-mailed a complaint but received no assistance and my complaint was not even acknowledged. So im done banging my head against a brick wall with this one. Thinking Battlefield looking good, literally no way it can be worse. No more money from me Activision, will not make a tiny bit of difference in the grand scheme of things but at least I'm not throwing cash away.

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  • 11/22/15--17:10: Ghosts personalization pack?
  • HI, I have a copy of cod ghosts and i was wondering if anyone has a download for the black ops 2 camo I would surely appreciate it as i think it would be good with the collection of camos i have, thanks for the help

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  • 11/22/15--17:12: PRESTIGE
  • In bo3 i was level 55 and I was going to prestige the second I hit b (xbox one) and Ithe said I fresh started but I watch the videos and I did exactly the same I didn't press fresh start can you please help me i worked so hard to get there and I love your game but I don't want to leave the community because of this please help

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    Well Awesome No Replys... o(╥﹏╥)o

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