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    My favourite games were BO1 and BO2 and since BO3 looks pretty good I've gone out and bought a Netduma R1, which I received and installed yesterday. I've really struggled with laggy/lag comp frustrations in the past and after playing a few games with the Netduma using local only connections (100 mile radius from London, UK) I've seen an absolutely massive improvement.


    The netduma is telling me all the info I need to know, around my connection, i.e. ping stats (8ms), jitter, spikes and packet loss, which are all exceptional .... which I've always suspected anyway.


    I'll play more today and if my experience is as good as it was last night then I'll make a post around the router, as its actually made COD enjoyable again for me.

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  • 11/13/15--00:28: Re: Well this was a first..
  • And did you record and upload it?


    Once on MW2, the sub base map. Ground War party of 9 all hiding in the building at the back of the map, presumably for the LOLs, someone on my team threw in a grenade and got all 9 kills!!

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    If you're still looking hmu. 'MYO_Trav'  MYO Gaming is 2+ kdr comp/pubstomping clan. We will do arena/gb/and clan battles in BO3. we have about 30 members and are only taking on a few more. Please do me a solid if you're interested and make sure you remind me on PSN that you need a tryout. I get real busy with recruits, streaming, and making videos.

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  • 11/12/15--06:29: New XB1 Team Specialist Fx
  • Starting a new xbox 1 only team for clan wars (if there will be any), pubstomping, egl and gbs. Add my gamertag TheLogFog and send me a message. There are some requirements before u join:-


    15 +

    younger than 20


    decent at the game. (1.00 k/d)

    UK and USA only.


    If u have a YT channel then that's a bonus

    I'm also looking for someone to create a website for the team to make recruiting easier.

    ADD ME : TheLogFog

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  • 11/13/15--00:33: Re: seriously
  • I actually like the game and like what they've done with it. But the difference in connections form match to match and even sometimes mid-match is frustrating.


    Playing Kill Confirmed one match top score 30+ kills 20+ tags. Next match I'm 2-13, insta-death around every corner. I just don't get how that's possible.

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  • 11/13/15--00:33: Re: To Treyarch:
  • think the beta was used as a pre order sales tool and not to improve your online expeience and probably why ebay is flooded with second hand copys of this game.....i used to have a better cod experience when i had under 1mb uploads speeds back in the mw2 bo1 mw3 days as fibre speed have increased the game play has got worse i can struggle to string a uav killstreak together some match due to insta death bullshit.

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  • 11/13/15--00:34: Re: server quality
  • Despite me liking this game , yhe connections are letting the game down , the worst connections i have experienced since ...oh yea ..black ops 2

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    Yes Battlelog for BF3/BF4 works great.

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    I actually thought black ops 2 was pretty crap overall , and this one is far better ..but thats because it plays or feels more like black ops 1 in my eyes

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    The assault rifle I've been using the most is the XR-2 with reflex, quickdraw, high caliber.


    The Man O War was my favourite in the Beta, I still use it as it is a beast once equipped with high caliber (headshot galore!)

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    As far as I can tell, you can't see that. Not sure hwy that was not added, seems like a simple thing to me.

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  • 11/13/15--00:37: Re: Well this was a first..
  • throw a few emp grenade at them plays havoc with thermals lol yep it happens team camp.

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  • 11/13/15--00:39: Re: Pvp app crash
  • Three times yesterday @beuwolf78 three @&%&^^ times!!


    iOS 9.1

    iPhone 6+

    Running a fresh install of CoD Heroes

    ID - 102342 - Maxed CC9


    All three times were not related to a hero death. (all survived)

    Game screen goes black and then to home screen (no error message)


    Attack 1 (CC9) = 76% damage, Time remaining 1:20. All weapons removed resulted in a -26 rep and approx 350k gold loss


    Attack 2 (CC10) = 54% damage, Time remaining 1:10. 70% weapons removed resulted in a -23 rep and approx 540k gold loss


    Attack 3 (CC9) = 95% damage, Time remaining 0:40. All weapons removed resulted in a -26 rep and approx 400k gold loss

    Each time skill points and troops used were deducted from my total.

    @beuwolf78 - Yesterday was the start of my push to CC10. I was ready to start saving big and push that upgrade button. BUT, I'm seriously having doubts now. I made 6 attacks last night, 3 of which you know the outcome. These constant F*&^ ups are pushing me away from the game.

    PS - a quick FYI these new map packs we can buy are really hard for colour-blind people to attack.

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    You don't get the point. I care about FPS more than graphics, too.

    The reason that this game isn't properly optimized is that most people with more than sufficient setups cannot play the game on the absolute highest settings. You understand?

    We HAVE to play on "almost highest settings" for a smooth 60FPS experience. The graphics are okay in BO3, pretty good, actually, but not so good that we shouldn't be able to play it perfectly smoothly on ultra. That's a case of poor optimization.

    Hope you understand now.

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  • 11/13/15--23:43: Re: Lets face it !
  • I've said since before they announced the last-gen port that if they were going to make a last-gen game they should do what Ubisoft did with Assassin's Creed and just make a completely different game tailored specifically for the last-gen.  They could even tie the two stories together if they wanted to be clever.

    I wouldn't say I'm a "hardcore gamer" but I do like to do my research before purchasing something I plan to spend time on.  If googling "Black Ops 3" isn't your thing you don't even have to go online.  When I was at Gamestop a week or two before release I heard an employee telling someone over the phone (without being specifically asked) about the limited nature of the last-gen game.  Were they subtly hoping for a "well I guess I'll just buy a new console" sort of response?  Sure, but they are there to sell things and weren't being pushy about it so I'm ok with that.  Point is the employee told the person without even being asked if there was a difference.  No online research needed.

    I don't consider those who I was describing as evil or bad, just that they had many ways to easily and quickly obtain the information before buying the game and chose not to use them.  If I just walk onto a car dealership's lot and say "I'll take that one right there", I wouldn't get much sympathy when I complain to them that it doesn't have enough seats for my family.  I probably should have asked about that before buying the car.  Consider it tough love and I hope they know in the future to avoid the problem with other items they're looking at, video games or otherwise.

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  • 11/13/15--23:46: Re: Shadows Of Evil Xbox One
  • 2 more

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    Yep.. just as it moves from loading screen to choosing a class.


    Glad I'm not the only one, but man its annoying

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  • 11/13/15--23:58: Re: The ICR:
  • I do well with the ICR, so far its the only rifle I have prestige with.

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    TheXclusiveAce is good to really get gritty with gun control, map control, spawns and tactics for staying alive longer in objective modes.


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    tambien tengo es problema cuando van a resolberlo xbox o treyarch???????

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