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  • 11/11/15--23:23: Issues with hotkeys
  • My issue is, when i connect my Xbox 360 controller (wireless) to my Pc, i can use the controls to get into Black ops 3 just fine, except when i get into a game, all the controls except movment and vision work well, my left joystick right and left (movement) work fine, but when i try to use (left joystick) up and down it for some reason controls my vision when the default it is set as is for it to control movement only. and my right joystick is supposed to control all vision. The hotkey menu wont let me select and change this in the menu as my Select button (A) can select the hotkey catagory in question but when i try to enter a hotkey after i select the category, it Unselects it immediately afterwards.


    I am aware that many people prefer Mouse and keyboard, but im looking to get my controller working properly for some fun gameplay.


    Any help would be appreciated!



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    Clan Skirata is a gaming community founded in 2010. We integrate skill, experience and brotherhood to offer Star Wars: Battlefront and Call of Duty: Black Ops III players a stable gaming community. By bringing together the best-of-the-best since its' inception nearly five years ago, Clan Skirata has maintained a proud and respected legacy.

    Black Ops III Leadership

    Leader: OriginalBonJovi

    Division Commander: Castinoid

    Lieutenants: Eren_Sena, IMakeItPop, TheBigBEN59, theRev8614

    Trainers: freddy2feet, TwinkleBloom, XxStunxX


    • Undefeated in AW Clan Wars from Bronze -> Platinum -> Diamond
    • Max Level Clan
    • Maintains a 1.0+ in win:loss AND kill:death

    We play every game mode in Black Ops III so you won’t be missing out of our general play that happens every night of the week. As of November 2015, we are actively recruiting players for our Call of Duty: Black Ops III division. Making the transition to the competitive scene, we are recruiting the following:

    • eSports Players
    • General Members
    • Production Members (content creators)
    • Twitch Streamers
    • YouTubers

    If interested, visit our website www.clanskirata.org and apply there, comment your PSN below, or message me on PS4. See you out on the battlefield guys.

    “Succeed with a team instead of dying alone”


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    I have this problem too

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    Lag problems in Finland too... I get laggy games more often than none-laggy.

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    supah bump. need hc dom

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    i know it's a not a big deal to make these kind of rampage (penta , hexa kill) for most of people.but i'm not a COD pro player so it's a big deal for me.


    hop on the kill train | Hexakill in Black Ops 3 - YouTube

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    Same problem in Tupelo Mississippi

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    not sure. im on the xb1 as well with the kuda, vmp, and weevil gold max weapon prestige / lvl. i did the keep the attatchments from my vmp when i prestiged it since i had a similar copy made, but my progress was not hindered and i just finished it to gold today. maybe its just the gun you are using is broken? is it the head shots not updating? if you go for the no attachments camo that you have the weapon counter off, else it wont work.

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    Wtf man first you take away lobby leader board's witch like why even bother trying to improve your self.

    Then you don't even let us reset to chalange our self what do you think we are going to kill our self if we don't do better on the reset.


    And please for the love of everything holy fix the H.A.T.R


    Also if you have time connection issues....


    Oh yeah and hc dom


    I hated the last two games and was really looking forward to this one and connection issues withstanding


    Lobby leader board's


    HC Dom

    Fresh start


    You dropped the ball 3ark

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  • 11/11/15--23:44: True Vet calling card
  • For the loyalty Program, I got the lens camo, but the true vet calling card isn't showing up, got the Carl's Jr title thinks it's in its place, my brother has the True Vet calling card but not the Carl's Jr card, same prestige and everything tho any one else has this issue

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    How Mutch active members do you have atm?

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    looking good so far guys. Keep it joining!

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    got the same issue,camo lenses except for the calling card

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    Hey everyone,

         I'm looking for a good gaming clan, I say gaming because it doesn't have to be just for Black ops, it could be for Destiny, GTA, anything really doesn't matter to me. A little about myself, I'm 22 years old, I do have a mic, and I do work A LOT. I will be on most every night, and pretty much the whole days on Sundays. My K/D is a little under 1.0, pretty bad, I know. I will get better with a little more practice, been quite awhile since I've played online. Previous versions of Call of Duty, I usually carried a 1.6-1.8 K/D. Anyways. enough about that, if you think I will make a good fit for y'all, please send me a friends request.



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    Every coin has two sides. top teams want to play for leader board bragging and others want an even war. What ever happens it will upset someone.


    But for me, the biggest problem with AW is without doubt, ADVANCED GEAR

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    On my last attack the siege bot triggert a mine and was destroyed!! It looks like if the mines work!

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    Dude you must already be blind if you don't notice it, but in Bo2 the bars didn't make the hud unreadable if you play split screen for too long on bo3 you, and your loved ones will go blind. In your case I guess its too late, but think about the rest of us. Game is damn near unplayable in split screen. And for a game that sold us on co op being at the forefront blablabla split screen being this horrible makes a lot of us feel like we wasted our money. I played with my dad for all of half hour on release day and havent touched the game since hoping they patch this crap. If not then thank God I didn't waste money on passes and crap like that. I will do the single player stuff because the game is great, but I'll resell it as soon as possible if they don't patch that in the next month or so, salvage at least something since split screening with fam friends and the gf is what I bought this one for I feel like I got duped, playing 2 players on a 60 inch hd tv and the hud is unreadable and head ache inducing? That cant be intended and it's beyond me how it made it past play testing.

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    if you are getting a ping of 30-35 it could be a dedi or you could be pulling host.


    even if you don't have a Netduma you can tell what you are connected too. I checked this and it seems to be correct (I have a Duma as well). If you look at the numbers in the top corner and have an "e" next to them you're on a dedi, no "e" its P2P.


    IF people with a Netduma want to check this To confirm 100%

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    I've had that recently too in the UK. Not sure that's accurate though as I went to the Black-market and had 43 keys waiting.

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  • 11/13/15--00:24: Re: Lag Multiplayer
  • Activision / Treyarch Never comment or give reassurance that there working on the problems..... Poor customer services.

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