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    The name of our clan is Rage Quit 4 U. We are a platinum level clan that just won the first clan war we were given. Most of us know each other in some way or another. Currently there are 11 of us; however we would like to build up the clan into a competitor.

    If you are interested, here are the guidelines we have established:

    • K/D around a 1.5 or above
    • Age of 18 or older
    • Have a mic
    • Be able to joke around, as all of us have a sense of humor
    • Be able to have fun
    • Don't mind playing the objectives


    We are serious about clan wars, and want to compete to get better. I believe that if YOU try us out, you will have a great time with us!


    Message aceman5434 or Ap3lchriszp on PSN, or look us up on the app.

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  • 12/04/13--00:27: Re: Points
  • thanks.

    followed you in return

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    What level is the clan and what rank are you guys in?

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    yeah i added you

    gamertag is shadowmerk

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    Matchmaking worst then ever, if your playing alone your going to get thrown into countless games of your team is already losing, came into more then I can count where the enemy team already has sixty points or more, worst off it does it on free for all also which is worst. Spawing also is totally broken. Countless times I have spawned in front of an enemy. The game isn't to bad when it gives you a chance but.

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    The people these days don't know stuff about the world when it was at war. (for the dipsticks that still don't understand cod:WaW)

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  • 12/05/13--00:19: Re: Best Assault Rifle?
  • Exactly, and they are nobodies anyways so who cares if they decide to ban it.

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  • 12/05/13--00:20: Re: Possible Ghost 2?
  • Given the ending to the SP campaign - which I won't spoil - there is no doubt that there will be a Ghosts 2.

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    Im interested in joining. Im 18 and very active. I usually play with the msmc or the type 25. I play every evening from 6pm cet until 10 pm. I dont have a mic but im planning on getting one this evening. My psn is : NinjaMadSkillz. Add me if you'd like. I'll check this thread often. Kd is 0.93

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    You are part of the problem, glad its removed.

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    Seriously, how long will this go on??? The examples you are trying to use, Jaliy, are doing the exact opposite of what you want them to do for your cause. I had a friend on my PS3 and he asked me if I wanted a buddy of his to unlock this and that and max prestige me and all this. I deleted him immediately. Want nothing to do with cheaters. What the hell is the point of playing when you have a hack or boost do it all for you? Ever actually WORKED for something in your life?

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    I wish Ghosts had Theater mode so we could watch anyone's game replay for the last 30 days. That was really useful in many ways. Too bad Infinity Ward didn't implement this kind of replay system.

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  • 12/05/13--00:23: Re: Soap vs. Mason
  • Reznov would beat them both.

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    The maps are fine as they are, we asked for bigger maps and we got them. We as in, the entire community, everyone wanted bigger maps after the disaster that was BO2. There are only 2 really large ones anyways, Stonehaven and Siege. More game modes are needed and I'm sure IW will add some based on what they did in MW3. The spawns suck, and they need improvement. The health is great, no more sponging bullets. 3-4 shots in core and you are down, exactly as it should be. The guns are fine. The killstreaks are considerably weaker than every game since COD4, and thats not a bad thing, the oracle can be countered with Blind Eye, if you feel like wasting a perk slot. Nothing wrong with the perk system, I run 6 on my AR class. Your absence will go unnoticed, bye.

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    Not looking to join a clan, but I just wanted to commend you on your post. It's nice to see players who don't think K/D is everything and you wanna support your clan to help them get better. Kudos bro.

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    Won first clan war, winning second. Message 'SockFIy' (Spelled S-O-C-K-F-"eye"-Y) or 'Turtwig Lvl 100' to join. Preferably 1.4 k/d w/l to join.

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    welcome one and all, will keep this as short as possible


    we are a uk based, 18 strong clan.. looking to recruit players of all skill levels.

    we won the first war by a clear 150 cp's.. and look to take this further in current and future wars.

    only with your help and a collective effort can this be done.


    activce players ia the only real criteria that needs to be met.. maturity no matter what age, is of course welcomed.


    we hope to achieve a mixed base of players, we understand not everyone likes to grind it out against the super tryhards.. but some of us do!


    if you have a small group of friends who play together, but are struggling to take lead in the clan wars due to numbers.. we encourage you to take on the DN14 tag, and continue playing in your group if you wish.. reaping the war rewards of course!


    solo grinders welcome.. you dont need to be in a party to win games, and wel be just as thankful as yourself when the unlockables are.. unlocked.


    feel free to apply via the app.. just search for DN4TEEN


    if youd like the invite just drop me a message on gt(360)       xVARLEYx


    il reply as soon as i can.


    look forward and hope to play with you soon

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  • 12/05/13--00:28: Re: DEAD ALREADY? WOW!!!
  • You don't have to stay in a game with cheaters to report them. Just memorize their names, leave the game, press F1 in the menus (friends menu), press the right arrow in top right corner of the window and you'll see "recent players". Find the one you want to report and click on them. There you go - report away!


    Hope someone finds this useful!

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    I'm having the same issue and have tried contacting them for further assistance with no help or response at all.

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    We are currently placed 2nd in our gold division and we are looking for more people interested in being active for Clan Wars. Who doesn't want all of those sweet-ass looking camos and character unlocks?  Anyone welcome who is willing to play. Let me know!

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