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  • 12/05/13--00:31: Re: Attack Dogs are OP
  • learn to stay away from vicious dogs like in real life and shoot from afar...i have been killed by dogs maybe 7 times.  Whatever you are doing you are doing it wrong.

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  • 12/05/13--00:32: Extinction score in general.
  • Question 1: What are some ways to increase my overall score?


    My strategy: Akimbo pistols first, maxed Explosive ammo second, sentries up to amour piercing ammo, riot shield and random item for last. I am running all five relics and usually don't go down at all during the game. I throw out ammo like crazy even though I only have 3000 cash so I can get tons of kills. There is usually an engineer in the lobby for drill health/protection and 2 other members have medic with shield and feral covered for the team. Occasionally somebody else runs ammo with me and we always get most if not all of the challenges. Escaping and all I can't seem to get more than 390,000 for a final score. I know that's a pretty decent game but I'm trying to hit 400,000+


    Question 2: If I throw out more random item boxes do you think it would help increase the score for team support at the end of each hive?

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    your wins Will count it just takes sum time...

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    I will try uninstalling game and profile, will let you know if that works. I use the Xbox One controller with the plug and play kit that makes it a wired controller. I have Kinect always on.

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    I have always been a big fan of the Modern Warfare series by Activision.  This new Ghosts game is so similar to a Treyarch game (Black Ops) which is why it sucks. First off, in MW3 I had a 2.46 k/d ratio with using a P90 95% of the time. So I like to run around and steady aim people a lot, and I'm pretty good at it. In Ghosts, they have steady aim but it is worthless. I aim at a guy (up close) and shoot and the first 4-5 bullets basically disappear and then, not moving the gun, I keep shooting at the exact same spot and it finally hits them, but its too late because they have had time to return bullets into me and kill me.  FIX THE STEADY AIM FAILURE & BRING BACK THE P90!


    Second, fix the crap spawning! I am so tired of spawning and then instantly getting shot and die within 2 seconds! Or, I spawn and take a couple steps in a direction and I die from a explosive. It's also a pretty cheap way to get a kill when I spawn and there is some dude with his back turned right in front of me. This is 2013 and COD is getting worse and worse and I feel they are trying to get rid of my "style" of COD player (as in "run-&-gun"). Sorry, I am not a lame camper, but apparently thats what I have to do in order to do well. VERY DISAPPOINTING. I waited 2 yrs for this next Activision game to come out since I dont buy Treyarch crap, but now I will have to think twice the next time I buy COD from Activision unfortunately.

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    I believe this is a terrible system, I'd prefer having to unlock the weapon first with my level, and then with squad points (called coins here).


    Squad points are very easy to earn - just play the game! Sometimes you'll get them for getting killed a couple of times in a row, but most of the time you get them naturally over time.


    As for being "stuck" with a gun - thats not a problem, actually. Yes, you'll have to play 3-4 games with this weapon, or one of the standard-issue guns, but they're all pretty good, so you shouldn't feel limited in any way because of it. And after a few games you should have enough squad points to buy the next gun or attachment.


    I know, I constantly buy more weapons and attachments and have 250 unused squad points. I had around 200 when I prestiged. Now I almost reached 2nd prestige.

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    Join us, WRC Wreckin Crew.

    Plenty of daily players and currently top in our division in the clan war, add me on XBL A5HMAN 87

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    10 allready. Keep on trucking

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    It was a lot of effort wasted to that badge that ultimately couldn't have been completed. At least not with the time left after reset.

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  • 12/06/13--00:28: Re: DEAD ALREADY? WOW!!!
  • Well honestly, with 700+ hours in each previous CoD title, I don't feel any need playing this game..


    Lot of my friends think the same..


    But it's a good thing. It shows that PC player recognize pile of sh*t and just refuse to play it ;D



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  • 12/06/13--00:28: I think it's wrong that...
  • I get invited into a clan because I do extremely well in a couple of game mode's and they just sit there expecting me to get them win's.

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  • 12/06/13--00:28: Re: Online stats gone
  • We have wired connection and always end our public matches so thats not the reason

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    Jimmy z tweeted out what yodajedimaster said so it's the closest confirmation we've got to how it works

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    I would never finish a match so instead I only quit matches with atrocious lag.

    That means screen jumping around blatantly losing gun fights I should have easily won.

    My guess is that's somewhere between every 2nd lobby and 2 out of 3 lol.

    That is the  genuine state of affairs for me with Ghost .

    At least MW3 on rare occasions put it in my favor.

    I literally have to accept this state of affairs as part of the game if I want to play it.

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  • 12/06/13--00:35: Re: Best Bad A-$-s Quotes
  • "No b****rd ever won a war by dying for his country. You won it by making the other poor dumb b****rd die for his country."

    - G.S. Patton


    Where's an a--whole general like Patton when you need one?

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  • 12/06/13--00:36: Re: Seriously!
  • From what I've heard, If your opponent has better perk than you then they would be able to kill you even if you have the most OP gun's in the game. BS I know... 

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  • 12/06/13--00:36: Re: Seriously!
  • I Drop them with one or two bursts... Don't use a suppressor, use a muzzle brake or fore grip if your having trouble, also red dot. IMO the guns do not need buffing or nerfing, leave the game be!

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  • 12/06/13--00:36: [AUS]Couch Gamerz
  • Couch Gamerz / CGz - Looking for members interested in casual/social gaming. Doesn't matter what platform you're on [PC/PS/Xbox] or where you're located (Aus preferred only cos it'll be easier on timings). This is purely for having fun together as team when possible. Only rule is that players have to be mature. Send an app through if you're interested =)


    *Need administrators and officers so first few applicants stand a higher chance

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    16 days to be exact.

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    The badge stated 30 days --> certainly wasn't 30 after reset. What a cruel trick.

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