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    Sign up for the Revolution of Gaming Community at this link Revolution of Gaming


    We are a wonderful community with active forums and tons of people who play CoD on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.


    I am the commander of Hero Brigade, which is for AW on the 360. We are currently recruiting and would love to have you join us! The only requirement to join a brigade is that you have a working headset/mic and act mature. We do require forum activity, but the minimum is once a week so it's not too bad if you don't like forums. However, it's much more fun when you post and talk with other members


    If you don't want to join a brigade you are still free to make an account on our website and talk and game with other members, no requirements. But I highly recommend joining a brigade and participating more, we have a military like rank system within brigades that give you a chance to rank up within the community.


    We also offer a variety of teams: Event Staff, Graphics Team, Media Team, etc.


    I hope to see you there!

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  • 09/25/15--16:59: Re: HPC Recruitment (XBOX1)
  • bump

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    It usually takes 30 days or more for a content to be released from Xbox to PS. The new weapons were released last September 1, 2015 for the Xbox One consoles. It should be released somewhere around October but this can still change. Just relax and enjoy the game while we wait for the AK47, M16 and Cel 3 to be released in the PS4 consoles. Take note though, not available for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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    Nope, keeping my 360 til they end the servers for last gen, still some games I wanna play with the 360.  Imo, still don't think its worth spending $400 plus right now, I'll wait for the price drops.

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    the chests in origins were for filling souls and it looks similar to the fountains so I think that that is where souls go.

    Dat button is curious. I don't have playstation so could you post that image?



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    Do you also have the other 3 DLC map packs or just the reckoning DLC? Where did you purchase your game and what region is your PSN account registered to?

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  • 09/26/15--16:56: Re: Little help needed.
  • i thought my waiting for the hair trigger until like tenth prestige was impatient. I didn't get some of the elite weapons until I unlocked them from master prestiging. I got diamond without an elite version for so many guns, the hype isn't real for so many versions.

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    TWALL4ALL2 wrote:


    My initial reaction was to celebrate, but other people brought up some good arguements in the other thread...


    Now I think they should of just completely eliminated the lunge factor and kept the 1 hit kill.


    If someone surprises you around the corner and you quickly slam the thumbstick it's a panic relfex. It's a reflex yes, but I think panic knifing is a correct way to describe it.

    I disagree. Why is it all of a sudden a "panic" instead of just solid reflexes that have been honed over the past 8 years of playing? A lot of us having been playing for almost 10 years and back in the day we didnt have all the scenarios that we have now so we made do with what we had and trained ourselves to do certain things in certain situations. That is all it is. There is no "panicking", most people who use that phrase are just mad they got outplayed in that scenario. Im not saying you are one of those people but that is how most people act when that happens to them.


    If people call it panic knifing then i suggest we name those who spray in those situations "panic shooters". But seriously, there is no such thing as panic knifing, most of us have learned to knife like that over the years considering what we were working with back then.

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  • 09/26/15--16:58: Deny Clan PS3 sniping
  • hello my name is Deny_Enigma and i setup a clan called Deny om 15 and i have a mic we are a sniping clan to get in you can either Deny_Greed or show me the clips u have hit and im setup a YouTube and a a YouTube rc challenge in a week or so ill be online tomorrow at 4 o clock

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    I've come accustom to the one year cycle for each game and the season pass packs a lot of content in that one year. 15-20 days of play a year is a lot. I'm usually tired of the game this time of year and rarely play it again once the new one comes out.

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    Why is everyone taking offense the word "panic"? 

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    i see that Target, toysrus, GameStop, bestbuy and Amazon.com sell the skylanders superchargers some have their exclusive just for that store which I bought but then I notice Amazon.com has some characters that none of the stores big retail ones are selling but the marketplace in Amazon is selling some new one at triple the amount. How do people get their hands on these new characters when they are still not in stores? Is there an underground world?

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  • 09/26/15--17:07: Re: TIMES UP!
  • is this problem more for ps4 than X box one? I'm on the one in az in a more rural place and play Dom or hard point almost every day. Some times it pops up no games found and starts refiguring or something and pops up with around a dozen or so still. I play during different hours of the day and 90% of times are placed in a match almost instantaneously from mornings to two in the morning. Maybe I am not good enough and am mixed in with too many other thumbless players. Are the people having troubles high level players? Since I hit GMP I have seen different lobbies with a lot of GMP players, I'm thinking possibly a match making criteria? I wouldn't mind but it seems almost everyone has finally just settled on the bal higherarchy or the asm1 variants mixed in with some insanities and mors. It's not even so much as they are too op it just gets boring and once in a while frustrating while wrapping up some challenges. I have every gun they use but that is so boring,I told myself I wouldn't try grabbing the rest of the air to air for shotguns and the Red Baron player card but my ocd seems to start choosing classes for me.

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    KTPhoenix wrote:


    Im not buying any DLC except for maybe AC and FO4 and possibly DS3. The problem with DLC for COD is that it is just maps and always has been maps. They dont keep me interested in the game at all. With games like AC, FO and DS they at least provide more content to the story to either add to the original story or to put a little bit in for side quests that are still entertaining. But COD doesnt do that, all they do is add maps and hope that people buy them even though they are only good for MP and half the time people vote for other maps anyway.


    There is no "hook" value to COD DLC to keep people interested for a longer period of time.


    I enjoy more missions in other games dlc that adds to the story.... but, CoD dlc has created an entire cult following with zombies and that is 75% from dlc. There is also more multiplayer maps from dlc than launch. So there is hook value for some people.

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    Just like the term camper, many people yell it regardless if it's true or not.  Having said that there are those out there who do 'panic knife'  as in get startled and  desperately just slam down on numerous buttons.  Just like there are those who panic spray or do any other panic reaction.

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  • 09/26/15--17:15: Re: Wolf Clan recruitmen
  • yea you can join just msg me on my ign Inspyr Wolf

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    What was the last game to offer that "disable" option... MW3? BO2?   I remember in the past if a friend didn't have a map pack, there would be a notification in the lobby. Is that still a thing?

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    Well thanks for all your inaction, you would be allowed to sell expired food, but yet you sell an expired game code.

    Don't imagine anyone will see or do anything about this, and very little point in you replying now, as gift has been given and I am very very unlikely to log back into this account. Not the response I was expecting from a company I thought I could trust.

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    cranium2001 wrote:


    But this does. 2015-09-26-19-43-06-1821023674.jpeg

    Mine will be delivered Day 1 as long as the truck isn't hijacked by disgruntled CoD fanatics.

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