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    Makes me want to play the campaign again for bo1 and bo2 before bo3 comes out. 

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    Most of the magical items harken back to the first game. I can see the argument that four years and four games is a good run for those.


    I think my biggest issue is the lack of features for the traps. I know TT is a Toys for Bob game, and maybe VV didn't have all the information on the traps while they were developing this. I get that. Two years is a short amount of time to turn this thing around and, if you have another team of devs working on a different track, it'll cause issues like this.


    Regardless, the traps were a huge money sink. Activision should have dictated that the traps needed to be utilized further in the SC. What's really stopping us from playing as Brawl & Chain in SC? Nothing, really.


    Furthermore, will Toys for Bob be able to utilize the vehicles next year? Or will there just be some sort of racing mini-game tacked-on for those?


    I'll be pushing my kids to play something else next year...

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    Anyone reading this, if you purchased a dark edition, there will be no stickers to accompany your figures. Per Activision on reply to my tweet on Twitter. I am severely disappointed in Activision with this information. I have no way to express my disappointment in this "new" action taken by Activision. I am not sure I will keep this game at this point. It's a lot of money to spend on something with a lot of hype and so much disappointment.

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    Bummer bro, i didnt get much out of it, a few killstreaks,  i guess i found out at the end,

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    Try disabling your media server. run a internet connection test, if you get into zombies online go to options at the main screen and press select and look at connectivity. so how many bytes are coming in.

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    Ya, lots of my gang uses kik, i see no need for this other than to see what each other looks like, lol, sometimes its better to just think she pretty. Yeah if we could have expanded chat for screen shots thatd b greatt, similar to replays, click a button, amd view, dont need the actual pic in chat, just a button to take u to it

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    I have no expansions, but i am looking for a good team if 8 to organize our efforts on town survival. My strategy is very full proof so please check out my thread.

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  • 09/23/15--14:50: Re: Wii console ripoff?
  • Hi Sunlake67,


    We understand your concern regarding SuperChargers for Wii and 3DS Nintendo systems.  The game play is slightly different, however, there is still a great deal of enjoyable content within the game.


    Should you still wish a refund or exchange of any item, you will need to contact the retailer from which the purchase was made.


    Kind regards ^AH

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    FiftyDETH wrote:


    "reflex" lmao...


    Here is it how it works. For you it might be a reflex, for me its a calculated decision. Do I pull out my gun and fire? Or do I Melee Kill.  I have THAT much time to make that decision.  Maybe someday you will.

    As a pretty decent kickboxer...


    and pretty decent CoD player...


    it's 100% reflexes.
    Reflex time: 0.20-0.30 seconds
    Conscious decision time:

    If you tried to consciously react, you'd lose every single time.
    And in kickboxing, you'd get hit in the face. A ******* lot.

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    Can anyone tell me wye the didn't bann people for cheats.

    Manny players on server have aimbods,wallhacks, and manny more.

    Also people who have vac bans on it accound can play call of duty games.

    IS the scanner ofline or what??


    The game is now not nice when people cheating all the time there.

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    K. My Braindead account is SPM 380 something.. Definitely not the case now that I'm going for those Royalty's.. I will have to see what happens with a fresh new SPM and an apparent lack of skill.. but I won't change my gameplay so I will see if there is an apparent difference in anything SD wise from that perspective.. I have been getting elite weapons just not any of the really good ones or the new ones. Just the same old stuff I already have..

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  • 09/23/15--15:00: Re: Looking for clan {PS4}
  • Go to unrivaledgaming.net we are casual and competitive clan..bo3 coming out this year will take use to the next step MLG .. If you wanna play with some cool guys no matter what time .. Hit us up ..we are 100 + strong and growing every day...


    Gamer tag psn : pred8oro8s

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    Hi guys, I'm GhostCyrus88.


    I'm looking for some people , whoever, to join my clan, EDS, so we can team up and do some clan wars and such.


    My Xbox One GamerTag: GhostCyrus88


    Send me a message and lets get started. Everyone Accepted.

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  • 09/23/15--15:01: Re: PS3 EE
  • You dont need a mic if your plans already  full proof

    Dont get the anti mic hate

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    Come check out unrivaledgaming. Net ..we all a bunch of down to earth cats just wanting to have fun ...


    Psn ..pred8oro8s

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    I have a lot of confidence in my plan so that communication isnt nessicarry. Just give my other thread a look if youre interested.

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  • 09/23/15--15:04: Re: Looking For HC PS4 Clan
  • Check out unrivaledgaming.net .....


    Psn pred8oro8s

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    Brah add me I'm with unrivaledgaming. Net and we are looking for a players who want to join on the competitive side...we know what we are doing...


    Psn ... Pred8oro8s

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    Using a very specif type of strategy. Please check black ops 2 > zombies forum for all the details. No mic required.

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