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    Yeah and i also want them to bring back Hardened Edition to ps4 on gamestop  if not i cant get the Hardened Edition to ps4 unless they put it out on

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  • 09/12/15--12:13: AW Zombies Until BO3 Zombies
  • I need to finish a few trophies on Carrier and need to do Double Feature on Descent and the other golden trophies anyone interested or can help add MHL_16

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  • 09/12/15--12:15: Looking For BO3 PS4 Clan
  • I want to join a clan for BO3 I am currently play advanced warfare so I can join that clan as well add MHL_16 if interested

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    forgot to mention richtofen side of the EE

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    Really enjoyed AW but can't imagine playing it for another year. I've pretty much felt this way since BO1. I tend to play these games a lot and play them out during their first year. I'm in tune with ATVI's timeline and love how there's a new game every Nov.. BO3's beta was great and looks like it might be a bunch of fun this year.


    I was surprisingly addicted to the fast pace of AW but after just 5 days in the beta, I was enjoying the change. I actually started playing AW a little different afterwards.

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    still looking for UK and US based players

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    You know zero about sniping... from what you have said. We were not spoiled in Bo2 the ADS time was increased from other games. Actually MW3/MW2/CoD4 were the easiest to Quickscope in.


    Sniping in Battlefield is not hard, The fact that nobody other then other snipers (aside from tanks/air support) could hit you made it very easy to camp up and try to kill other people standing still. I actually Quickscoped in that game quite often and had great success in it.


    I played Gears of War for a very very long time. When gears 3  came out I was in the top 10 for about a month. The only think that makes sniping in that game difficult is you must head shot for a OHK but once you understand how the characters move. Getting head shots isn't all that difficult, just a learning curve.


    The only reason BO3 is difficult to QS is because they increased the ADS time to a unrealistic standard. Which gives weapons that already had a faster ADS time that much more of an advantage.... Making CQC not viable.

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    I have noticed a lot of player do that as well, they do the same with the lethal grenades. How was the trophy system in this game?  I haven't used one regularly since the MW series

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    You are absolutely correct, I do act like an elitist when it comes to QS... I am a vet QSer and have been doing it since the dawn of time I was 11 when I started getting paid to play Wolfenstein Enemy Territory. As my teams sniper/Medic (mostly sniper play) I moved from Wolfenstein to Gears then CoD then Halo going to various tournaments around my arena and as well as Online games. I have been in the competitive scene along time. Only since the release of Ghosts have I moved from FPS to Moba (Dota2) for my competitive fix. So when it comes to topics like this I feel as if I know more then whoever I am talking to. Since when I get fixed on a game I sink a ton of hours into it researching and practice. 


    QS for me was what made Call of duty a hell of a lot more fun then just using an AR or Sub... It is just far to easy to use normal weapons and it gets boring. However I did enjoy the normal gun play in Bo3 so I am actually quite excited to use all the weapons in this CoD but my heart will always belong to QS and if its not viable because the devs felt for some reason to increase the ADS further then it already was..... I know a lot of people who wont enjoy this game to the fullest. Yeah people say well you can go back to the other cods and QS.... But how is that fair? That people who enjoy QS something that has been in 6 of the Call of duty games 3 of which were the best of the series. Have to go back to a game that came out 3-4-5 years ago? Not to mention its on a different system.... I don't see that as right and I feel that's a huge loss for 3arch if they end up losing the QS community in this one.


    I 100% feel that the devs were influenced by the community (majority of bad players complaining about QS) to change snipers to be less viable in CQC or Medium range... Call of duty maps are not huge.... Nor sniper friendly... There is only 1 map out of every call of duty that was sniper friendly and that was wasteland (MW2), every single other map an AR or LMG even some SMGs could do far better then a sniper ever would. I don't remember who said it but someone said something about MLG players don't complain about QS because they don't do it in competitive play...  I 100% agree they don't do it in competitive play... Because its not viable to use QSing vs good players or players of equal skill... That has been my case and point for this whole thread.... QS has never been a viable choice vs good players.... It is good vs bad players. Bad players who run down hallways every time never learning what happened last time... or not having a great reaction time... That is where QS get their clips and such... They do well vs bad players... But not so well vs good players.


    I know this for experience as well... When I QS and I come up against a good player I don't do as well, because that good player knows enough to take different paths... Flank me (and team) he understand that he doesn't need to stand still when coming face to face with a sniper... I am normally forced to go to a normal weapon which is fine because I understand that... So does every other good player that QS.

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    I wouldn't call my thread a complaint more of a whiplash due to complaints that caused nerfs in the first place.

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    My first sentence btw Hattor doesn't mean I always know more then everyone I am up against. lol... irony that my first sentence about being elitist sounds like an elitist.

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    Public matches are about connections and SBMM doesn't hamper it.  Read the fireside chat.


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  • 09/13/15--12:08: Bo2 PS3 Clan
  • Mxgic Clan Recruiting So The Clan Is Mainly About Snipers




    Must Have An Kik


    Must Have A Mic


    Have To Score 15 On a 1v1 With me


    HAve To Be Able To QuickScope


    And That's All


    Add me On Kik Hunters209/Subscribe To Us On YouTube /Follow Us On Twitter @Mxgicclan


    We Have 10 Member And Hopefully U Want To B Apart Of Our Family U Also Have To Make A New Account If u Score 15 Hopetulant We Become As Big As Faze Even Tho Thats An Xbox Clan Anyways See You Guys There      

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    Hello, We are VenouMous Legacy [|VL|] a clan on PS4. We are new and very active clan. We do participate in clan wars and clan raids! We like to have fun while we play but also like to win. We don't have very strict criteria to join.



    • Have a Mic
    • No stats requirements, but must send screen shot of stats.
    • Be mature (There is no age limits ages right now range from 13-23)
    • Must be able to have fun
    • Must have the Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Companion App (From Raids and Wars)
    • Must be as active as possible


    We encourage everyone who is looking for a good clan to join. We don't care if you are the best or the worst as long as your willing to have fun and play the game. We are also planning on going over to Black Ops 3, so If you have already pre ordered it that is a huge plus!



    • Add Trapn_Kellz on psn with the following info:
      • Your Name and Age
      • Screen Shot of your stats (Remember they don't disqualify you)
      • Time Zone
      • How active you are (Days and Times you are normally on)
      • Do you have the app?
      • And anything else you want the clan to know!


    We look forward to playing with you!

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    When someone goes down that much, the person running armor is not doing their job.  It amazes me how many people run useless team support items and completely overlook armor, which is by far the most important one when it comes to staying alive.

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  • 09/13/15--12:15: Re: Is Nightfall Too Hard?
  • Rolls eyes, doesnt care...  worthless comment.

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    Once you get good, you will actually like playing with other people.  It makes this simple game a little more of a challenge. 

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    For those who have played  the original Black Ops game, you'll quickly notice that the game has variety and support a diverse number of playstyles. You have run and gun, Stealth, Sniper, Tactical, Support etc, all available to you within. Maps supported traditional sniping and a variety of tactical and support playstyles while perks supported both ru and gun and stealth players as well also having small and large maps to suit both. So overall you can't really disagree with the statement that the original black ops wasn't diverse.


    Going into Black Ops 2 by changing the perks, map design and having poor spawns you all of a sudden had this massive nerf to quite a few playstyles.


    Due to changes within the series the following styles of play were changed.


    Stealth - Due to the change in the Ghost perk you were no longer able to be the stealthy unless moving. You were punished if you chose any other style than run and gun or maybe tactical depending on how you played tactically. You were no longer able to play the game at your own pace, if you wanted to hold down an area then you showed up on a map. If you wanted to defend a bomb site, you showed up on a map. If you wanted to guard a frequented spot, you showed up on the map when a UAV was above.


    Silencers were also given a huge nerf in this game, normally range was effected but the degree it was effected in Black Ops 2 was huge compared to previous games. I even noticed getting hit markers if I ever had a silencer equipped in Hardcore, not that I did that often but I'd often complete challenges with a weapon and you did have to use a silencer.


    Traditional Sniping - Map design was changed to small maps only basically and even the few large maps had enough buildings, rubbish and general cluter to basically say 'nope you ain't getting a long sight line' and with the changes to the Ghost perk, sitting, locking down a location was out of the question. It basically forced you to be either a quickscoper or a mobile sniper who moves after one shot, which isn't always viable or a good way to play. I mean if we look at MW2 maps, Black Ops one maps, basically any CoD BEFORE Modern Warfare 3 we see massive open maps which was ideal for snipers. The only good lines of sight were the ones everyone knew about and would avoid or leave you vulnerable.


    Tactical Players - Depending on what you, personally classify as a tactical player then this might not have been nerfed too hard in Black Ops 2 but to be honest because of the poor, revenge based spawns, changes to stealth perks and small map design, its likely that the ability to lock down areas, hold specific spawn zones etc was lost.


    I went into Black Ops 3 beta hoping that things would change and that a fully supported list of play styles would be viable again like they were in previous games but alas Stealth is still more focused for run and gunners and traditional sniping and players who either like to play the game slow or in specific ways e.g. locking down an area. Are being punished in order to cater to run and gunners and to make the game as purely fast as possible. Map design seems to be the same small maps AND the spawn system seems to be based around the same kind of logic we had in Black Ops 2.


    All I am saying is bring back player choice, bring back diversity. Not punishing people for the way they like to play.

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