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    It's annoying how many people are having problems with the support, yet it never gets answered; especially for having their money wasted away. I'm having a similar problem with shields, but I used a 7 day pvp shield and a 7 day league shield (720 celerium) and it looked as if it was all working and when I got back to the game, I went down 2 entire leagues, been attacked 8 times (majority of which were losses from higher cc levels), all loot gone and all matchmaking messed up because of the rep system that has been in place. Been at Activision with 2 tickets linked to the same problem and no reply for over 2 months. This needs to be sorted Faceroll.

    ID: 7020793 - Android (Google Play)

    KN11F3D - BioWarfare2

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  • 09/13/15--12:28: Easter Eggs for PS3 ALL MAPS
  • Looking to complete the Easter Eggs on all the Black Ops 2 maps. I have a mic, bank, and computer to know what to do incase i get lost.

    Mob of the Dead

    Die Rise




    And MOON and FIVE on Black Ops. (not to worried about the other maps but always down)

    PSN: that1kidd92

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    I have been away from this discussion for a while because i just didnt feel like arguing with a delusional nutbag.


    But after seeing a lot of the comments from the time i was away, i have to say that this thread is one of the main reasons why people just flat out HATE QS.


    QS are so goddamn disrespectful to other players, even on forums, and their whole mindset is that if we dont like them then we must be bad players. That thinking is SOOOOO delusional. Not to mention that they will NEVER see an opinion or a view opposite to theirs to even try to understand it because with them it is always "im right and you are wrong and no matter what evidence you provide or how strong your argument is, i will never believe you because my thinking is perfect and yours isnt", then they go on and reference youtubers who do this stuff and argue about the competitive scene and all that. Well first off there is a reason why most COD youtubers are on youtube and NOT in the competitive scene. If they are as good as people make them out to be then why are they wannabes just making videos instead of going competitive? Answer, because they are NOT good enough and some of the stuff they do on youtube would NOT allow them to stay long in the competitive scene. The second reason is because the competitive scene doesnt have this crap because they are focused on WINNING more than they are trying to make a certain playstyle appealing to little kids and people with little kid mentalities.


    But this thread right here is just one of the many that have been on this forum over the past few years that keeps proving over and over again how disrespectful those players are.

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    I don't know what's going on, but this weekend, the game is virtually unplayable.


    Never before have I had:

    • network errors
    • reconnecting problems
    • glitched AW (had a 3 star with 10 seconds to go and only credited with 2)
    • laggy as heck


    I've had numerous glitches.  To many to count.  I don't know if the devs are beta testing 1.10, but some kind of compensation should be given.  It's double skill point weekend and I haven't been able to play today (but sure enough, I've been able to be attacked).  Maybe a few thousand killstreaks will do for all players

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    You gunna be okay? Seemed like you raged out there a bit.


    Everything you just explained there aside from the ignorant Youtuber rant. Is exactly what people like you are. You have zero to complain about, your ARs or SMGs are fine they always are.. You guys want snipers to be campers and use this so called (ranged advantage because I guess nothing else shoots as far as a sniper right?). Why you guys are asking for is for a play style like QS to be morphed away because you don't like being 1 shot CQC by a sniper because you feel that they don't belong there. So you want the Snipers to be slow and camp, in a game that hates campers more then it does QS and to be slow in a game that has always been fast pace, even more so now with the in your face style that Bo3 is bringing in, yet you guys still want snipers to be in the back of the maps camping? It just does not make sense even in the maps we were given zero of them allowed you to see objective points from the back of the map. If we were to move up even a bit say to the trucks and watch B flag on the bridge, we then run the risk of getting spawn flipped on and then you ask us to fight SMGs or ARs or Shotguns with a pistol? None of this seems quite right.


    I like your rage though... Shows me exactly the kind of player you are.


    Btw Youtubers at least the ones that I am subbed too are very good players and if QS was as viable in CQC as people make it out to be then Competitive players would pick up that play style... But it's not, so why nerf them? There are tons of MLG youtubers.... Lol this is what I mean by bad people like you... You just spit random claims out and show nothing for it. Just leave man, before you hurt yourself.


    P.S. QS are disrespectful? I can't even count how many times I got trash talked by some dude at the end of a match because he refused to stop running the same bloody route and getting dropped... How many death threats and Beating threats the amount of times I was called "insert name" for QS... I rarely see QS make fun of other players for using a weapon they enjoy, mostly QS trash hardscopers... I for one defend hardscopers seeing as it is sniping and if he gets the kill he gets the kill QS or not.

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    i havent done this for a few titles but it has to do with the aim assist and timing it just right so it pulls you on target, that is why the debate on skill or exploit kicks in. 

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    been getting some good time in AW ,, also Gears of War ,,, picked up Far Cry 4 ,,,, still playing destiny here and there ,,, I still have several games that I have to finish besides what Ive listed

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    interesting. Since I do not Snipe EVER, QS'ing has always been a curiosity to me. In other words if Aim Assist was turned off, they would just be garbage players who can't use a real gun? It seems like there has to be some sort of talent or skill to do this, even with the exploit. I think the biggest problem I have is being ohk instead of having a true gun battle.

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    Those doing camo challenge


    look at my thread in ps4 section, i've given a few tips and links to help with those launchers...


    with the maaws, you have to guide the missile either with the sight of the maaws itself or (much easier) with a red dot sight on another gun.. once mastered, it becomes easier (tho still pretty hard)


    then with the mahem, as explained in the thread, i used everything you can see on your screen to help with the right spot where to launch to hit a UAV


    but the paladin with the mahem.. OMG... took me about a whole prestige just to get it... you actually need to be on one of the 4 maps where you can weaken it with bullet...


    other than that, i tried swapping class with the stinger than reswap and hit it (on other map where you can't weaken them) but failed (one stinger not enough... two destroyed the paladin) and could only have a hit detection with one missile but then I completed them before forgeting about them...


    I did finish those like 2weeks ago so it is still fresh... UAV are hard.. but since you can see about 6-7/game... it stay easier than paladin where you can find one per 6-7games.. and it has to be on the right map...


    go hardcore and equip support on package... if a paladin pop up let anyone take it and go for it... that's the way i took 2 of them... (cheap shot but hey... it's only 3 paladin and it totally Worth it)

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    I have yet to have my league score and celerium credited for this bug...


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    I will let you know how it goes. Have you done an 8 relic solo on POC yet??

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    'Strict SBMM does have a place because it would prevent experienced COD players from playing against people who are new to the franchise.'


    Which is a viewpoint that makes no analytical sense since that's exactly how the majority of players were introduced to COD 4 and subsequently: The COD franchise as a whole. Trial by fire > Improvement > Experience.  None of that comes from what you just suggested.



    I dont see how it contradicts Ranked modes. Does ranked not also use this to determine where you place? I quite honestly dont see the difference. All the things you mentioned regarding Ranked matches and SBMM are no different from the rest of the game since people will do those things no matter where they are so that is an irrelevant point.'


    It's relatively simple. Tryhards go into tryhard modes. Casuals go into public modes. Introducing a tryhard mechanic in a casual game mode is counter intuitive to the existence of: Combat Training & Ranked. Your 'Strict SBMM' already exists as 2 different game modes. It's extremely relevant much like the Easy-Normal-Hard option is in a generic Story based game.

    'The reason for those arguments is not to say its to not to play against people who are better than you. The whole idea of SBMM is to pair you with people who are around the same level as you. The reason a lot of people dont like it is because they are so used to playing against people who are new to the game and having it easy that SBMM would prevent that from happening and start putting them against people who are just like them which in their eye seems like they are playing against people of a higher level when in reality, they are just playing against people who are of the same level but they are not used to it since they are used to pubstomping lower level people. To put it simply, they think its harder because they are not used to playing against people of the same level.'

    Which makes the argument redundant. Without strict SBMM it's a complete lottery who you play anyway. It's not as if you just play noobs. You also get teamed with them as well and you can also still get those exact lobbies you just described. It's this thing called variation; something the SBMM mechanic objectively stifles by creating a false barrier effect which makes no sense in a casual game mode; and is exploited to the point it becomes completely ridiculous anyway. It indirectly shelters noobs who never strive to improve, forces players to run the best guns/perks in every single game and subsequently creates a tryhard environment in every single game which encourages the most toxic playstyles to run rampant in game modes such as TDM, which by Advanced Warfare standards: Turned into a BAL/ASM1 wasteland. Very enthralling.

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    I have said before on here that this title has become a sore on the Call of Duty name. It could be an epic mobile title forever update as each new console title comes out, however there continue to be more bugs than solutions.

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    The majority of people have this issue now. Sometimes I cannot click on in game buttons period. They just do not respond and I am forced to stare at my base and wait for the game to catch up. At which point it flashes through everything i clicked on and makes me want to have a seizure.

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    No. I only got a 7 relic solo, but No Class was one of the relics...No machines is still going to be a tough one for me to run.

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    Activision is FAilureavision! Career leader boards hacked! Out of memory 2 error! No new guns on 360, purchased items not showing up, app not working, panic knifing when shooting, allowing mods, lobby not contacting or disconnecting, no app for PC or windows 10 OS, promises, promises! You have fail your paying customers. I'm not purchasing anymore Activision games or affiliates!

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  • 09/14/15--13:16: Re: HPC Recruitment (XBOX1)
  • id like to join gt: IxojoeoxI first and last letter are i's

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    Well good luck, the MR-28 makes one hell of a difference though

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