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    I see both sides of it and I think that having to earn a variant before the actual weapon can be made available is a dirty move...  It's actually disturbing.


    Nevertheless, I love the fact that the randomness has created variety in the game. If I could just earn the Insanity and follow the sheep down the same path, then I wouldn't have known just how great the Hole Puncher is.  I love it when in a single round I can get killed by a Quick Bolt, a Bread & Butter, a Speakeasy, or a Pwner.  It's great to have so much variety and seeing so many people becoming adept with what they got.  I guess being a fan of Diablo II makes me more tolerant of the rng system, so I'd be okay if it comes back. However, if weapons can only unlock by luck then if be hesitant to invest in such a game.  Shoot, just let us waste our money buying the darn things outright and get rid of the worthless season pass.

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    nerdlegend wrote:


    Design choice due to the pick 10 system.  You to make them powerful so people use them.  Right now perks are rather situational.  Would not say they are overpowered just powerful.  Overpowered means they outclass every other item within that slot.


    ^This guy gets it. They reward you for using them and using them properly. If they were trash, nobody would use them and then they would be pointless. I hate being killed by them, but props to the guy who adds one less perk or attachment to run them. Many people don't anymore.


    Besides, nothing would be worse than someone who kills you while they are stunned. That would be worse than getting killed while stunned.

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  • 09/01/15--08:27: Re: No Games Found Shameful
  • Just tried again same thing.


    Only thing I can do now is play local.

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    Black Ops 2 seems to be much better with this in regards to Hardpoint. There are always campers on my team just going for kills but usually I end up at the top playing the objective 100%. I got the same result as you in the BO3 BETA though.


    I have to admit I have never really paid much attention to the actual points scored doing things though.

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  • 09/01/15--07:59: Re: Dedicated Servers?
  • Treyarch has always used dedicated servers for Ranked play - and the BO3 BETA was using them as well. The "connection interrupts" that you were experiencing were due to background title updates & server reboots - all very normal during a BETA.


    I still argue with people in BO2 about the game running dedicated servers vs. P2P and although I could go into more detail as to why I know its running on dedicated servers the easiest thing is just ask them a simple question - have you ever seen a host migration in the game? If you get into any COD game using P2P you will experience a host migration within a very short amount of gameplay time. I can state as a fact in my 2,400 hours of BO2 there has never been a host migration.

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    Not sure if anyone has the time to take you up as an apprentice, so it may help if you specify what you're having trouble with. For example, do you want to get more kills? Get higher scores? Become a better objective player?  Live longer?...


    If you're inclined to say yes to all of those then I'd recommend focusing on just one to start off because they don't all correlate.  Personally, I'd suggest asking about how to live longer because dying can get frustrating.

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  • 09/02/15--07:20: Re: Newbie/Cheating
  • There's where the problem lies. I can't really avoid them. When going into the lobby, There's a 75% chance I'll get thrown into a match already in progress. Oh well, I'll take your suggestion and report them. Thanks.

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    Skid Row has been in before but that was for guitar hero rock the 80s for ps2 which I still have love that game it was song 18 and life. but they can still add them in with a different song 

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  • 09/02/15--07:00: Re: Unable to find game
  • I actually had never played Ghosts online till last week but all this no game hassle made me play it for the first time. It's insane how much easier it is to find games on Ghosts. When you bear in mind that Ghosts is probably the least successful Cod game ever released it really goes to tell you that we should be finding games no problem what so ever.



    I don't understand why they can't have just made it so that you don't need the same map packs as everyone else to play. Instead they could have made it so that:


    -when searching in the main list for team deathmatch, domination, hardpoint etc... you are matched with anyone with any map pack

    -when searching for the first DLC mosh pit, you are only matched with people with that Dlc

    - when searching for the second dlc you are only mathed with people with that dlc.... etc.....

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  • 09/02/15--06:56: Re: All i could say is wow
  • Same experience here a few months ago.  I got pounded for the first couple of weeks because my eyes weren't used to the detail.  Actually went back to PS3, but I just couldn't play the cartoonish version anymore.

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    does anyone have any ideas

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    Hello NRG216,

    The 13 digit code is a reference to the BO3 beta.

    However, those who pre-ordered on steam did not require a beta code to access the Beta.


    Unfortunately the Beta for BO3 PC ended yesterday.

    I hope you enjoy BO3 when it launches in November

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    I don't have a problem helping people rank up with what I've learned but with you two trolls following my every post and every move while you spread your so called "non-facts" wrapped as "facts" that are really nothing more than innuendo and subjective, non-applicable results to any reproducible test case.

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  • 09/02/15--08:19: Ghosts Search & Destroy
  • Hello all,


    first it is sad that only 400 to 800 gamers play this game. To be honest if I made a game and that little players would play I would make it free to play, free DLC or something because this is just too sad...


    Secondly, since there are not even close enough people for game modes, atleast you can change the filter for exotic ones, like search & destroy to be playable 2v2, 3v3  etc. ( even 1v1, because if people see that someone is playing probably it will grow in time )

    This way we who enjoy s&d could acctually play something if you can call that playing  Infinity Ward.

    I hope someone will read this, if you find the time when you are not making almost copy/paste CoD each 3 years .


    Best regards

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    Rexens_View wrote:


    The moment that Treyarch announces that the Nuketown map will be in rotation for free for the rest of the community who didnt pre-order, will be the moment that i trade this game in.


    Extreme? Yes, but my hatred for the map and the fanbase for the map outweighs everything else in this game.

    If this is your stance on the issue I suggest you save yourself some time and cancel the pre-order now as I can almost guarantee it will be.

    Extreme is an apt description for such a reaction to a map release, why do you hate Nuketown to such an extent ?

    I dont know how many times i have to say why i hate this map but this will be the last time i say it since i am tired of repeating myself. I hate it because it is practically the only map that ever gets attention and played on. I dont know how people dont get bored of playing BO games when this map is usually the only map they ever play on. I actually like variety and change in pace. All Nuketown does is hinder the variety and makes the game so damn boring by making us play it every time it comes up in rotation. There is no point in playing a game that essentially has only 1 map for everyone to play on.


    I wouldnt be so hateful toward it if people stopped voting for it so damn much. Its hatred toward both the map and community because the map is small enough to get spawn trapped and killed on easily yet large enough to have that little sliver of a safe zone that you can get to that doesnt make you part of the spawn crap. The community on the other hand thinks this map is a godsend and want it for easy kills instead of earning them and they vote for it so damn much to do that, that they make the rest of us sick of the map.


    What i find hypocritical of these people is the fact that a lot of them say that they want "new" maps and dont want any maps from the past because that isnt helping the game move forward, but as soon as you mention Nuketown, apparently they have a sudden case of amnesia and are all for that one map to make a comeback in EVERY BO game. I just dont understand that. I dont care if it is a fan favorite or not, those people are hypocrites.


    But we will see what happens.

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    I have been looking at the cronus max (a lot cheaper than going back to PS4 ), but on one site it had a couple of bad reviews in regards setting up, also stating cust serv was pretty bad.


    What are your views on the set up, easy/hard is a pc required?



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    do you know if in the near future the beta will be re-openned? i know that they now they openned the servers to see how they will react to players , see bugs and so on .

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  • 09/02/15--08:27: Re: Just wondering...
  • I think its possible on casual mode, but not regular or hardcore.

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    They are trying to entice users to come over to the next-gen. I do wonder if it is part of the system contract. Or if they are planning on changing focus from previous gen. As COD AW has items that only next-gen systems can access.

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    There has been no mention of the beta being re-opened

    I suspect that the next time we get to play BO3 will be in the November launch.

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