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    As mentioned before there are a few reasons as to why:


    1) Strain on the current gen systems. The developers for all the games that are coming out now are now working with engines specifically for the next gen consoles. That means since the current gen doesnt have the upgraded engine, that would put too much strain on the system and it wouldnt be able to handle it without the company making the map on the current gen engine. But the reason for them not doing that is the next point.


    2) Transitioning from current gen to next gen. They are trying to make the transition to next gen. That means that they are going to stop making games and DLC for current gen systems and only focus on the next gen because not only does that take less time and money but it also helps them focus on only 3 systems rather than stressing out over 5 ( i am including the 360, PS3, XB1, PS4 and PC with that). This process has been done before with the original Xbox and PS1 when switching over to the 360 and PS2.


    So combining the fact that it would take time to make it compatible with the current gens engines and the fact that they dont want to do that since they are trying to push the next gen out for not only more money but also less stress, that is more than likely why Nuketown wont be coming to the 360 and PS3.


    That is the way it works.

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  • 09/02/15--08:49: Re: UAV Spam All Day
  • Prior to obtaining ghost, I only ever saw 1 teammate shoot down a UAV. I was the only one on my team, except once. After I acquired ghost, I dropped my launcher for another attachment and said screw the lot of you. Just had to try to stay away from teammates while the enemy had a uav. All this be a team player and shoot them down is odd. Like I said, 100+ matches and 1 time a teammate shot down a uav.

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  • 09/02/15--08:54: Re: Unable to find game
  • Hey there.


    This page has matchmaking information / tips that could help with this issue:


    Activision Support



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    This is absolutely laughable. The only thing inferior to AW is Ghosts. Treyarch has proven to me who makes the best cod experience. I haven't enjoyed an IW cod since mw2. I have yet to enjoy a sledgehammer installment. They've blown it for me so consistently, that I will probably NEVER buy another of their cods. AW was just not enjoyable for me. I had no problem with the exos and the fact they were trying something new was great. It just came down to the fun, and there just wasn't much for me. The scorestreaks were terrible. Laggy matches will continue for all cods until they give us dedicated servers. It just didn't have anything to make me keep coming back like all the Treyarch cods have. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I. I wish I could enjoy AW as much as you but I can't.

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    Bump 3 slots left to fill!

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  • 09/03/15--09:16: Re: The promotion has ended?
  • LuisMFM70 wrote:


    You are completely right. Done that and the retailer returned the money.
    Thank you for your encouraging words.


    By the way, i work in a company that give promotions on some products. When the promotion or stock is over, we inform our retailers. Too bad others don´t work like that.

    Just for clarification we are talking about the bo3 beta that was probably the most talked about and publicized beta of the year right?

    While i understand your frustration the fault lies solely with the retailer no one else , well actually maybe you if you knew enough to preorder for a beta code you must have been aware of its existence before hand

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    Nevermind I figured it out but thank you for the help. I switched from the one to the four recently and apparently "invite to party" meant invite to lobby. Sorry to cause false concern.

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  • 09/03/15--09:20: Re: All i could say is wow
  • I had the same relatively different experience last night.  I went back to playing Ghosts for a while last night for the first time since I upgraded my TV a few months ago from an old 3-gun 460p resolution big screen to my new 1080p flat screen.  HO LEE CRAP!   I never would have thought the Ghosts maps looked that good!  I was seeing detail like never before and found myself in the same boat of getting destroyed while I was "sightseeing" so to speak.


    I'm on my way to upgrade to the PS4 in the next couple of months.  Given what you have said about the upgrade in detail from the PS3 to PS4 coupled with my new 1080p resolution I may go into sensory overload!


    I'm looking forward to THAT!

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    Hi.  My experience is that when DLC #2 comes out, they add the DLC #1 maps into the multiplayer mix.

    Then when DLC #3 comes out they add the DLC #2 maps.....and so on.

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  • 09/03/15--09:24: Re: Back to AW ugggghhhh
  • Again, "everyone" loved MW2? I know I didn't once I eventually picked it up. I didn't like any game that included Stopping Power because most weapons had stupid fast TTK with it (although to be fair I liked MW because it was different)... even the PP2000 secondary is better than any primary from AW ffs. I also hated the OMA noobtubes and death streaks that held players hands.


    I don't think you'll find that the average idiot on Twitch represents the majority of CoD players. I know they exist because I'm very active on Twitch; I see many streamers and YouTubers making thousands from god account gameplays, and even receiving Twitch partnerships and Scuf/Kontrol Freek sponsorships, and it makes me as sick as the next honest player, but I don't watch or support people like that, and I doubt the "majority" does either. I also think you'll find that it isn't the majority who want SBMM gone because they don't like "playing sweaty tryhards" just because a few 12 year olds said exactly that here on the forum... think about it for a moment. Exactly how many people were even getting "gameplays" of that nature before AW anyway? It was hardly the "majority" getting nukes/MOABs/KEMs before, so it's not going to be the majority tutting at AW's SBMM anyway. After all, most players are average. That's just common sense.


    And then you'll find that there are many others who don't dislike overly strong SBMM because of "sweaty tryhards"; have you ever considered that maybe they just dislike the idea that connection can't always be given priority in that situation? I hold a 3.27KD and 489SPM (just to show I don't hide and camp for streaks) having gotten just over 80% of my kills in TDM (just to show I don't play obj game modes and killwhore for streaks, or boost for SPM) so I clearly have no problem playing against higher skilled players, but I certainly have a problem being matched up to people who are up to 5000 miles away from me... and this has happened FAR too often, even on PS4, in TDM, at peak hours for my timezone, on an excellent optimised connection. It's no exaggeration to say that in at least one of every four games I play, I see someone from America, Russia or the middle east. I shouldn't ever be connecting to someone on a different continent. I don't experience that in Ghosts with <10k people playing, and I do not accept it in the current CoD.

    In short: the "majority" of us aren't sad, exploiting idiots who feel entitled to things we haven't earned. Fortunately you'll find that is the minority of CoD players.

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  • 09/03/15--09:25: Re: Help plz
  • Cant you just list the ports you need opened and I call my ISP to open them?  I don't think my router is listed on the port forwarding hyperlink.

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  • 09/03/15--09:25: Next CoD: Sticking with Xbox
  • Just curious.  I prefer the Xbox and especially the Xbox controller....especially for all things CoD.

    I don't care about the timed DLC now on PS4.  I'm sticking with the X1 version.  (I have both machines)


    Anyone feel the same?  Anyone switching?  and why?

    Game on!!!!

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    I agree...If they want to add a robot to the game, add a freaking ROBOT, not a robot Halloween costume for a human. Put a little effort into it, or don't have it at all.

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    iHattoriHanzo0 wrote:


    4th actually..... Nuketown, Nuketown 2025, Nuketown Zombies, and now Nuketown 2065. 4 Nuketowns in 5 years.

    WE tv animated GIF


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  • 09/03/15--09:49: Re: Back to AW ugggghhhh
  • Im_Old_School wrote:



    Now AW has it's own brand of fun but the pace of MW3 is more up my alley.  Guess it's because I'm older and slower so it really suits my reflexes.  That's why I enjoyed AW Classic modes more than Standard modes.  It was a better pace for me.  Only problem with that is Classic modes take 2-3 times as long to get into a game so I don't even go there anymore.  Last night, on a whim, I went back to play some Ghosts.  Again I was reminded of how much I appreciated and enjoyed the pace of it (and also how a Lynx Sniper Rifle is supposed to work )  Had a bunch of fun on it as well.  The thing I noticed more than anything else on MW3 and Ghosts was how easy and quick it was to get into matches, both new lobbies and existing games.  Even with only 30000 online in Ghosts last night it took at most 30-45 seconds.  And that was with less than 100 player in a particular game mode.  Maybe I caught a fluke who knows.



    I played a lot of Ghosts at the start of the year and there was never more than 250 playing KC.  It never took more than a minute to get a full lobby.  And 9 times out of 10 the connection was good.


    Either AWs mm is really dumb or there is absolutely nobody playing it.  Personally I think its a little of both.

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    Nuketown is more played out than the whole Kardashian family. Enough is enough. Ask Caitlyn.images-3.jpg

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    its funny Nuke Town and Jenner both make me want to throw up. Great analogy!

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    I'm really busy for the next few days. Contact ll Skadoosh ll for a tryout

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  • 09/03/15--10:00: Re: Back to AW ugggghhhh
  • thebiindsniper wrote:


    Why is AW not considered a COD game?   Last time I checked, it had perks, attachments, killstreaks, a bunch of game modes, killcams, and more.  That's what Call of Duty is at its core.  AW just plays a little faster, which is honestly a very good thing.

    I just recently played a few AW matches last night and I still thoroughly enjoy the game.  It's fast, it's responsive, I get to actually have the freedom to sacrifice streaks for perks, each match feels competitively fun, and there's a near -complete lack of BS features.

    I guess my idea of a good call of duty is in disagreement with nearly everyone else.  Everyone else just wants a slow paced "hold your hand" experience with ridiculous streaks, easy-to-spawntrap maps,  and no SBMM.


    well said

    applause animated GIF

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