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  • 08/30/15--07:35: Re: good beta but need more
  • supernest wrote:


    omg AW is cancer...

    MW3 like i like u ...



    you only talk but do not say new things ...

    what's new about bo3 ??? plz tell me



    you keep criticizing my criticism ... that you would like to bo3?

    I agree about AW. And i like Infinity Ward games better than Treyarch *shrugs*.


    Ok, lets start with music. The music is a welcome change from what Treyarch has given us in the past. Its more rock oriented than BO2 which had more of a techno feel to it. It is something i dont mind hearing and this time i didnt look for any mute option to get rid of the music.


    The specialists. This is completely new to COD. However it is a blatant copy paste from Destiny. Each specialist has their own unique ability and weapon. You have the ground slam, compound bow, electric gun, war machine etc. This is all new to COD even though it is not new to the gaming world.


    Weapons. A lot of the weapons are different. For example the shotguns are finally worth using again even though they may have a tighter spread. The SMGs are fun to use (including the razorback but that thing is too good). I love the Man of War AR with its high damage even though it suffers on speed. But the designs of the weapons are new and we dont see any guns from the past even though some of the weapons remind us of past ones.


    Some perks are different that are specific to the thrusters. There is also one where you can see your enemies footsteps for a brief period.


    There are different killstreaks like the RAPS, Cerberus, combat robot etc. None of which were in previous CODs


    I would like to go on but this is only the beta so naturally they are leaving a lot more out. This is all that we know of so far so why you keep saying there is nothing new is baffling me.


    And i am not criticizing. My whole point is that there are indeed new things that you are ignoring.

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  • 08/30/15--07:27: Re: Pvp match, waste of time
  • Sorry Bustin, I misunderstood what you meant by high rep.


    As I recall, it takes about a month from starting COD:H to reach a maxed out lvl 4 and move to level 5; I take it your lvl4 base has 3000 rep?

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  • 08/30/15--07:39: Re: BLACK HATS are an issue.
  • I don't think HATR can be hacked same as they can't be shot down. Like the Blackbird from BO2

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  • 08/30/15--07:42: Re: Open NAT, Finally
  • I did tweet them about it. They're actually working on it right now. It is a beta so I'm not too worried. I still recommend and believe in them.

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    "The only thing thats more irritating than that is ur whining, get something better to do? U know that the devs/beuwolf only answer to the things they like"

    Your WRONG, the only thing that is more irritating is people who post to a forum like there are text talking, they are just to lazy to type in the full word.

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    • Music - no longer feel the need to mute. sounds more like rock than techno from the last BO
    • Shotguns - finally worth using again
    • Thrusters are more controlled and smoother
    • Graphics - better looking maps and lobby layouts
    • Game modes - seem more entertaining that last couple of games




    • Specialists - direct copy from Destiny, no more needs to be said about that
    • Scorestreaks - Takes more effort to gain and makes people like me say f*** it since i am an objective player and die my fair share instead of sitting on my ass waiting for others to do sh*t for me
    • Weapons - some weapons are just not worth using
    • Spawns - spawning into enemies and literally had a player spawn into me while i was running which prevented me from moving
    • Connection issues- still have the shoot first die first syndrome where i see the enemy and shoot but even though i get hitmarkers, none of that matters because they start shooting me and im dead
    • Hit detection - still shooting at people and having to wait for the bullets to register
    • Head glitching - not so much a problem of them doing it as it is a problem of me shooting their head and getting 4-5 hitmarkers and still not killing them. (happened a lot on Hunted)

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    This site is fine on my Android Moto X phone, which is what I'm using to type this message.  In fact, I use my Android more than anything because I'm not always near a computer.


    My only problem is with my iPad 2.  Whenever I type a message in this forum using Safari, the stupid thing has a mind of its own.  At the start of every paragraph, it types the first letter twice and then capitalizes the two letters.  I just blame it on Apple and their crappy browser.

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    I agree with your post and have similar feelings about the BO series, but have decided to give BO3 a solid try in November.  While AW had its issues, it is still my favorite so far because of how fast it is.  BO3 feels familiar, but slower than AW and it has struggled to keep my interest.  Tonight's the last night of the Beta, so I will log on and play another couple of hours, but I find that I'm just "grinding through it" and looking for my nitch in the game that I have not found yet; maybe a new specialist.


    I'm still going to play, but have opted not to spend money on the season pass.  I just don't think BO3 is going to keep my attention by the time the first DLC comes out.  We'll see.

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  • 08/31/15--06:43: Re: Legendary supply drops
  • I haven't gotten any legendaries in two weeks, thank goodness. I don't want any more gear.


    I reached GMP a while ago as well but I'm not sweating the fact that I can't get ASDs.  The ASD pool has been muddied up with to much gear.

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    Unfortunately cross platform transfers are not supported, you will need to unlock and earn everything again.

    I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the same for any cross platform game, unless they are the same family console.

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    I played the beta and had a bad experience at first, but then it grew on me... a little... What I miss the most is being able to dash sideways.  I had to unlearn that and make my guy stroll behind objects to reload my gun.  Two days in, however, I was BORED.  The game is so slow and campy.


    One good thing, nonetheless, is that I made adjustments and got better at long distance engagements.  You have to immediately snap your sights on to campers to kill them before they kill you.  Last night I left the BO3 doldrums, got back onto AW, and guess what?  I got my first unstoppable medal (30+ kills)!  It was completely unexpected.  Know what's even better?  I actually had fun!  I was boosting all over the place and getting dogfight medals like nobody's business because this game lets me.


    I'm happy that SHG is still supporting this game because I'm going to continue playing.  Even though I'm GMP, I'm actually happy that they defied Activision by making this previous weekend a double XP weekend to steal some of the attention.  I'll still get BO3... um probably... well maybe not... But this is where I'm going to come back when I want to immerse myself into a ton of action.

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    I have the gold royalty cammo unlocked for all the guns except for the launchers.  I gave up on the MAHEM and MAAWS.

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  • 08/31/15--07:14: Re: Widows Wine
  • Oh, I haven't heard the jingle. Good work!

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    Ah ok.... So everyone but you should use facts and provide proof. Interesting....

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    Here is one of the trolls I was referring too.  He has no clue.

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    What we have here is someone using someone else's material. Basically like how boy spits out other peoples incorrect theories of how the ranking system works because he cant figure it out on his own.

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  • 08/31/15--07:31: Customization Dying?
  • I played enough to get to 22 and enjoyed it for the most part but what got me was that I like having goals in MP. Especially in COD unlocking customization for looks was always a thing. These card cutouts that predetermine what you look like takes a lot of this away. That's why I stopped playing TitanFall sometime after the 2nd DLC. They tried to address this by making "stickers" you couldn't even see but it just took the piss out of it for me.


    I still like the game and will probably buy it for launch but I'm wondering if I'll get bored of the MP without having any goals besides paint jobs and emblems.

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  • 08/31/15--07:41: New AW Montage
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Montage by Bk Blindside - YouTube


    A fresh new take on CoD montages! Sticks, sniping, quad feeds, multi-kills and more. I tried my best to appeal to all viewers and players so let me know what you think. Now hit that LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE because I need you guys to grow this channel and if you want to see more let me know in the comments section! Thanks for watching everyone!

    Be sure to read the description on the video for more details. See ya guys.

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  • 08/31/15--07:48: Hardpoint Spawns
  • I played mostly TDM and HP this beta and while playing HP I noticed that the longer people played HP the more they figured out the rotation of the spawn for the HP.


    I remember that even with HQ people would play that mode so much on every map that they figured out the rotation and then you would have these matches that didnt last very long.


    I saw that with this beta too. At the very end, I went up against many teams that would already be in the next location whenever the HP spawned.


    Would it be too much to ask for random HP spawns without a set rotation? Mix things up a little and dont make the rotation predictable for people to go to the next spot and grab it as soon as it comes up.

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