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    What console are you on? I haven't tried to do the pistol challenges yet, are they broken on the 360 as well?

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    No but I do have a problem with the hit detection.


    I call it "shoot first die first syndrome" which is where I would see my enemy and start shooting before they do and even though I dont take my aim off them my hitmarkers dont come til a little after I start shooting and then the enemy starts shooting at me and then IM the one who dies.

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    Why dont you just pay attention to the flags while you are playing instead of depending on the announcer?


    When the flags are being taken you will see the progress bar moving on the flag no matter where you are on the map.


    Use your other senses padawan.

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  • 08/29/15--07:31: Re: headshots are Absurd
  • On kill cams.  May not be accurate most of the time.  But, I have been in matches with people I know on the other team.  And at times what you saw in the game, kill cam, and what they confirm line up.


    On Black Ops 1 my son shot after a guy cleared a wall and was actually out of site.  When he got the kill and the match ended he could not believe it.  The kill cam.  Well, it showed the guy running and jumping over the wall.  My son pulls up his sniper and shot anyway.  And the guy, not in the kill cam, died out of site.  And yes, my son was credited with the kill, it was the last kill, and it was with the sniper.  That same player asked him how that could happen and accused him of cheating.


    I was in a match.  I slid past the other player.  That player is shooting me.  I start to shoot and turn spraying some bullets.  Low shows in the ankle/feet area.  I get a kill by hitting with maybe 2 bullets.  All while the other player was shooting me and getting hit markers.  And oddly, the player sees this in game and the kill cam seems to confirm it.  And it was the way I saw it as well.  So either the action that is happening is not what is actually going on or the kill cam can be accurate at times.


    Lag comp. seems to be at play with this stuff.  Not to mention getting kills while missing the other player.  Hip firing seems to really get a lot of benefits.  Aim down the sight and hit head chest at close range.  The other player spins around wildly and sprays some bullets.  A few may have hit the feet but the aim was too low for a headshot or torso.  You die before they do.  <---That is COD and has been for a while.  Was hoping it was fixed this time.  Worst games, by a long shot, I have played for that stuff.  I mean, all games have it but it is way obvious in these games.  If I take advantage of that I can go 18-4, 23-3, and scores like that.  But it just feels cheap.


    Still, something has to be said for the fun that can be had.  And I have had a lot of fun with Black Ops 3.  That is all that matters.  And the issues are there, like all COD since 4, but I can live with them this time.

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    The 1.9 update notes made it seem like it should have been deposited earlier today.

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  • 08/29/15--07:41: Re: good beta but need more
  • I do not want to be sarcastic ...


    I really think bo3 is good, but is accurate to BO2, I just want a new "javelin"

    I need a reason to buy

    I came with ghost, and multyplayer was empty ...

    I came with AW, and multyplayer was empty ...

    Now I say that inclunyan something new, and again the community replies that no, I would never say no to something new, if you?

    the balls are dogs, jumps are old, the arrow is too old

    missing something, so I said in ghos and aw ...

    I come here and ask for new things, receive only criticism ...


    defefienden just not have to work more, crazy

    and I surrender ... this community is less demanding than I've seen in my life ...




    answer: go mw2, if there are new things, I do not want something new


    ok ok congratulations cod community

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    Have you downloaded the actual map packs that come with the Season Pass ?

    Buying the Season Pass allows you to download the 4 map packs for free.

    Exo-Zombies are part of the map packs

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    Is it just a case of replacing the number (S) to this without having to go through a whole new procedure .

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  • 08/30/15--05:39: Re: Open NAT, Finally
  • I would suggest anyone thinking about buying one to do their research,,, I run the Duma as well and while I have my settings enabled I have had good games maintaining 20-60 ms ping and four bars since the beta started.. I have maintained an open mat on my xone and a moderate nat in BO3 .. I do not enable my router until I am in the games main menu...

    The Duma has forums as well and they ( the devs as well as the community ) are very helpful in making sure everyone is set up for optimal connections .

    If they find some thing that helps out game specific from what I've seen they have a firmware update or a patch through the cloud... 

    I Have worked with customer service with some of the other brands and some of it was beyond frustrating --- they try to give the most basic of excuses without listening to the customer and since I have two isp's I was able to test and eliminate most of the go to excuses that they insisted were the issue. Granted most times it can be the basic stuff but when the conversation starts out with saying what you have tried , well you get the point.

    For cranium to have strict on the xone though I would suspect something else may have been going on,,, the end result it what matters though .... For me I have seen where xblive status isn't always up to speed where they may be having issues yet the site won't acknowledge them for about an hour after you've cycled power , rebooted and rebooted and rebooted cussed and flipped it off just to find out it was an something that had nothing to do with you.

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    Guys, forget about BO2. It was much easier on the system than the newer games.


    I could run it with max AA at full HD resolution and still keep my framerate at its limit (125fps). Even 4k was possible and ran as fast.

    Now, I can only run full HD with "light" AA (SMAA T2X) to get over 100fps.

    Sounds like a luxury problem but then I'm on an expensive stationary machine here. The performance difference between these games will be large, no matter the optimization,

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    UP, Please if someone knows how to solve this answer

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    Honestly I would hate it if Treyarch put Supply drops into Black Ops 3.. It felt like the only reason Sledgehammer put Supply Drops into AW was to money farm it, as if they had no appreciation for their own game. They made you pay real money to gamble for good weapons, thats something that should not be in any Call Of Duty game. Even though you can get small amounts of supply drops for free in AW, I would really hate it if Treyarch did the same thing as Sledgehammer did. Basically Supply Drops should not be put into Black Ops 3.

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  • 08/30/15--06:01: Re: After 30th August?
  • Not unless it gets extended a day like PS4.

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  • 08/30/15--06:05: Re: BLACK HATS are an issue.
  • I think that either the black hat should revert to BO2 or hardwired protects/booby traps the streak, so that a black hat blows up frim a counter hack, killing the user (and those around him if playing hc mode.) Sort of like a trapped care package.

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    Hi toughcookie we've announced that in GHTV you’ll earn in-game currency that you can use to play songs on demand or to acquire a ton of different items in the game like custom note highways, playercards and more, so there is the option to customize your highways in GHTV, which look really cool.


    We haven't announced anything regarding custom guitar skins, but you could always post this as an idea on the forum, what sort of skins do you think would be cool?

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  • 08/30/15--06:13: Re: Pvp match, waste of time
  • Why would that be a hard thing for an active player??? 3000 reputation a month isn't that difficult to achieve.


    The problem isn't someone hiding on the leaderboards. The problem is that people expect everything given to them so when a level 4 base is at the top of the leaderboard and their level 10 isn't they complain. The way to fix that complaint is to do away with the celerium reward That Is tied to the leaderboards.

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    Childish? It's banning them for a very short period of time on the single gamemode that they weren't playing the objective on. It encourages them to actually do what they're supposed to do. It's like prohibition on Black Ops II, except for a single gamemode, and the result of not playing the objective instead of quitting over and over again.


    PTFO or GTFO


    That could work for Kill Confirmed, but other gamemodes? That wouldn't work. Also, just saying, there's no reason for you to put your entire comment in bold and italics.

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  • 08/30/15--06:59: Re: Open NAT, Finally
  • Amen.

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    There was about 6-8 hours of downtime on the servers on the beta on 2 separate days. If your connection was bad outside those periods of time, it was your own connection to blame. But it is important that they don't let something like that happen again.


    Also, forget about your K/D.

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    turkey3_scratch is right, it is all someone's opinion and what they choose to tell you.  For instance, I feel that I'm an average player. In AW my K/D is .98 and my Win/Loss percentage is 1.40, which I feel reflect the type of player I am; I am focused on the team winning, not my K/D.  Or I could tell you that on the 360 I'm ranked #39 in the world for Kill Confirmed and have 10 million points.  I'm happy that my team Win/Loss percentage is higher than my K/D, so that's how I gauge myself.

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