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    Well my numbers incorporate your opinion.

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    Why would you enter USA when you live in brazil? That would just cause problems for everyone.

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    But what consensus are you basing it off?


    The game's commercial success is based off sales, of course.

    But even if 50million people buy the game, it doesn't mean more than 1 person plays it after the first 10 minutes.


    So you'd have to base it off online playercount, right?

    Well that doesn't work either because CoD as a whole has had a downward trend in activity for years. (Think back on games like MW2, where you could get a game almost instantly in any mode at any time.)


    Regardless, your entire post (even beginning from its title) implies that you are talking about your personal judgement of the game relative to your history with past CoD titles.

    Therefore your rating should entirely be derivative of your personal opinion on the game, and not any superficial numbers that are out there.


    At the end of the day, if you like it, it's a success for you, no?

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  • 08/15/15--20:27: Re: RIP AW?
  • 24 games found in Team Deathmatch for me at this time.  I sent you a friend request, although you may be too far away; I'm in Michigan.

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  • 08/15/15--20:28: Re: RIP AW?
  • What part of mi are you from? I live near Grand Rapids.

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  • 08/15/15--20:30: Re: RIP AW?
  • I tried Dom instead. Found 1 game... matched to some Texans and a Cuban shame I didn't bump into TheMarkofJ, I'm pretty sure he's in Texas

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    KTPhoenix wrote:


    Foxhound-Pro wrote:


    Robalboa0 wrote:


    KTPhoenix wrote:


    First off i DID do it right. Its not my fault that this site is horrible with changing addresses. Im not joking. I tried to change my address in the past but when i did, i wasnt even able to do this; by this is i mean comment, or even do anything forum related. I had to change the email back to the non-existent one just to be able to comment again. So when you say "do it right this time" that more or less makes me mad because I did not do anything wrong, there is a problem with Activisions site and i am NOT the only one who has had this problem.


    I did everything correct the first time, its just that no one said anything about the code being tied to your login email. Otherwise,i wouldnt have done it.


    its not an issue with getting a code, it is the issue of where the email is going to be sent. but i think i may know how to bypass that issue. if you do have a way to get another code, i would much appreciate it and hopefully it would work with what i am planning on doing.

    dood if your gonna yell never mind. Do your thing

    FWIW, your statement of "make sure you do it right this time" is a bit condescending. Sure, KT seems a bit upset, but it's far from yelling.


    Just chiming in. Site issues I'll make sure to communicate. I don't have a solution ATM.

    Thank you. I know you dont have any solutions because quite frankly, i dont expect you too. I already told the issue to support but they didnt really provide an explanation. All they did was focus on the beta part of the problem which was understandable but at the same time they COULD have transfered me to someone who could help me.


    I will keep trying because i would really hate to miss out on it but if that is the way it has to be then so be it. I just dont want to not be in the beta knowing i didnt do everything i could think of to make things right on this site.

    Understandable. Was actually curious if one could get their GMAIL account back after deleting it and stumbled on this. I might try it on some of my old and embarassing emails from when GMAIL first came out.


    Recovering a deleted username - Accounts Help

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    hey everyone! Here to give you a quick little bit about us here at Homicidal Gaming, we are currently 4th overall Diamond Division LB in the Heavyweight Division, we are actively recruiting new members to get ready for Bo3! Yes, we will be transitioning, we will be having a playstation side set up in the near future also, but for myself, I'll still to Xbox one lol, okay quick things you'll need to know! KD is not a requirement, we do ask that you have a microphone, can communicate with others, and be at least 17 years of age. If you are interested, have any type of questions, concerns, please message me on xbox GT caseykyzer that'll be the way I can respond to you quickest

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    ive redeemed it i just want to know hot to access it on the day

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    I think you have some


    My initial opinions:


    1) I think many of the changes in COD have changed for the better. The objective game point structure is fantastic. Huge points for capturing flags and defending them. Little Points for kills with scorestreaks. Far less, corner campers trying to build score streaks that are powerful.


    This entire point structure has changed peoples incentives for the better in my eyes. People playing faster with more action.


    2) I think it all depends on the incentive point structure in the BO3. Those generally dictate how people play. Depends what they reward and don't.  I hope they follow similar point structure to AW.


    3) It will be a hard initial adjustments to go to BO3. My friends and I went back to MW3 to play with old friends, and boy was it an adjustments. We are all top 800 dom players and know what were doing. We went back to MW3 and we lost first 2 games, which should never happen. Since we were so busy running around that we had grown and accustomed too.  My MW3 friends were all like "Guys, slow down a bit, your making things worse.

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  • 08/16/15--20:38: kiero clan
  • arre lulu a darle con el clan

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    Very disappointed with Activision support. At the very least they could of responded, acknowledging the issue.

    I will think twice before purchasing another game produced or published by Activision.


    One disappointed customer,


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    Sometimes I can download very fast and other times very slow. Considering everyone will downloading the sametime.... it will probably be a mess.

    Same, sometimes I can download at 2.5mbs then others (more recently) it's down to 1mbs or under.

    The first day is going to be a bloody joke trying to download 15 freaking gigabytes.

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    Yeah wow, I am really shocked that that aren't allowing pre-downloading of the Beta, especially given the huge file size...

    Add rolling emails starting at midnight... wtf are they thinking ??????

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    All I can do is hope they see the forum and take these things said into consideration.

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    Aww sick, thats something I can't wait for !

    So glad they kept Bruce Campbell in the cast and not revamp it with idiots.

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    I'd say they have relaxed the thresholds as I am constantly on a '3 bar connection' with a 90ms ping average to the Aus dedi.

    It's only when intrastate that I get 4 bar connection and that is very, very seldom - I have to wait for a local host to appear then force it (can take a bloody while).

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  • 08/16/15--19:41: Re: MW3 THEATER MODE
  • I'm wondering the same things since Elite is disabled and logging in through Facebook seems to be as well.

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  • 08/16/15--19:30: Re: HPC Recruitment (XBOX1)
  • Message me on Xbox One again ( OG Sector )

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    for real any lame can hide like a pus* but having the gut to go out and kill all or die trying is what it's about not sitting there like a b*tch getting kill after a kill for what being a B*tch drinking out of cups

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