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    Forgot to mention - No games found in any other Multiplayer mode. I have waited for up to a couple of hours.

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    I mean play

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    Exactly the same here.  Would have upgraded sooner but I only play COD as well; my kids are thrilled though, lol.

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    BBecause Sony bought rights to it. Microsoft lost it all.

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    Hey shot-o-matic, sorry to hear about this. Also, thanks for reaching out! We recommend a hard reset of your router and try unplugging for 5 minutes and plug back in. Your router might just need a break and this could do the trick! Also, we recommend taking a speed test from your PC and linking us the results Speedtest.net by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test When you have a chance, try some of these steps and see if they help. ^ER

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  • 08/14/15--20:20: Re: Streaming on Twitch
  • You cannot advertise here..

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    The Amazing TrX Clan is back and Ready! So ready your guns and sharpen your knives! With a total of 15 members, no 17! We are back and ready for anything on 3 Consoles!! Yeahhhh! Anyways in all seriousness we are recruiting new members everyday. We have a tightknit Clan with chill, hilarious, and (of course) mature members. Anyways here are the list of requirements! Don't forget to read them please!


    • MUST have a MIC

    • MUST be MATURE (14+) (Youngest member is 14)

    • MUST be a descent Quickscoper. (Even though we aren't just a sniping clan, we do enjoy 1v1s and ffas in our free time)

    •MUST be an Active Player (Unless you have a legitimate reason)


    So very few requirements! Anyways here is a list of Console Captains below! Send these guys a msg if you want to join, and we will test your abilities! If you just need MORE information then msg these guys the words MORE CLAN INFORMATION! Thank You for your Cooperation!!


    Xbox 360 Console Captains:

    • TrX Aykon (Me) & TrX FLaMe


    PS3 Console Captain:

    • TrX ZeBrA

    Xbox One Console Captain:

    • TrX Anarchy


    TrX Shot or No Shot ®

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    my game black ops 2 Mise en probation cheater hacker team ( may) major 80300


    je ne peut plus jouer


    my game black ops 2 Getting probation cheater hacker team (may )  major  80300


    I can no longer play

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    So if your placed against someone better,  your gonna cry then forfeit, wasting the others teams time. That doesnt work, it would be so abused that the top teams would never find a match up. And once again if alliance challenges were allowed two teams would consistently play against each other... They would both be guaranteed 75 as they can put there defences in one corner.  There is no legitimate way of fixing the AW search. Ethor accept and play with whats implemented, or stop playing at all. It's that simple.


    I'm sure your next reply will be something like no back to back AWs or something along that line...  Just means you would need two teams willing to do it. There's more issues, than fixing something for the 1% who believe they should have closer match ups.

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    my name in black op 2

    team HackeR supra-xerox

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    I got Ghosts for xbone and everything transferred over from my 360, but no download content transferred. Any suggestion?

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    The GTX 650 came out in 2012, the 760 came out in 2013. Hmm, 4 years apart does not sound right to me. Research guys, you obviously heard that false information from a PS4 fanboy. There is no denying the PS4 has better hardware than the Xbox One, but if you ask me who cares? For one thing, the game you buy for the system will work because it's optimized for it. It's not like PC where you may have too weak of hardware. Secondly, I find it funny how PS4 fanboys brag hardware all the time, when if they really cared so much about hardware they'd be PC gaming. I PC game when I want to play a game with nice graphics and with a keyboard and mouse, and I console game to play with friends and for certain games.


    Also, there is no way to simply compare the Xbox One GPU to the 650 and PS4 to the 760. Where are these official statements? Plus the cards are AMD integrated cards in both consoles, so why are you comparing them to Nvidia GPUs anyway?

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    Well this is just wonderful. Due to complications surrounding my account, i wont be able to participate in the Beta. Turns out that the email that i use to log in has the code directly tied to that account and i wont be able to get an email. I say that because the email that i use to log in is no longer valid due to me deleting it because of a security breach and since the email wasnt changed despite my efforts to do so, i now cant play the beta. I even tried to change my email on here and when i did, my forum profile became non-existent but when i changed it back, everything was fine.


    This is even MORE of a reason why people shouldnt have had to use their login email for this site as a way to get the email but their CONSOLE email (you know, the one they use to sign you in online when you log onto your system) so stupid crap doesnt happen.

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  • 08/15/15--19:43: Black Ops 2 Save game?
  • I bought a new Xbox a while back and thought I transferred everything, but I forgot a part of the campaign save. It's the "world state" thing, I can't access my normal game save without it since it says files are missing.



    Since the "world state" things simply covers the choices you make throughout the story, I'm wondering if I can just play though the story again, make the same decisions and maybe my game save will work again. Does anyone know if it would work?

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  • 08/15/15--19:57: RIP AW?


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    Uhh, could I get some kind of response please?

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  • 08/15/15--20:09: Re: RIP AW?
  • That IS funny. I just searched TDM and there were 28 games found... you should move to the states.

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    BETA FAQs: Redemption Site & Activision Games Blog

    5 seconds of looking goes a long way

    Hope this helps.....

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  • 08/15/15--20:12: Re: bo3 code
  • My first guess would be contact the retailer where you purchased it.

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    So you don't measure a games success compared to history by how many "You's" played it.


    If it's a bad game, it doesn't sell and people don't play it.


    Your view point really resolves nothing when comparing AW to the history of COD.  Its just a bunch of opinions thrown in a jar. While my view point tries to measure how many people enjoyed the game. Which gives you an ability to measure AW. My view point tries to give a consensus based on a large sample set.

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