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  • 08/09/15--16:22: Re: Imagefile help
  • anyone gonna help

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  • 08/09/15--16:36: Re: biased likes?
  • I have been asking for a "dislike" button.

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    My "case" was being made for the players who are receiving this advertising while others are not. All you've tried is to convolute the issue. Fanboys unite to defend SH in this matter and see what your acceptance allows in the next iteration.

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  • 08/09/15--16:50: PKDY recruiting
  • Hey guys!


    Were a new clan here on cod AW, we originally started on grand theft auto v, we have nearly 200 members over in gta.


    We are hoping to spread across all different games and make our crew huge.


    So if you like working as a team, having a laugh, taking part in clan wars then add Nataliew28 or Dylanhn28.


    We are very active as we are on everyday.


    Give us a pm if you have any questions.



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    Runaway Inc. Gaming is looking for very active, skilled, and friendly Call of Duty players.



    * Must already have Cod account*

    Why should you join?





    We offer array of opportunities from leadership roles, everyday players, casual players, to offline services.



    We have guilds/clans acrossed every console. In games like:



    GTA 5






    World Of Warcraft



    and many more...



    CoD Opportunities



    Ps3 team member



    How to Apply



    Comment below kd ratio, psn name, or for ps3 contact DEVILS-SAINTS or text (717) 516-5998

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    "that call of duty sucks"


    thats what that guy says and thats what that guy wants.


    He subscribes to the, game has dropped in sales so now it sucks...its the games fault.



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    In the video that Tracy posted it also happens on the Barn Hive.

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    Hi Canarda,


    Sorry to hear that you accidentally deleted one of your items from your inventory.


    A few things to point out regarding the process:


    1. The Loot Recovery Tool can restore one loot item every six months per account.
    2. The Loot Recovery Tool can only recover a loot item redeemed within the previous five days.

    Loot recovery is never guaranteed. If the loot item does not appear as an option in the form, the item cannot be recovered through this service or a customer support agent.

    I also reviewed your case to see what occurred.  It was merely stated the ASM1 Speakeasy was not listed on the gamer account hence it could not be retrieved.  Feedback in general, is always welcomed as indicated by the agent who assisted you.

    Additionally, we had to remove the tag you listed on your post as well as within the post as it was outside of the guidelines.  Please be sure to review the community guidelines prior to posting which can be located here Community Forum Etiquette and Guidelines | Community


    Kind regards ^AH

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    Yes, mocafrost is right. We are currently hard at work on the 1.9 update so the forum communications have been a little lackluster. I do keep an eye here though to read all the posts and answer when needed.


    However, I just closed the Gideon contest so I will have more information on the 1.9 update coming later today.


    The good news is that there is a lot going on in terms of development, trying to get the 1.9 out with the new features, along with fixing the issues you guys find and report. On the horizon, the BO3 update is shaping up to be pretty cool as well.

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  • 08/10/15--15:53: Re: Skill points
  • No changes with any of the last few updates in regards to skill points. Oh, and to my point in the original comment, now we have alliance wars which generate 0 skill points which I failed to mention.  Just shocked how you can have a game at 2 skill points per structure, then half a year later add hangars, bunkers, nerf some offense, add alliance wars (no skill point reimbursement with destroyed structures), and yet keep the skill points at 2 and your double skill point bonus once every two months or so. Smh.  We have all seen the "fake" bases (cc8s with level 1 communication ctr always empty, bunkers with just assaults, and hangars with green drags) and know you are doing it to keep the appearance of many players still in this game. Fact is you have lost a lot of interest from players and maybe you should listen to your players' feedback on things that make sense.

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    In left corner I see Heroes and Build but I cant see Edit Base icon.


    Im saying i dont have any edit base icon I DONT HAVE EDIT BASE BUTTON AT ALL NO BUTTON NO ICON why cant u understand ?


    Thank you for replies

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  • 08/09/15--23:00: Re: Hidden Bunkers
  • In my last alliance war my hero was attacked from a bunker under construction. It seems there are still problems with the bunkers!!

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  • 08/09/15--21:19: Re: Hidden Bunkers
  • I was effected by the hidden whatever in the first days after the release of 1.8.1, as were some of the members of my alliance. That said, this problem has not repeated for me & no one is complaining about it to me any longer. Believe me, if it was a continuing problem, I would hear about it as everyone knows that I take my responsibilities towards the members of my alliance seriously.


    There is a serious problem with bugs and hackers, as it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the two apart. This is especially true in AW. Is the time lag a hacker or a bug? Why did the hero fail to respond when you tried to redirect him? The list goes on and on.


    Unfortunately, so long as each new update, and update patches continue to bring new and more frustrating bugs, the hacker problem will continue to plague us. Activision needs to slow down on it release of new updates designed to insure that we players purchase celerium in higher dollar amounts. Fix the bugs and secure their game from hackers. This will go a long way to assure that COD Heroes continues to bring in the high return on every dollar invested that they seek. Quality first, innovation second.

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    I'd Suggest Post Up By Jugg On Buried, Make Sure To Place Your Trap Etc Down In The Higher Rounds.

    And The Proper Fire Power To Withstand A Herd Coming Full Speed In a Narrow Space, Mark 2 Is

    Perfect For Late Rounds.

    Also If You Can Access That Sweet Spot On Buried And Have Patience It Works Also. Check My Solo Record

    In general tho the most important thing across all games is running trains, if you need help through an example,

    try searching for a good video.

    No mans land (moon) is a great way to learn because if you can master it you should be great at running them on any map...

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    I sent you the video link via PM, wasn't sure if it would be moderated or not 

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    oh yeah...lol. Its possibly just the 2nd Hive either the barn or the hive by the electric fence, either way its frustrating and there is no way around it.  Its happened to me twice in 1 week. ruining my teeth farming...

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    I still agree... even though you were a little off there.


    TimmyNoThumbs and TimmyNoThumbs1 do actually have thumbs.

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    I feel bad hanging you like that. You sound very passionate about this game and I think that's so good!

    Have you considered competitive COD? Headset? Scuf type controller? LMK!



    I just saw your response and wanted to make a few points.

    I too am a vet. In my experience, the quick decline of this game was foreseeable. Look at the facts... Exo movement alienated a ton of OGs. AW split the market with Titanfall initially. We had new console issues and organized ddosers for the first time. Buy this and buy that continuously from SH without in game support left many salty, including myself. Once player numbers started to decline TTK couldn't hideSBMM and net code issues. Most of these are history and will only be remembered by those who attempt to play a backwards compatible next gen version or don't have the jingle for BO3. So let's look forward.

    The last DLC will boost player numbers albeit for a couple weeks. Shortly after we have the Beta, then the game. In Treyarch we trust!

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    Every time I see your name I read about half way through post and stop cause your approach to the topic is immature and opinionated.  Nothing wrong with opinion, just you seem to think your opinion is fact.


    Sad thing is I agree with a few of your points, as everyone knows I am an AW hater, but you are condescending, immature, and sound away too much like my ignorant cousin that I avoid at all costs.  K thx

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  • 08/10/15--16:55: Re: Newb looking for a clan
  • Hey mac, check out Malice eSports @ maliceesports.com. We are currently recruiting and have teams in your time zone. We have no k/d or score requirements. If you have any questi9ons, feel free to hit me up on Xbox - MeS JosDown.

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