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  • 08/03/15--09:10: Re: Wheres the support
  • "I will contact the BBB rather than your support department..."


    And we have a BINGO!  And there's your sign!


    The head of the "Activision BBB threat response team" just issued this statement...

    "Let's Dance"

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    Well with the 1940s theme for the Shadow Of Evil map it would be quite strange unless it was some sort of upgrade system.

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    My understanding is the Windows 10 Store is a separate store that Microsoft is moving to.

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    Very True. I hope zombies and mp stay completely separate. I was purely thinking on the logic that AW used with Exo Zombies. I didn't really care for Exo Zombies anyways. 3Arch kind of owns that niche. I will probably get a lot of hate for this...but. I think Extinction was far better than Zombies will ever be. Just my opinion. Please don't hate on me too hard. My feeling my get hurt.

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    "So based on your statement I would have to purchase all the DLC's if I want to play my game to its full potential"


    No, but you do have to purchase them if you intend on playing against others and "their" games full potential.  If YOU are playing with no DLC's then you ARE playing "your" game at it's full potential.


    And yes it IS all about money just like it sounds.  To think otherwise is naivety. And you DO need DLC's if you intend on getting into lobbies with others who are playing their games at full potential outside of your game at it's current full potential.


    If you have any further questions you can just post them directly to Activision Support.  They'll get right back to you.

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    That is Spawn Killing and grounds for an Account Ban. I would suggest reporting those players.


    Spawn Trapping is a bit different, and there is no rule against it. Those who do it call it Spawn Control and there is a certain strategy to it.  There are also ways to avoid it.


    Your description describes Spawn Killing which is punishable up to and including an account ban.

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    But the revenue generated does not apply to us.  Sure it may show love for the game but it doesnt mean that the game was successful.  Thats only how much money THEY made. 


    I have always wondered if those sales numbers included digital copies too. 

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  • 08/04/15--10:36: Re: ARX HolePuncher
  • Oh, wait, wait, I forgot.  You wanted 2 items per supply drop, correct?  On average.  Ok, that changes things a little, but not much.


    Instead of 100 trials, it is essentially 200 trials with 2 items per supply drop.


    Let's use 1000 items again.   After all we want to be as realistic as possible, right?


    So the probability of getting a Hole Puncher is 1/1000

    The probability of NOT getting a Hole Puncher is 999/1000


    So in 200 trials we have:


    (200 C 5) (1/1000)^5 * (999/1000)^195 = 0.0000020862


    So of 10,000 people you would expect 0.02 people to get it.  (essentially 0)  So 2 people getting it is still considered quite unusual.


    When an event is really unusual, you start to expect something else is influencing the probabilities.

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    I don't know if this is a glitch or not. there was a person in chop shop who was sniping somewhere off the catwalk that is used around the choke point hallways that bypasses them. I saw his killscreen and it looked like he was below the catwalk,

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    Yeah, just got the congrats message


    Very excited to see how I feel about the game. Loved BO1 (best COD ever imo), BO2 was OK, Ghosts was good (but got boring near the end), and I'm no fan at all of AW.

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    I respectfully disagree. The revenue generated DIRECTLY apply to us in many different ways.  Keep in mind this is a business. Here is one example:


    Imagine that Advanced Warfare generated the most revenue than any other Call of Duty Game.  That would affect us because most likely there will be an Advanced Warfare 2.

    Imagine if Advanced Warfare generated the least revenue of any other Call of Duty Game all time. That would affect us because most likely there will not be an Advanced Warfare 2.


    Why continue a sub-series/storyline if the game was a failure?

    Why NOT continue a sub-series/storyline if the game was a success?


    Here is another basic example:


    Imagine that a movie tanked at the box office and made less money then they spent to make the movie? Would there have been a sequel?

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  • 08/04/15--10:46: Re: ARX HolePuncher
  • You are referring to the idea of Schroedinger's Cat.  The idea that an object is in multiple states at once until it is observed.  (i.e. the cat is both alive and dead until it is observed.)  I am not sure what I think of that idea in Quantum Mechanics.  I have never studied it in depth.  On the surface it seems ridiculous, but I am not an expert in such things.


    It sort of makes sense at the atomic level since to find what state an atom is in, you have to "shine a light" on it to observe it, which essentially changes the atom's state since light can affect atomic particles.


    As for on a macro scale, (such as a living or dead cat), I have doubts about the effect of observation on its state.

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    Keep in mind that K/D isn't the parameter that is used in SBMM. It is Score Per Minute.  If you have a very low score per minute but a very High K/D it might be harder for you to find a DOM match because your Score Per Minute is lower.


    Also keep in mind that if you have 1 DLC and not ALL DLC's that the game is searching for players that have the same DLC you have,  its better to have all or none.


    Lastly, Regions, NAT Type, being hardwired, having the correct ports opened, Router Configuration, UpNp, etc. also play into finding lobbies.

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    Doesn't surprise me much. I'm also not mad about it either. I bought a new console to play new games. If I wanted to play bo2 I'd turn on my old console and play it.

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    I think it will be interesting and once we all get the chance to play, I look forward to hearing everyone's reviews both good and bad.  Hopefully the beta lasts about a week.  I took 3 days off work just to play.  I am such a nerd.

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    Tbh I don't want more. People already complain about weapon balance ( warranted or not). More weapons = more complaints.

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    TThanks for the offer! I'll check out the website!!!

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    Don't feel bad I did too. I'm sure tons did.

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    Well, you may or may not know about the 'gunsmith' in BO3. It allows up to 6 attachments per gun as well. I would say that's a pretty big jump to the standard we have all been accustomed to. I also agree with GSS that weapon balance is already a big concern/issue/complaint from as far back as I can remember.  Adding more weapons would just increase the complaints.  There will always be weapon balance complaints, but no need to for an excuse to add more fuel to the fire that is still burning over this.  The constant nerfing and buffing of guns is so frustrating too. I understand why it's done, but sometimes, I think the dev's go a little far with the constant nerf/buff.

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