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    Im glad I am not the only one

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    Robalboa0 wrote:


    the numbers never lie



    there is the prevailing obsessions with "number of players" going on here that does not make sense.


    Since when, having more players makes the game, better or more fun? I dont know whats going on with the Ps3 new game releases, but in the PS4 world - there are so many good games out there that picking one (any) seems to be a waste.


    I play AW almost every night for about 5 matches and play something else because its a shame to have such a great console and not indulge in something else.


    Personally: The people who stick with a certain COD game are the fans, these fans strive to compete and do well. I love finding people who fight equally as hard as I do,

    Robalboa0 wrote:


    who cares about a master prestige glitch it didnt give you an advantage , while the Map glitches still showing up 6 month later AW was a complete joke for a game that many years in dev



    Can you provide me your thread stating that you didnt care about MP then?


    People went nuts over it, nuts. They wrote about it as if it made a difference though I knew it didint.

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    I am looking for a good clan to join that is Mainly from the UK

    i am a team player that always plays the objective

    i am a chilled out person

    i am looking for a clan that are active most days and that are active in clan wars

    My KD is  1.15

    My W/L is a 1.01

    I am from the UK

    I am active in clan wars and active in general

    I have a working mic

    If i can join a clan then msg and add me my username is   iTz_Ryan_zx

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    Sbmm is not your problem. One of my accounts has over double that kd. And I never have issues finding a match.

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    First of all it is not SBMM.  Your K/D isn't the parameter that is used in SBMM. It is Score Per Minute.  If you have a very low score per minute but a very High K/D it might be harder for you to find a DOM match because your Score Per Minute is lower.


    Also keep in mind that if you have 1 DLC and not ALL DLC's that the game is searching for players that have the same DLC you have,  its better to have all or none.


    Lastly, Regions, NAT Type, being hardwired, having the correct ports opened, Router Configuration, UpNp, etc. also play into finding lobbies.

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  • 08/05/15--11:40: Re: Servers?
  • I don't aim to sound mean, but you really sat in a pre-game lobby for 3hrs? Why not switch your game mode? I can barely stand the 50 second intermission between matches, so 3hrs seems ridiculous to me. Were you in a one-shot lobby?

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  • 08/05/15--11:41: Re: Forum-telethon for teeth
  • I try to keep it simple for my fans (stalkers) (you).

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    Proving Boy wrong has become a daily occurrence! Easier than taking candy from a baby!

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    HI, i have a permanent ban from using my account evem though I haven't been playing public matches, I have already had a full inventory reset for no reason, and now a permanent ban!!

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    LMAO. No, they are appealing to 12 year olds who love having matching glowing pink exos. Kids today probably don't know who Osama Bin Laden or Al Qaeda is. Personally, I wouldn't want to fight the Taliban in Caves in Afghanistan.  I like just shooting and killing everything that moves while I Exo boost over a rooftop.


    As far as balancing 4 consoles unfortunately you are incorrect. SHG still oversees it all. High Moon Studios is responsible for Old Gen and RavensHead is responsible for New Gen. SHG is still at the top of that food chain and plays a role to a certain extent, while ATVI sits at the throne.


    Can you at least admit that this is the most 'split' COD title of all time going over 4 different consoles + PC. Still pretty impressive despite the flaws.

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  • 08/05/15--11:47: Re: The MK14:
  • Ah right. Fair enough. I haven't got either of those yet, so basically just basing what i said on the vanilla arx (which surely is rubbish by any standards :-) ). I will give them a blast if i am lucky enough to get one.

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    Well Activision could have made money on BC.


    Having previous COD's bundled with BO3 would help sales of it.


    You get Fallout 3 if you buy fallout 4

    You get previous Rainbow Six games bundled with the new one.


    They could quite easily have Bundled BO1 and BO2 with BO3.


    I personally am not pre-ordering BO3. It's just pointless. Too many other games out around the same time.

    Now if previous COD's were bundled as pre-order bonuses I would have got BO3.

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  • 08/05/15--11:53: Re: The MK14:
  • Honestly I like all of them. The imr,  arx, and mk14. I have to change my play style when using them. But they perform ok. The imr has almost the exact same stats as the m8a1 from bo2.

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  • 08/05/15--11:55: Re: Forum-telethon for teeth
  • ha. another zinger. nice. You think I am your fan and/or stalk you? You are hilarious! that's 3 today. good job bud!

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    Not impossible I was looking for info on something else and came across someone that did do it but for different reasons and they were comparing overall team stats  which had some interesting results - now that you brought this up I wish I had saved it. I won't argue about what is or isn't the biggest deciding factor I was simply asking if you had done the research on it .

    As far as your time played vs someone else's two people can have completely different experiences in the game , we have all seen the threads.

    As far as you tubers I only watch when I am looking for info,, I do t use them for opinions or anything else,, ive seen two or three driftor vids and in all of them he didn't play the objective and quit the match except in one where he finished the match didn't play the objective yet posted a guy going off on them for not ptfo. So I don't hold their opinions in high regard since they are actually part of the problem. I think we both agree on that .

    i Know that lately the games for me have felt pretty balanced , then again someone else may have a different take on it.  I don't know the formula they used and if I tried to figure it out for myself I more than likely would do some research on it rather than the feels like test.. since everyone's feels like test would be personal opinions....

    you you may be right I don't know then again you might not be it doesn't change how the game feels to you .


    either way have yourself a good one

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  • 08/05/15--11:58: Re: Forum-telethon for teeth
  • You obviously do.  You found me in the zombies forum just to troll me and you messaged me on xbox just to troll me.  You are a stalker, no doubt about it.  It doesnt bother me at all though.  In fact, I find it amusing, as well as sad, that you have so much free time that you are willing to dedicate to me, a complete stranger. You should get another hobby, or maybe a girlfriend or wife who can hold some of your attention.

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    I am having this problem too, it's in Xbox One, and it is COD AW. If you know something, please tell me. Thanks

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  • 08/05/15--11:44: Re: 3 Richtofens ???
  • ovZLSu5.png

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    Erm, This post was about backwards compatibility.


    Anyone wanting backwards compatibility has already bought the xbox one

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