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  • 11/24/13--07:35: Re: Camo Tech Gaming (360)
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    I downloaded ghosts from the xbox live market place on my xbox one and every time I run the game and try to load multiplayer I get the message "disk read error 'image file 43'". The game cycles itself loading for around 5 mins, giving me the error then repeating this over and over. I have to hard boot my xbox every time it does this to make it stop. Ryse and Battlefield 4 work just fine tho they are both hard copies of the games. Can anyone help me please!

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    Sup dude, I am the leader of Klutch Killas. We are a level 10 clan with 11 members. Our clan K/D is 1.94, we play mostly hardcore and some core. If you want to talk about K/D's we have some 2.0's, 1.7's, 1.4's. More importantly is that we playto win. Most of our members are over 21 and have a mic. If interested send a message to psn: GiJLS1988

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  • 11/26/13--13:42: PS4 player looking for clan
  • hey everyone, I'm looking to join a clan on PS4. I don't want to be in anything huge. Just a small clan to play with. my K/D is 1.3. I like to play domination the most but will play anything. if your interested just let me know in the comments below. My gamertag is BLESStheMARTYR-

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    COD Ghosts uses all of my 2GB of VRAM on my HD 6970. As seen here. a1d758c763cfbef77aa97d5e79ef6942.png

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    The only thing that needs to be done about the dogs is that you need to kill them! If you hear the growl you're near it so position yourself properly to take it or the owner out first and continue accordingly. I don't really have problems with them at all.

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    At 59 now, I have over 170 after buying a few guns, attachments, perks and killstreaks.

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    I never said I wanted a job. Nor did I say I wanted to be a professional gamer.

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    Hey there GcP, Me and my cousin are trying to look for a clan in the Plat divison 1.7+ kdr add me, GT; BaOwheeZy , SpanK MN

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    I know right. I like the map Whiteout from Ghosts which is a pretty good map. If they were to bring Winter Crash back or change the theme if Whiteout from its default to a Christmas-theme map, that would be awesome. But it would be nice to release it before or after Christmas day, Let's see if they can grant us this wish or request this Christmas. Just saying. :-)

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    the dogs wear protective vests

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    Yes haha, I guess i'll join a clan

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    so u want to join my clan

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  • 11/26/13--13:44: (360) Join SoD
  • Recruiting players for the Society Of Death clan, currently rank 1 in gold division, clan level is 9 and

    14 members in the clan. too get in, all you need is a positive K:D R.

    Send a friend request to (Fire Flame) to join the clan, ask your friends to join too.

    XP boosts available in gamemodes we hold.

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    everyone wanting to join there are two options leave your gt on web site or message billdoesbacon98 or Z6 ROUGE Z6

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  • 11/26/13--13:45: No more DDOSes ???
  • I am not in any way denying that DDOS happens in THIS thread. My opinion on it might be totally different outside of this thread but I prefer not to bring up that point.


    Now many people have stated that around up until now the dedicated servers in this game were scarce. Whether or not it actually was is still based on opinion because we dont have all the facts. Some people havent noticed host migrations, etc so that could mean dedicated servers.


    But on the flipside it could just mean we still dont have dedis on the 360 and the host selection is better, so less of a chance of host migration. That is also conjecture without all the facts.


    If you dont have a dedicated server you can get DDOSed. That is a risk we all take. And if you notice in the Black Ops 2 forum for example at least 20 to 30 people claimed they were being DDOSed in the game. I am neither saying they WERE getting DDOSed and I also am not saying they WERENT.


    Which brings me to the point of this honest set of questions.


    Has anyone seen any DDOS complaints on the 360 since the game came out ? I may have missed them but I dont think there were any.


    And if not then WHY arent we seeing those on the Ghosts 360 forum any longer ?


    And why do you think we are not ?


    My assumption which I admit could be wrong is that we are seeing better connections in this game and that could be getting rid of the "perception" of getting DDOSed.


    Thoughts ?

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    Wassup billycat

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    invite on the way. im glad to see the support!

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    Currently level 11, and recruiting!


    We have a friendly and successful environment as shown throughout our past Cod's, as we had a unbeaten clan battle record in mw3, and even got ranked 3rd in the world at one stage as well. At the moment, we are looking to get to gold division in ghosts, and we are looking for members who can help us out, and continue our clan battle streak.


    Interested in joining? Apply to ::xSkiLLeD:: or msg Leader: DEFECTX9 or Lieutenant Commander- BLUEv9.



    -1.25+ kd


    Looking forward to seeing you soon in our clan.

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    Well you shouldn't die unless you have take damage. The Flack Jacket is fine for me so no there hasn't been path.

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