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  • 11/22/13--07:48: Re: Your must have perk
  • Stalker, recon, scavenger, wiretap and ping

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    Thank you for taking the time to read the Rise to Kill All's clan recruitment page.

    Here you will be able to find information about our clan, our requirements and also how to apply to the clan.


    Our clan name is Rise To Kill All (RTKA) we are a small and friendly clan based on the Xbox 360.

    We're always looking for new members to join the clan to help us progress, and we cater towards both casual and competitive gamers. (also young and maturer gamers, if your going to join please act grown up and mature).

    For the casual gamers we play a range of core game-types, we don't mind playing hardcore now and again though.

    For the competitive gamers we will be playing Clan v Clan and also taking part in the Clan Wars. (when we have some more members)

    Unlike most of the clans out there, there is no K/D ratio requirement as we're a fun based clan that just likes to game, winning our games is really good because it helps our clan progress faster to unlock in game rewards like: Player Patches, Backgrounds, Double XP, Camos and Soldier Equipment, so a better K/D radio would be preferred, but its not essential.

    Don't be afraid to apply if you think your K/D radio is rubbish as e welcome all skill levels and ages. (all we ask is for you to act grown up and mature).



    • You play Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox 360.
    • You are an active player. (example: you play Call of Duty 2 or more times a week).
    • You use our clan tag, which is [RTKA].
    • Stay loyal to Rise To Kill All (that means no clan hopping or raging in online)
    • You game with our clan members regular. (just press Y for your friends list in game and move across to Rise To Kill All)


    Let me take you through how you can apply to Rise To Kill All. - There are currently two ways that you can apply to the clan.

    1. The first way is to apply through the Call of Duty mobile app. (you should also get a free in game emblem for using the app)
    2. The second way is to send me a request over the Xbox 360.



    1. Download the 'Call of Duty App' from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).
    2. Log in with your Call of Duty Account.
    3. Search for "Rise To Kill All" and click the apply button.
    4. Your application will be reviewed and accepted.
    5. Congratulations! Your a part of the Rise To Kill All clan!



    1. Add me on Xbox Live, my GT is: AdamST94
    2. Send me a message asking to join Rise To Kill All.
    3. Wait for me to response saying that I've sent you a clan invite.
    4. Accept the clan invite (In the Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer).
    5. Congratulations! Your a part of the Rise To Kill All clan!


    If you have any questions leave a comment on this thread and I'll reply back to you.


    Once again, thank you for taking the time to look at our recruitment page game we hope to have you join us soon.

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    shuaz wrote:


    i am having the same problem apparently my clan does not exist no more


    I'm still in it... but there is nothing about my clan all on the Xbone.


    • No option to add clan as clan tag.
    • No clan information is barracks.


    I go to the 360... and there she blows. Everything is normal.

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    i deleted the updates and re installed them and now it is working, thanks

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    The OP is correct.

    Every mp game, mostly at Match Summary, these files cause a crash or freeze with popup

    Fatal Error - "file read error"

    mp_character_room.ff   11.0 MB (11,621,068 bytes)

    mp_character_room_dlc_updated.ff   44.9 MB (47,162,124 bytes)

    mp_character_room_heads.ff   46.7 MB (49,023,884 bytes


    Does anyone have these files intact with no read errors to share with me?


    Some of these files were 'updated'.ff at last Patch eg: mp_character_room_bodies_updated.ff - so what's going on??

    They must be installing off the discs corrupted every time. A lot of others are getting this problem.


    These steps do not work:

    * Re-installing game

    * Installing Ghosts on SSD or HDD

    * Veryifying game cache

    * Defragging HD and Call of Duty Ghosts folder.


    Please repair these files and release another patch.


    My Rig:

    Win7 pro 64

    i7 2600K @4GHz

    16GB RAM

    2 x 6970 AMD (running on single disable crossfire)

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    I don't think so...I didn't have any unlocks after the match, and all it was was along with the points it came up in white text just like "buzzkill" or "rescue" would.

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    Hey i'm looking for people to play BO1 zombies with. I have all the maps, i'm on Xbox so if anyone wants to play i'm almost always down. All I ask is you have a mic. My GT is Fenix 0f War.

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    One thing that helped me was to delete the game and reinstall.  Now, it will actually get into lobbies online(awesome) but I get booted from about 95% while the map loads or as soon as I get shot(Goat $%##$&).  Something about devgru shotgun file, or ...head file, or .....hands file.  SO, to sum up, for every 5 hours you fiddle with this you'll get about 45 minutes of actual quality playing time.

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  • 11/24/13--07:28: Re: I need a clan
  • thats perfectly fine.

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    Please move this to the clan section.



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    I believe i read your post on the steam forums? It seems very few others are having this same problem. It would be very nice to get some assistance...

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  • 11/24/13--07:29: Re: Castle V6.0.0
  • powderslinger wrote:




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  • 11/24/13--07:30: Favorite Game Trailers
  • What's your favorite game trailer


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    we have 9 right now about to be 10 and we are expanding quickly and we are about to be level 11

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    Well they abandoned us because as I said, they don't care. You could complain on here for the rest of your life and they will just laugh, the only thing they won't laugh at is David Wonderhaare getting hate mail, well to be honest hate mail is the only way to p**s these guys off real bad for the sh** things they did to us. They said once in July that people can't expect certain things in games. I just wanted to put up a reply to this nonsense saying "these important things we expect are the things that all games should have". I'm not going to rant on forever, but if I could then I would. They pay more attention to stopping stupid 9 year olds from glitching than patching the actual errors in the game, Die rise is a plain example. Whatever happened between Black ops and Black ops 2 is beyond me, Black ops 1 was brill, had some issues but was eventually sorted. Black ops 2 though, sheesh.


    Activision and Treyarch have lost the plot totally, they screwed up something that could have been a hit in gaming history and instead turned it into some kind of girls tea party.

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    When the splitscreeners are on your team


    When you spawn up to start the game and your teammate has a riot shield



    when you look at the scoreboard and see your team left


    when im on the other team


    when your using akimbo 44s with acog and forget to put steady aim on




    When you tell your teammates where the bomb is in SnR\SnD And you die but they dont move from the opposite side of the map to react.

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  • 11/24/13--07:32: Re: Favorite Game Trailers
  • Day of Defeat: Source

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    I have always been a xbox player and i am going to get a next-gen console but i am unsure whether to spend the £350-£550 on a ps4,a xbox one or a pc.

    I primarily play cod or battlefield but i enjoy rpgs like fallout etc.


    the reason I would pick xbox is because ive always had one and i prefer the controller over a playstation(i havent used a ps4 one yet).Also because titanfall looks epic


    the reason for a ps4 is i like the final fantasy games (i heard the new ff14 is ps4 only)the graphics are "supposedly" better  and it seems to be more toward a gamers needs than a media centre.


    and finally the reason i looked at pc`s is because i understand that the graphics are the same or even better than next-gen(i swear i saw someone say 1440p!) and you can get pretty much any game but i can say im terrible with a mouse and keyboard on fps games haha.


    So if any of you have either or all 3 what are your opinions...


    sorry if its bad grammar btw.

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    Scrooge McDuck


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