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  • 07/05/15--23:38: Advanced supply drop
  • I bought some advanced supply drops and they haven't downloaded. I don't know how to get them and they aren't in my download library

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    Hey there.

    Sorry to hear that you've been having this issue. There is a few things that you could do to correct this issue. For More details on this information, refer to Activision Support . ^PD

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    The xb1 has not been broken. There are no hacks on xb1. If you want, record some of these "hacks " and post them. You know what's just as bad as cheaters? People blaming their poor gameplay on cheaters.

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    You cannot name and shame here. Your only option is to use the in game report function.

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    A high level bunker is hidden by that crater. This bug exists in many strategy games. Hopefully developers will patch the bug.

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  • 07/06/15--01:40: Looking to start Ranked Play
  • I am a grand master prestige who would like to learn how to play ranked play effectively. I would apprecitate it if someone would help me start up ranked play.

    contact me at my gt : DxG Archangel

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    The Beta isn't available yet, you will receive an email with a code and instructions on how to access the Beta shortly before it goes live.

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    Where exactly did you pre order from?


    If it was direct from PSN, Xbox or Steam, then you're already registered.


    If it was from a store, then you need to contact them to request another copy.

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    It maybe that not many people have the map pack that you are playing and as such the game has to search far and wide to put you in a match.

    When you do get put in a match it is also possible that the players in that match are a quite good due to the fact they have the map pack and probably play every day. (please note I did say possible not fact)

    When the supremacy pack dropped I tried a few games and got totally out played and was given a full on kicking struggling to go positive and was matched against people who were in clans with at least 3 members on the other team.

    After a few games I switched back to normal games and slammed in 9 captures with a 2.75 kdr (not that anybody cares) on Dom and didn't struggle anywhere near as much as on the Supremacy pack games.

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  • 07/06/15--22:58: Re: Celerium
  • Hi There my name is steve from germany and i have a problem too with celerium. i have bought it one week ago and nothing happens can you help me somehow.please i really need help

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    Well said. I am in Australia and I swear I am put into Japanese lobbies 20% of the time (I play TDM). All I can say is WHY WHY WHY?. Tokyo is over 7500km (4800 miles) from Sydney. The game just doesn't perform well when this happens and the things you describe above are common. I dont know if this is because of SBMM but I live within 500 km of Australia's two most populous cities (say 10,000,000 people) so I would be suprised if it is because of a low player pool. This has been the worst performing cod from a match making/connection perspective by far for me, but ghosts was probably the best - go figure. So anyway if this crap is result of SBMM the it would seem that they are just alienating their core fanbase - a very dumb move from my perspective.

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    It's really a shame where this franchise has gone to, it's not even a game anymore where you can just get home, sit down, relax and play a couple games and not worry about if people are exploiting the game or not but now you have to deal with those kind of people.   If I'm not mistaken I think there's a couple of you tubers who only find glitches and map exploits....really? 

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    When I enter my 13 digit code it says that code is invalid. Moreover I can't see my Pack Leader content in game while playing local ( must be only for multiplayer ? )

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    Hello there,


    Apologies for the response. Are you currently playing over a wired connection? Please restart your modem/router and if possible, Download the compatibility pack over a wired connection. Let the content completely download before doing anything else and you should be good to go.



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    Did you ever get the pants unlocked? I also have the same issue, I completed the attachments challenge and the pants were not awarded!

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    I have the same issue, I completed the attachments challenge and the pants were not awarded!

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  • 07/06/15--23:55: Tool Recovery
  • Hello


    Dear Activision


    Your tool recovery is complete useless it does not work at all. Please can someone help me i have accidentally deleted my BAL-27 inferno when trying to get rid of stuff. Yes i know i'm an idiot but please can someone tell me how to work this tool recovery. Every time i try to use it it says i have to connect my account with my PSN when I ALREADY HAVE.


    Thank You for any help




    P.S please respond in under 4 days as i redeemed in today.

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    Hey, MasseyYT!


    No worries! By pre-ordering Black Ops III through the Xbox Store you are automatically validated to participate in the beta when it becomes available. No code required!




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    Not just the challenges - all coordinated gear. I'm trying to work out a deal with AW to get all the fancy shoes for $10,000. I'm just sucking them in....Think I can get all the stuff for under $100,000.    

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    Yes I have tried that. It comes up with the message saying it has been downloaded but it still doesn't work or allow me to download slots two and three.

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