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    I have a 0.11 KD

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  • 07/07/15--00:20: Alliance match ups of teams
  • I understand that the alliance war matches are somewhat new, yet it seems a new algorithm is warranted to provide better match ups. Still seems like matches can be really off balance. We enjoy semi fair match ups, but are finding no need to participate or waste resources when their is no hope.

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  • 07/07/15--00:19: Re: ps3/4 scores?
  • Hahaha u all goons is that one of your imaginary scores kurssse that u would have got if murdah wasn't in the party distracting you lol:)

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  • 07/07/15--00:31: Re: Next Gen Zombies Clan
  • I'm interested but the problem is I don't know when I will get PS4. So I might be getting BO3 on PS3. Is there some kind of skill level demand? I'm not one of those who can play to round 50 on every map. I'm more in between rounds 20-30 and on some maps 30-40. I'm also interested doing the easter eggs though I might do those with my friend since we can speak in our native language so it's a bit easier.

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    Looking for a few more clan members to help with leveling up my clan. I have just started and am at level 3 in my clan. Would appreciate if you could join. Also plan to plan clan wars and team up to play other gamed modes. Looking for a decent team, but any level of skill is accepted.


    Add me if interested, gamertag:



    Clan Name:

    AAArea 51

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    Starting up a team. I will add you.

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    Looking ti expand my CLAN.

    All skill levels welcomed.

    Trying to level up clan to get the perks.

    Also trying to start clan wars as soon as I get more people in my clan.

    Will play any game mode.


    Add me, GT:




    AAArea 51

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    Sky Landers Trap team is very unstable, it gets Frozen every time when we fight with Dream catcher, we need to power off Wii and get it restar and star over again. We've experience this with other chapters too n needs to restart. Does anyone have the same problem or have a solution to the problem ?

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  • 07/07/15--23:17: Re: Nat type
  • OK Upnp  --> this is basically automatic port triggering where by the router detects which ports are required for what ever your devices are doing.

    In a lot of circumstances Upnp works well. However, when it comes to COD the success of Upnp is a mixed bag depending on router.

    The best thing to do is to find out what works best for you and your set up.

    Upnp might be totally fine.

    If only one console I'd always suggest Port Forwarding ( I can remember reading from folk who actually know the ins and outs of networking that Port Forwarding is "best"/most efficient for gaming)

    Multi-consoles --> best solution is Port Triggering

    If router does not have that function - create Static Ips for two separate consoles,,,, place one in DMZ, the other can be port forwarded.


    When playing two consoles at once, just keep an eye on the NAT types (especially in-game NAT) If one of the consoles goes Strict (or goes from Open to Moderate) - then you know you need to address your router configuration.


    Let me be clear - I am not a network engineer at all. I have just learned over the years from research and listening to others. I live in a coutry area where my internet bandwidth is not the best, hence I've learned to make the best of it - make sure, as much as possible, that my gaming is not affected,. The article I wrote above was a bringing together of information,,,, and trying to make it as easy to understand as possible.  You should check out a few of the links at the bottom of the page

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    I had problems with Ghosts and BO2 also. In games before those it seemed to load as fast as I could press the buttons. For a while now I've needed to be patient on every screen... -entering multi, -connecting to Xbox Live, - fetching profile, -finding games, etc......


    I'm going to guess and say there is more data and a more complicated process to retrieving profile's from the server?? ....more security??


    I find if you mash the buttons to try to connect to games to quick.... errors occur and I wind up having to start from scratch.

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  • 07/07/15--23:38: Re: xbox one/360 clan?
  • Hey I just came across your ad and was wondering if you still accepting applications to join your clan I'm 18 and interested in joining a clan that I can party up and play clan wars and have fun most of all. if you have any questions my GT: is A Dude in CA I'm on both xbox one and 360.

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    Phoenix Rising Gaming is looking for new recruits for our clan wars team and gamebattles team.


    We are looking for dedicated and active players who is ready to join a tight gaming based community where everyone knows each other well and stays committed to our many activities and events we hold for many supported games.


    1st place clan wars team that is looking to expand its roster.


    Check out our website - WWW.PHOENIXRISINGGAMING.COM




    Find us on the AW app - Team name: Phoenix-Rising

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    Phoenix Rising Gaming are looking for both casual and competitive players for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One. We will be looking for dedicated players for our competitive teams for MLG GameBattles and Clan Wars. We are a level 25 Diamond Division Clan Wars team and we have many 1st place finishes in clan wars. Are you just the casual gamer that hates getting stuck with randoms in the game lobby then look no further and come join us.


    A little about us: Phoenix Rising Gaming was created to unite casual and competitive gamers all into one place. We got tired of new clan forming and disbanding continuously so we set out to create and form a community that will stay and game together with no worries or fears that it will be all gone the next morning you wake up.


    We have a close group of loyal members that are always on to game with and support many other game titles. Members that are always up for a friendly game, but we get very competitive when its time, especially for clan vs clan scrimmages, competing in gamebattles or clan wars.


    We only ask that you are at least 15 years of age and preferably have a mic. Also there is no need to change your Gamertag and no fear from being kicked from the clan simply for being inactive for a few days.


    Don't be tied down to a clan with a ton of rules and regulations.


    What you can expect from our community:


    * A dedicated group of guys, and a few girls, that will always be up for gaming.

    * We hold many events and practices every week to try and accommodate as many members as possible.

    * Weekly member recognition awards.

    * Every member has a voice and say in our community.

    * We run monthly tournaments for our members to win prizes.

    * Community events outside gaming such as sports fantasy leagues.

    * Interactive and constantly updated website.

    * Free to join, free to stay, and game on your time.

    * A ton of smileys to play with in chat.

    * Social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube with a coming soon community upload channel for our members.

    * Did I mention a constantly updated interactive and fun website.............with an arcade section!!!!!!

    * Our Merchandise Store is now open.

    * Check out our new Affiliates and Sponsors.


    Just come check out our website to see for yourself all the main reasons to join at www.phoenixrisinggaming.com


    Find us on the AW app - Team name: Phoenix-Rising


    You can apply directly on our website under the recruitment tab.


    Expect a fun and competitive atmosphere combined into one here!!!

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    Hey ThimoKills,


    The personalization pack for Advanced Warfare on PSN is only available to users in North America who pre-order a digital copy of Black Ops III through the Playstation Store. More information can be found here:


    Pre-Purchase Incentives


    Apologies for the inconvenience.



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    I think there is a shared creative influence in the fps genre in general. Maybe sometimes deliberate and other times not so much. I won't get specific but from what I've seen there are a ton of similarities between games in there pursuit of making the best multiplayer game. CoD, Battlefield, Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny all seem to be influenced a little from each other in my eyes.


    I think it makes perfect sense as well. Not to get too deep by there have been art movements throughout history that influence each other..... impressionism, cubism, abstract, etc...   Even movies and music get separated by categories because they get influenced from each other.


    It's just the creative process and it's only natural in my opinion. They feed off each other.

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    Hey 955i-rider,


    I'm sorry to hear you never received your beta access code. Has it been at least two business days since you placed your pre-order? If so, you need to contact Amazon and let them know you did not receive an email with the code.




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    Hey DrSbamf,


    I'm sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your Call of Duty: World at War game. I need to gather some more information so I can better assist you:


    What platform do you play on? Are you receiving any error messages? Can you describe the problem that is occurring?




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    J'ai acheté Call of duty Black ops 2 pc et je n'ai pas de code d'activation à l'intérieur de la boîte, le magasin ne peut pas me le reprendre, que faire?

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    Huh, interesting, I'm a West Aussie and I hardly ever get thrown into foreign lobbies, occasionally I may get the occasional international African, US or Asian player but most times I connect to the sole dedi in SA.

    You being in either NSW or Vic should connect to it most times as well with the occasional exception of P2P every so often.

    Perhaps the foreign players simply have that low of a ping for their country that to connect to an international lobby isn't that far off what is classified as a 'normal' connection to the that server.


    Anomalies like that exist as as in order to cater to players who have terrible connection that they have to widen the parameters which in turn allows exceptions such as different region based players but within acceptable connection parameters. They wouldn't have ideal connections to our servers but better than some dude in the middle of the outback with say ISDN on a dilapidated phone line.

    If the region was far smaller the parameters could be tighter and these exceptions would be far less. (theoretically)


    Just my theory behind why laggy players seem to do better than non-laggy players - it isn't to do with 'good lag comp' or anything but more to do with laggy players having to try harder, know what to expect and can anticipate how lag will affect their play. Players who are used to <30ms lobbies have difficulties adapting to a laggy player as all of a sudden how they have programmed themselves to play doesn't work, they have to fire more bullets, stay on target longer and try to juggle that with players within the same lobby who only require 3 bullets to kill and hit-detection is spot on.

    While everyone has to adapt to the laggy guy, he is used to this and plays with lag all the time where as everyone else has to adapt to him.

    Hence why laggy guys can do quite well in lobbies - I have placed myself in US lobbies a few times and as I know what to expect, I can do very well. 

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