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    My clan AW SUICIDE SQUAD is recruiting for diamond division. We currently have 6 members.  we do clan raids so you have a chance to get the new gear set. We like to have fun when playing and are very competitive. We have fun during non clan wars but when clan wars is on we take it serious. Overall we are a nice and fun competitive clan. We have full centurion and also we have half ther valkarie. We have only lost 3 clan wars sense clan wars has started.


    Only 4 Requirements

    Must be able to play friday and saturday from 7pm-11pm eastern standard time every 2 weeks when clan wars is ( exceptions can be made if you cant make it)

    Must have a mic (knowing call outs is a bonus but not required)

    (age 15+)

    Have fun


    Want to know more or want an invite. send me a message on xbox MakePeaceNotW4R or message VirginsTryHard (my communications are blocked for 2 weeks so this is a spare account i have and can talk on while playing on my main account


    Do not send a clan invite until u messaged me

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    I Had the hangar upgrade Bug where the game would not load after it completed upgrade.

    IF you're sure your game is backed up in Game Center or whatever for the non iOS players then you can try what I did. I deleted the game & then redownloaded it from iTunes. At first this didn't change anything but then I restarted my ipad & then it suddenly worked. Got my 2 AW battles in but have not pvp yet. Have logged in & out several times since then with no problems.

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    Lucky you.    Made no difference still freezing constantly still lags in lobbies hardly any games found...

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  • 06/11/15--06:37: Re: Legendary weapon?
  • Apparently it's another bug there's no legendary guns out yet just armory

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    I don't think it'll be a piece of crap - it'll work, look different and play reasonably well - but it'll be well below the standard of the Next Gen version..


    Surely the port is going to be better than the AW port.



    Have said the following on posts regarding this before but BO3 on Previous Gen is going to more like BO2.5 rather than the full blown high caffeine version Next Gen will get.

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    There has been so much discussion on this subject already thought I'd jump the queue and get this in the correct forum place.


    BO3 IS coming to PS3 - and for that any PS3 player should feel very, very lucky.


    There is a general consensus that the game should not of been ported over to previous (out dated)  generation consoles. Just for clarification on this the PS3 Console was released November 2006...


    To put this into some sort of reasonable debate (the reason for my post) - if you had a PC which was 9 years old would you expect it to run the latest software unaltered? Would your Ram, Processor and Graphics Card seriously handle current generation games?


    I think this is a brave move on behalf of activision/Trey in porting the game over for.


    And when you're playing your shiny new game on your not so shiny, not so new console you should feel happy... Because as soon as you see the game on Next Gen with you're going to wish you'd upgraded...


    It's now just under 5 months until release.... I suggest you all start Saving for Next Gen Consoles. Because BO3 on Prev Gen just isn't going to be the same...



    Sorry - the Truth hurts sometimes..

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  • 06/11/15--07:09: Re: Legendary weapon?
  • What do you mean armory? Do you mean there is legendary armor? I haven't seen any of that. With the gun it's weird because when I look at my classes before entering a lobby the weapons are listed normally but once I enter a lobby that's when they show legendary. Would make sense it being a bug. Hmmmm...

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    No issues here either, have played AW on PS3 and PS4 and swap between the two all the time.


    On PS4 it's all good - on PS3 it gets a bit wobbly every now and then.

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  • 06/11/15--05:00: Re: Skill points
  • Its more than just pay to win, 10,000 in skill points is roughly  $5.00 and I've never seen an attack on my base that didn't use 1000-2000 skill points.  You do 5-10 attacks a day you pay $5.00 to just play.   Its now pay to play.


    Sure if you don't use skill points you can still play but who wants to attack level 5 & 6 bases all day.  They don't even cover your battle cost let alone are even a challenge.  To play as a high level 8 or a 9 and 10 you must pay, period.  The current rate to play is just excessive and can't be sustained.


    At level 8,9,10 we should be able to earn thousands of skill points through league bonuses, daily bonuses and the chopper, not hundreds.  Even at level 8 if I got 1,000 skill points that's just 1-3 attacks on a high level base for me.  The free bonus I get now hardly covers one attack.  If people want to attack more they can buy more skill points.  They want to upgrade heroes they can buy skill points.  But buying skill point just to play is idiotic.  The game is not that good to be pay to play.

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    The results aren't much better than Marvin got against Bugs though ...

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  • 06/12/15--04:19: Re: Skill points
  • That's the point... Jugs and Dragons are supposed to be specialty troops as they target only defenses. People have overused them from the start. As the game gets balanced, ppl are going to need to dust off assault and RPG.

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    LOL!  I've been saying that to Xbox ever since I bought the XB1.  I knew I should have stayed with PS.  Can't connect to servers in Japan.  I assume because it's and American version XB1.




    6/12/2015 5:39:51 AM CST:

    Xbox members, are you having issues with connecting to online play in Destiny and Call of Duty: Black Ops II? We’re aware and are working towards a solution! Thank you for your patience while we work. We’ll provide an update as soon as we have more information.

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    Good Points - and of course if we're talking the 'real' world Commercially it makes sense to do it.


    It's bit worrying that Trey have completed distanced themselves from the port even before it was released - i'm guessing this is an Activision decision...


    I think we've all agreed on here already that keeping this next gen only would of been wise to avoid the bad press...


    losing future COD players because of a lacklustre port is not something Activision will want - i notice also the've not even released any details of a potential season pass or DLC on pre gen yet..


    but E3 is round the corner and anything could change.

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  • 06/12/15--04:36: Re: Name the movie gif
  • cranium2001 wrote:


    American Sniper (how was it?).tumblr_ltu4gt4RYQ1qd47dho1_400.gif

    I know that movie.... just can't think of the name. I thought American Sniper was great. I felt pretty much the same way after watching Lone Survivor as far as bravery and the genre. Also made me think of CoD4 and wish Call of Duty today was more like the movie....... of course.

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    I set my ping assist to around 30 MS, however most of the time I get thrown onto a dedicated server which will let anybody in, seriously they need bouncers on the door.

    My games play better with the R1 than without but on AW they are far from perfect.

    My main issue is the inconsistency of gaming sessions. (please spare me the whole "it's SBMM to blame" argument, that has been flogged to death on many other threads lol.)

    Some evenings I am a total war God getting KDR's up in 4+ on Dom with 9+ captures every game.

    The next three evenings I struggle to go positive and this is all on dedicated servers in lobbies that I am pinging less than 20 MS.

    Playing previous Call of Duty games you can really feel the difference in hit detection etc.

    All that said I am still playing the game so it must have something about it.

    Cheers Happy Hunting.

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    I can't see them NOT doing it - the AW upgrade laster until the end of March so was a pretty generous time period...




    you could only do it if you bought the DIGITAL ONLY version of the game, it didn't count for retailed boxed versions.


    This way Activision get to control the usability of the free game as they cn tie it to a console or user id.

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    I know it's been a while since your rant but I had a terrible evening on HC SnD the other night.


    Started off on Ascend with a good team of 4 who had won their last game before I joined the lobby. Turns out 1 of the losers from that game gets put with the winners. Game starts and bang 3 of us teamkilled by this retard and he gets kicked. The SAME a$$hole player gets put back in our team and does the same thing in the next round and gets kicked. Then he gets put on the opposite team and does the same thing. Again he coes back and does it again. by that time it was us 5 Vs 2.


    I reported for unsporting behavior but how can a player who is kicked get put back in the same game? In SnD 1 player can make or break a round/match so at least give us HC SnR and make it so the team can be ressurected after team kills and nullify the trolls.

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  • 06/12/15--05:01: Re: Skill points
  • if they wanted to add more balance to the game all they had to do is add more defenses or perhaps use their imagination and add new type of defenses just like its done in other games so that players had to use their brain and come up with new tactics. instead they nerf troops and add defenses to make people use more skill points or shall i say cash not just for attacking but for defense upgrades instant.

    how blind you are to not see that smart built cc9-10 base can bring as much rep as you would get from loot raids? and those defense replays clearly show that attacker used thousands of skill points and still lost or won 1 star.

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    8) Spin the Controller 180 degrees.  Then you'll just be doing a lot of heavy breathing!

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