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    I was told there was a fix in the 6/9 update, but with the issues still persisting they scrapped it to work on the fix. I dunno lol

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    Not old yet

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    I know all, which is just a little bit less than AzzzA and Badass.

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    Was talking with friends at work, thought I'd dig this thread up rather than start a new one.


    I'd like to see Portal & Portal 2  done on next gen if they're not going to do Portal 3. At least on the PS side, it would open up the ability to play the co-op since on the PS3 you had to actually know and invite people. Some sort of matchmaking using the PS4s better system would allow you to find some players.


    The specs on the PS4 would also allow the player level design function to take off. I still remember having fun on the original NES making my own tracks on Excitebike.

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  • 06/12/15--06:43: Re: Skill points
  • I Played all morning and didnt use a single cent to it.  Those level 6 bases didn't see me coming!


    Now to be serious you can play for free, but the progress is slow, upgrades are slow, it requires a lot of tedious grinding and in the end you dont really play as much as the game becomes a job.  As a level 8 player I can tell you that I can not three star other full 8s with out the use of several kill streaks.  I have no problem with that, that's how it should be.  Problem is skill points are hard to come by and to attack at a sustained level with a level 8 or higher base you must use skill points, a lot of skill points.  So either you pay to enjoy the game, or you play for free and turn it into a career. 


    I Already lost one play who was upset nobody else was grinding for skill points.  He was a level 7 and to pull off an attack on a level 8 had to grind all day.  He was under the delusion that if you put in the time and effort he could have a level 10 base for free in six months.  I'll tell you this right now, nobody with a level 10 base gets it for free.

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  • 06/12/15--06:43: Re: Skill points
  • I agree that the cost of skills shouldn't increase as you invest in improving that skill.  I would like to see that change.


    However, I think the broader issue right now is that they way overcorrected for defense in the 1.7 update (Aligned with what Bigbadazza said).  Which the  developers seem to have acknowledged in last Friday's post that a 1.7.1 was coming (although we have no idea when it is coming).


    Assuming that 1.7.1 and 1.8 tilt the balance back towards offense, then I think the skill points may take care of themselves. 


    Which brings me back to: beuwolf78    when will 1.7.1 get here?!?!?!?!


    (Other ideas I have on skill points:  (1) Are all buildings the same?  Should some buildings (e.g. HQ) be worth more skill points than others?     (2)    Perhaps vary skill points earned by the level of the base you are attacking.  You get more skill points per building if you are attacking a base that is higher level than you.  Admittedly this wouldn't help the level 10 people)

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    They could also use the PS4 launch upgrade tactic. Even though I bought the disc version of BF4 on PS3, the PS4 version is digital. However, I still have to have a PS3 disc copy to play the PS4.


    I could see it definitely as at least a Black Friday/holiday time offer to try and drag people to next gen. How much do Sony & MS have to do with whether and what type of offer might be made available? If one balks, can the other run with it to draw people to their console?

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    gotsomestars wrote:


    You could theoretically get the same ping connecting to a player at that distance. Actually in a few of the tests he had a lower ping to a player host. It depends on your connection and the hosts connection.


    One thing to keep in mind, the killcam is pretty much useless.  It isn't very accurate at all. I wish they would remove it for the game. I know that won't happen, but it would definitely reduce the rage.

    While the timing on the kill cam can be, and often is, way off, it does show other things. I was on Recovery, I was the last kill. I was running all the stealth perks. I was wondering how he knew to prefire that particular entrance, at just the right minute. On the kill cam it showed be moving -behind- the wall, like maybe the was was semi frosted glass. No red glow, just a somewhat transparent image of me.

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    I knew it! SON!

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     photo TwitterLogo2_zps9ba2c107.png

    About us

    we are a competitive active and highly-skilled loyal diverse gamers community that prides ourselves in being one of the most dominant & respectful clans on the psn we are really dedicated to teamwork, winning and communication we also have a social media community on facebook' twitter' twitch' youtube.If you are looking for an extremely active community who are actively involved in Clan Wars, Game Battles pub-stomping, and really well organized clan where you can play with teams of competitive objective gamers that want to win and enjoy gaming then look no further.


    A Cool Little Manticore Clip On Domination



    UK gamer, Age 15+ 1.2KD, 1.2 Win/loss, Aactive Daily, Mic, Callouts, Active For Wars,



    Clan contests, Pub-stomping, Gamebattle teams, Clan Wars Unlocks, Lieutenant opportunities,

    We will also help you custom Logo's, Youtube Banner's, Avatars, if we feel you are a loyal member



    Gioteck's Links:https://twitter.com/Gioteck  Custom controllersUK https://twitter.com/ControllersUK


    Follow us





    Message us if your intrested in joiningS18https://www.facebook.com/section18UK


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    TThat is under a reset to factory phone,  brand-new iTunes iCloud and App Store ID set with a valid credit card


    The device has to be associated with the app that's the only thing I can think of

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    Which means..... I will not be able to update the app to play the game at all with any account in Game Center

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    I would bet money that certain members of the dev team DO look at the forums.  They used to talk a bit too. Unfortunately the riff raff ruined that for everyone.

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  • 06/13/15--03:34: Re: Skill points
  • I Don't go after noob bases and I do 20 attacks a day. Most of my attacks are on cc9 pretty decent bases. I don't enjoy noob killing, we play completely different ways as you can see.

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    For some strange reason, the Xbox One does this, have you clicked on the Season Pass to try and download it?

    When you do, you should see a message saying you already own this and it will ask if you want to install it, you will also have to do the same with the individual map packs.

    If it does take you to the payment screen after clicking on it, press cancel and re post on this thread so other assistance can be offered.

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    I just started my clan so we're still in the beginning stages. I'm recruiting for Lt.Commanders and Soldiers. It would be nice if you have a mic and the app but it's not required. No try outs needed, If interested send me a message or send a clan application.



    • K/D 0.70 or higher
    • No drama
    • Be able to laugh and take a joke
    • 16+ (may change depending on how mature or immature someone is)
    • You can trash talk other people/clans but not your own clan members


    My PSN name is: YouLostToAgirl90


    as of 6-13-15 We have:

    • 14 members almost all their K/D is above 0.90
    • Clan K/D is 0.99
    • Win Ratio is 0.86
    • Currently in Clan Wars we are 1st in Bronze Division

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  • 06/13/15--04:59: Re: Looking for a clan
  • My clan Fat Kids Lag is recruiting right now. I just started the clan 3 days ago and we already have 14 member, clan K/D is 0.99, win ratio is 0.86, and so far in clan wars we are placing 1st in bronze division. You sound like you fit what we are looking for! I sent you a clan invite!

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    Thats a simple fix as the apps needing to be updated are still under your old ID. Just delete those apps and re download them under that new ID. Apple I full of it as they can unlock your account they just choose not to. Have the same problem as I can't buy anything after I got a refund I never requested. there system picks up your IP and device no matter where you are so it blocks it from any purcheses.

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