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  • 06/07/15--02:47: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • I don't think playing the BETA is going to help you much then - i doubt you're going to see a full spread of weapons....

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    Buy it for PS4 - no problems at all, no freezing and at least you'll get to play the game the way it was designed.


    The graphics are better, game play smoother and games slightly harder...


    The PS3 version does freeze every now and then for everyone - its a PS3 Cache issue - you need to stop flipping around in lobbies between games looking at everything (challenges records medals etc) or changing create a class or operator customisation and the freezing will become less regular.


    my PS3 still does it occasionally - the PS4 has never frozen out at all.

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  • 06/07/15--03:10: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • I'd have to agree with your first guess, I believe  even gotsomestars is thinking along the same lines.

    Whatever they give us will at least give us a basic idea of what to expect though.

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  • 06/07/15--03:43: Still active?
  • IM thinking of getting a 360 today with Bo2. how active is the community still?

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  • 06/07/15--04:12: Re: Perplexed by Perplex
  • played hctdm on that map a few times so far and during those few times it seems to be about getting the high ground, of course we will see over the next few weeks how the maps that just got put into rotation get adjusted to , but for now what I've seen and done is trying to have your team get the high ground.

    the camp spots seem to be inside the outter edge buildings on the ground level but they have to aim up , able to get them from the high ground so far.

    When I was in the team that didn't get the high ground I worked my way more towards the center of the map working my way up level by level and was able to do some damage.

    havent tried any of the objective modes in it yet and I could see where if people ptfo it could have a chaos feel to it.

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    Correct me if I am wrong here but doesn't it warn you when you purchase a supply drop that it is random and that there is no guarantee of what you will receive ? With that being said doesn't it fall back on the buyer for having been warned before the purchase and if multiple purchases means they received multiple warnings and that were ignored in hopes that they would "luck out" so to speak? Its your money and you can do with it whatever you want , if I had spent a decent amount I just know in my next earned supply drop Ide probably get whatever weapon I was trying for.

    either way I wish you luck and have yourself a good one.

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    Bk Blindside wrote:


    I've spent collectively just over 200$ in supply drops and haven't got a single desirable  weapon.

    If you had done the research, then you would have known that ASD's are a huge gamble.  If you spent all that money and didn't get what you want, that's your fault.

    Bk Blindside wrote:


    Am I the only one who thinks pay to win CoD is a move in the wrong direction?

    Advanced Warfare is not pay to win.  If you think weapon variants are advantageous, you are mistaken.  Weapon variants, no matter how popular they may be, are not superior to other variants or even the base weapon itself.  Regardless of extra points added to one stat or how they offer a free attachment, there are negatives that counter-balance the weapon.



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    Death Weapon Academy is a brand new clan on Xbox1


    The main goal in this clan is to have fun, there is no pressure to join in with clan wars etc (although over time we will create teams for those wanting to partake. If you play cod for fun and want to begin doing clan wars or to help build a clan from the ground up with a group of mates then this is the clan for you!


    I know the title says English speaking but we do accept all



    • Active player
    • Play with clan party (as often as possible)
    • Manage to get at least 1.0 kdr over time
    • XB1 only (possibly PS4 at some point)
    • Mic (only needed for clan wars )



    If you are interested in joining this clan you can

    • add my Xbl: SoruStar (also message me saying you want to apply)
    • search for the clan: Death Weapon.Ac
    • message me on here
    • Find me on the App


    Message was edited by: SoruStar

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    many ways to activision is too much to handle. just saying.... they always opt for most simple solution that does not require much server power to handle data.

    btw it was suggested to them not once already to remove all accounts after 1 month inactivity and that way reduce junk and make servers work smoothly. but that would mean 80% of all accounts should get binned, 80% of 16-18 million accounts what ever the total amount is would take them forever to filter. so instead we paying the price for their crappy servers and no intention to quickly solve problems.

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  • 06/08/15--03:19: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • Think you'll be waiting a while then - can't see them upgrading Ghosts again....


    as for AW - most of it is done, a few minor issues (ok slightly more on Prev Gen) but as we are now in June and the game is 8 months old there can't be too much more they're going to play with.

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    I find solo alot more fun than playing with 7 year olds that go down 15 times and then leave. Just because you find solo boring and can't get to a high round does not mean anyone with time on there hands can just get to 100 on any map. You need to be skilled to get to even round 50 solo (no inc buried).

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    With the way they are now, part of me fully agrees.  However, if the supply drops could be more useful, then that would be great as well.


    Supply Drop Care Package improvements:


    • Instead of getting perks you already may have, why not 3-4 perks that you don't have currently equipped?  It would be like a specialist strike package bonus.
    • The ability to change the contents of the SD package (the elite version basically has "increased odds" built in as well).
    • Being able to redeem the care package for XP.



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    Here's what people avoided--I mean, missed out on in MW3:


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    yes i'm in GT-its toby57

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    You have no idea what you're talking about.

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  • 06/08/15--04:30: Re: Name the movie gif
  • Yes. Unforgiven. You should see it. 4.5/5☆'s.

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  • 06/08/15--04:34: Re: Matchmaking
  • 1 million people played TDM last week on ps4.  Seems like that's plenty of people playing.

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    I you measure just wins then all alliances in the world will tie for 1st place through 11th place. There is no 12th place because there will be a max of 10 wars amonth. Picking an opponent doesn't come into it. E leaderboard ju becomes meaningless because all alliances worldwide would be on it,  tied for 1st through 11th.

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