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    This might help clear things up a little.

    If not you may want to go into further details on your issue.


    PlayStation®Plus membership and PS4™ online play | Official PlayStation website: Help & Support

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    Currently the Havoc and Ascendance DLC have been put into normal rotation with the original maps as far as I'm aware, it's in preparation for the release of the Supremacy DLC.

    On the selection screen for games are you seeing an option for the Grapple Playlist? Ascendance DLC should be there and Supremacy will be added later, when released.

    If so, you should still have the maps. You could also check by setting up a private match and seeing if you can use them in there.

    Please post your results on this thread, so if this is not the case, other suggestions can be offered to try and fix this problem.

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    When they did add Havoc and Ascendance into HC it was purely in the HC Moshpit Playlist on release, I'm presuming that Supremacy will be the same and we all know exactly how often we'll see the new maps in rotation.

    It would have been so much better if they'd just have put a HC Moshpit Playlist in with the DLC playlist, but then again that's using too much common sense.

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  • 05/27/15--16:02: Gameplay Suggestions
  • This is a list of highly desired additions from myself and others I have talked with:




    1) Specific Alliance Requests

    - When a player hits the Request Support button, a text field pops up with a send request button.

    - The player can type a request such as: "ASAM and dragonfires please".

    - This message will be included in the ally chat notification: "Player X requests: TypedMessage".

    - The message length can be limited to 40 characters.

    - If the player hits the Send Request button without text the default ally chat message would simply be "Player X requests reinforcements".

    WHY: This increases the diversity and potential of creative support combinations. Currently alliances typically just support with all 1 or 2 unit types unless a player chats specific requests before requesting, which is a hassle and removes all diversity and combinations.


    2) Defensive Support Units Deployment Time

    Currently, all unit types have the same delay before the next unit exits the com center.

    PROBLEM: This makes supporting with units like assaults, snipers, (or even jugs) pretty infeasible as they just march 1 by 1 to heir death. This also decreases the diversity and potential combinations of support troops.

    SOLUTION: Give units different delay times based on the number of slots they occupy.

    Example: Dragonfires and RPGs deploy at the current rate, but assaults should spawn 4 times quicker since they take 5 times fewer slots.


    3) Placeable Support Units on Offense

    PLEASE, allow us to place support units individually on offense just like we can with our own.


    4) Hero Move/Attack commands

    Improve hero control

    Hero move and attack commands are rather difficult and frustrating mid-battle when surrounded by a lot of units (especially for those of us on smaller screen sizes).

    SIMPLE SOLUTION: When a deployed hero is selected you can issue move/attack commands simply with a 1 finger tap on the move location or attack target. Heroes can be selected by tapping the portrait (just like now) and can be deselected by tapping the portrait again (when the hero is already selected).


    5) Save/Copy Base Layout Slots

    Allow saving base layout in edit mode over a different base layout slot (with overwrite confirmation warning).

    Its a complete hassle having to create the same or almost same base layout on another slot, especially now that there are alliance wars slots as well as normal.


    6) Larger Alliance Motto/Rules Area

    Increase the allowable text in the alliance motto/rules section that the commander fills out.

    You can make it scrollable to read. This area could have a lot more use than it does now if the limit was 4-10 times the current.


    7) Cellerium Requests

    I'm guessing that not too many people are using cellerium for instant requests...

    I suggest that instead of a single instant request, you make it so a player can purchase a lasting support request for a duration (similar to purchasing shields). The player's support request would stay active and they could be refilled without re-requesting when the slots become open. (like how it was with the no hero support glitch)

    - Possible cellerium prices & durations could be: 15c = 2hr , 35c = 6hr , 60cell = 12h , 100c = 24hr.

    (I bet you guys would get way more premium currency use out of something like this)





    8) Alliance War Tweaks

    - Add some mechanism that players can use to call dibbs on a base that marks it for their alliance members. Example: The base gets a red crosshairs over it on the map and selecting it will tell you who has marked it. (mark is removed once base is attacked)

    - For leaderboard: ELO point system instead of total stars

    - Have all the replays remain until the completion of the war.

    9) Alliance War Chat

    Add a chat into the alliance war that BOTH alliances can use to speak with each other.


    10) RD1 and Special Ops Units Replaced or Redesigned

    RD1s and Special Ops unit types are almost never used they should be either redesigned or replaced.

    (At the very least, reduce Special Ops to 2 unit slots with 1 minute training time)


    11) Private Chat / Inbox (this is a lot of work, I know)

    At some point in the future, a basic private chat feature should be added that allows players to add friends by username/alliance for private chat.


    Josin (NoBull)


    Message was edited by: JosinJJ Added more

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  • 06/06/15--03:13: Re: Whenever I shoot I lag
  • I have a 500mb/s single Ethernet poweradapter so can only use 1 device at a time. So after taking 2 days to download the last update on Xbone I have tested connection direct to router, using the powerline adapters and WiFi.


    Both Powerline and direct router connections were similar - 5Mb/s but there was increased packet loss when plugged straight in to the router of 9% as opposed to 2% with the adapters. The Wifi had an average of 3.5Mb/s but the latency went from 112 to 314 packet loss 9%. That's at 50% signal and all other devices disabled. How can the adapters be better than a direct hardwire? Plus they are a great invention using wires that do nothing(apart from stop us getting electrocuted)

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    Freeze problem:

    How the **** we suppose to finish a raid if we lose clan members because they freeze all the time? Second in the middle of the night (Europe time) you cant find matches ...

    i cant even think about starting the headquarters raid or the business district raid...

    today for instants i froze in the countdown... had to restart i click play online and froze again how the **** i suppose to do the difficult clan raids?

    its freaking impossible right now...


    Raid bug:

    Got to mention a bug in raids as well (apart from freezing and matchmaking problems)... well i did the port raid with my clan (5 enlisted)

    we needed 0/3 domination wins  to unlock  the hardpoint(0/1) and kill confirmed(0/4).

    after we won the domination (3/3) we unlockedboth hardpoint and kill confirm...

    since we froze a lot we thought lets do the  kill confirm first.. if someone will freeze he can try to win hardpoint by himself (since we need only 1 hardpoint win and 4 KC)

    We won  the KC (amazingly without losing anyone)

    but it didn't count... because for some reason it should be locked (BUT IT Wasn't)

    We had to win hardpoint first and after we had to do the KC again...

    (still made it in a hour tho...)

    But it's still annoying as **** tbh


    Advanced warfare companion app problems:

    Also i think its ******* dumb that you need the application for the clan raids anyway... some people cant even enlist them selfs because the app is like the game it crashesall the time  :S (not for me tho)

    So a lot of people cant even enlist them selfs...



    Matchmaking sucks big time

    How is it possible that i only play against people from Europe? why i never play against some people from the USA or other country's besides Europe? ( i only play against French Italian UK or German and Belgium Spanish Portuguese people... and once in a while someone from Norway)

    I Wanna play against people from the usa and other countries outside Europe


    Clan Raid Tokens:

    FFS please fix this it's driving me crazy... i spend too much tokens allready by freeze bullshit and now i need to do the tdm core all the time to win some extra tokens...

    speaking of tokens... make an option instead of cover for the whole clan just for individuals so i can pay my tokens for the people who cant login the app!!!



    Hardcore discrimination:

    team deathmatch coreif you die you spawn instantly back alive ... team deathmatchs hardcore spawn time up to 14 sec's every time you die...

    tha **** is that all about? How the hell you came up with that ****?

    clan wars and clan raids is mostly in core...

    clan raids why cant we choose to do them in core or hardcore? why do you guys decide i mean like its way too much core...

    also grapple hook is core search and rescue is core capture the flag is core  uplink is core and a lot of other things also in  core only clan wars only 3 HC and 5 core


    Grand Master Prestige and supply drop challenge/advanced supply drop:

    Last thing if you hit gmp (Grand Master Prestige) you should really get ads (advanced supply drops) in stead of the daily normal supply drop... or everyday a normal supply drop and a bonus asd (wich would be more of a challenge)


    Broken colorblindfilter:

    The dot on the minimap is still red i CAN'T see the red dot (make it  purple or yellow)

    so even with a UAV i still barely can see where it is...

    And its really fustrating... Because a UAV is useless to me

    Colorblindness affects approximately 1 in 12 men (8%) and 1 in 200 women in the world.

    So i shouldn't be the only 1 in here...


    color's who  still appear  in red (with colorblind filter ON):


    dot's on the mini map (uav)

    threat grenade




    dog tags (kill confirmed)

    if i am in a turret those circles as well...

    also clan tags...




    anyway i like this game a lot (except for the things i just wrote) but it need some improvements...


    thanks in advanced SHG



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    i couldn't wait for this game to come out. I was like a kid at Xmas, but it's been one disappointment after another! I can cope with the campers, in fact recently I have to say maybe they camp because the lag is so bad you have no choice.

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    Ive been noticing more and more of these threads lately by people simply looking for others to play with and I gotta say I think it's great to see these. I know everyone has there own thing when it comes to adding people to their friends list and I will admit a few had me tempted to add as well but there was just a thing or two that stopped me.

    Personally for me I look at what game modes the people say they like to play. Or willing to learn or teach .

    The the age range , ( no insult to the younger players but if in a party I do not want to have to mind my language or limit the topics due to life experience )

    Geographical location, outside of clan wars if I am going to party up with anyone ide prefer then to be somewhat close geographically to lessen chances of the less than favorable servers.

    Times able to play and party up.


    quick ways to get booted from list

    racism will get someone kicked and blocked fast .

    trash talking in a disrespectful manner .

    being a constant negative person ( we all have our moments but those that never stop complaining ).


    These are just a few of the things since I am not one of those people that likes to have a 100 person friends list ( to each their own on that ) but what are some of the things that you look for when you read the threads of those just looking for people to play with ?

    or just simply people to play with regardless because if they are looking it shows something ?

    Thanks in advance for your input on this

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    Supply drop daily challenge, win 3 momentum matches...one game found 3 ppl sitting waiting 20 mins. Still not enough players.  Worse than ghosts thts how bad this game is

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  • 06/07/15--00:05: Re: Exodus Relic Runs
  • I think the cap for the Ancestors is about 18,500 or approx. That's per Ancestor, based on if you leave them both til the last "area" (aka. leave them for the last 2 generators). The longer you take to kill the Ancestor, the lower the score.


    After the game ends and you see the ancestor bonus,it's simply both ancestors killed score added together.

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    @ confused players

    The answer is her aura was bugged before and gave much higher buff than the intended percentage described in the aura tooltip. They fixed the bug and she now gives the correct percentage buff that has always been described in the tooltip.


    I hope this clears up your Questions.

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    I'll moan about that as well. And I will always moan about it.

    The simple fact is that QSing is a stupid mechanic that needs removing from COD. Players should not be able to run around with a sniper rifle using it like it's a shotgun.


    I suspect I may about spawning because EVERY SINGLE COD has problems with spawning on release. It's just ridiculous.


    Apart from that we WILL see people blaming something - lag compensation, SBMM - when they don't do well at the game.

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    People will complain about them if they can't go 40-0 every game. That is the main reason people complain about exo movements.

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  • 06/07/15--02:28: Re: New maps in hardcore ?
  • Pro tip: Don't buy any map packs or the season pass if you play HC. Us HC players always get shafted by the devs when it comes to map packs. So I refuse to buy any DLC now.

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  • 06/07/15--02:33: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • Yep looking forward to co-op campaign too, i'm way behind you on AW prestige scale, approaching Prestige 10 but this'll be the highest i;ve ever got on any COD however am still only at 5 Days 12 hours (i think)


    As regards BETA and this does for @Hunterecd comments below too - what do you reckon we'll get i'm thinking one of two ways?


    My guess will be:


    Two Maps

    Two Game Modes

    Default Classes only

    Couple of specialists Abilities





    One Map, One Game Mode, Full compatibility - all weapons, all streaks etc etc etc



    any thoughts from you?

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    DLC and MM problems have been discussed a few times and it's something that really needs sorting.

    The best suggestion is that it's an All in/All out policy for DLC. Stop selling map packs separately and only sell the season pass. That way MM is simply split between season pass & non season pass holders.


    Just seen that iHattoriHanzo0 has said the same thing!

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  • 06/07/15--02:45: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • My guess would be 2 maps

    core TDM

    core Dom

    6 specialists

    limited weapons

    limited perks.

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