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  • 06/05/15--04:39: Re: PS4 New clan in the USA
  • Sup fellas ..


    i am replying on ur clan post due to the fact that we have about 10 spots available and we're looking for "american" players to join.. if ur clan would like to discuss a possible merger pls contact me or clan leader .. Kokkendoff..


    ppls see below info


    [FTW] Platinum Division International Clan is searching for skilled active players to join our community.


    We are a International Clan with 31 Active Members from around the world including countries like  Denmark, UK, Scotland, Netherlands, USA, and Egypt .. ( there are to many to list all )


    Currently we are a max level clan that is undefeated in the Platinum Division. Our goal is to replace inactive members with skilled players in order to eventually compete in the Diamond Division .. If you are interested in joining , pls review below list and  then contact our leader on PSN = Kokkendoff


    Basic Requirements

    Age = 18 +

    Language = English ( must have a mic )

    Access to Apps = Call of Duty App , KiK Chat

    K/D = +1

    Drink = whiskey


    ** note that once we receive your request ... we will invite you to join one of games for an informal tryout ....


    thanks for your time ..



    PSN = l-defiant-l

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  • 06/05/15--04:40: Re: PRE-ORDER Yes/No
  • I Preordered , the beta is a bonus I would've preordered anyways. The beta has a chance to justify me preordering and on the same note if the beta turned out horribly I could transfer my preorder deposit to another game( I doubt this would happen but one never knows) . I only preordered the standard I don't have enough info to upgrade at this time.

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    I think this whole discussion is throwing up some very decent arguments that are difficult to disagree with.


    I agree a player shouldn't be forced to join a clan, I also feel that if Clan Wars returns in its current format I will find it annoying (again) but won't bow out during Clan Wars weekends.


    I think the crux is your comment:


    "I think that a player should at least recognize that team oriented playlists are best executed with a team and take unto themselves the responsibility of their own personal negative experiences in regards to losing to a pre-made team"


    This sits well with me and explains most Solo Players experience during Clan Wars weekends - even explains a LOT of solo players experience playing Objective game modes, but a bunch of Solo Players aren't naturally going to get along and play like a team.... they may not even speak the same language - for someone who lives in Europe it's difficult enough to find myself in a lobby with someone else speaking my own language - and that's before the middle eastern players gets lumped into the same servers at non peak times.


    I still think though (arguments aside) Clans should play Clans..... how they do this doesn't really bother me - i'll still continue to play on CW weekends and try my hardest as usual.


    it would just be better if it was in it's own playlist.

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    Also the below may explain lag as many players are on different continents due to the below posted by iHattoriHanzo0      





    I don't know exactly how the player pools and matchmaking work in according to what dlc maps we have purchased. If we are all completely separated by our purchases......... this is what it looks like.........


    -Original maps

    -Original maps + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 1

    -Original maps + DLC 1 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 2

    -Original maps + DLC 2 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 2 + DLC 1

    -Original maps + DLC 2 + DLC 1 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 3

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 2

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 2 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 2 + DLC 1

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 2 + DLC 1 + Atlas Gorge

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 1

    -Original maps + DLC 3 + DLC 1 + Atlas Gorge


    Just think..... we've got one more to go. .......not to mention we are separated by playlists, game modes, 4 consoles, and pc. It's amazing any of us find anyone to play with.

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    Well thanks for the open invite, applied today.

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  • 06/05/15--05:04: Re: Comedor is at it again
  • I think this is HOW COMEDOR CHEAT


    "Freemium Isn't Free". If you did play with freemium games, you definitely have to watch it There are many problems with freemium games. It is free to install, free to play. The first 3-4 hour might be fun to play. But after that, it turns out it is impossible to advance in the game without paying money for it. And by paying money, I mean paying a LOT!


    xor eax, 0baadf00d

    rol eax, 0e



    What does it mean? The actual credit is encrypted in memory. If you want to scan it in memory, you won't be able to find it. But! The encryption is rotating the value to the right (ROR) with 0xE (14 in decimal), and after that it is XOR-ed with 0xbaadf00d . Decrypting it is the inverse of the functions in reverse order (in this particular case, the order does not matter, but that's not the point). The inverse function of XOR is XOR, and the inverse function of ROR (rotate right) is ROL (rotate left). Now that we analysed the assembly code, we can be sure that it is safe to execute and see your coins falling from the sky. For free. In a freemium game. Have fun!

    Another interesting thing is that I don't recall any thick client applications in the financial industry encrypting the values in memory. And I agree, there are bigger problems with thick client applications than not encrypting the important values in memory. But still, some thick client applications are constantly updated, maintained. Maybe it is a good idea to encrypt the values in memory. It will make attackers life harder. Not impossible, but harder. Maybe the developers of these applications should learn from the gaming industry (or from malware developers for that matter), because it is a shame that an 3D combat strategy game or an FPS is protected better than an application responsible for transacting millions of dollars. Just think about the RAM scraping malware stealing millions of credit card data ...


    Morale of the story

    Cheating is part of the gaming history and the freemium games are trying to take away the cheats from the gamers, because they WANT MONEY. Thanks to CheatEngine and some clever hacks, these programs can be still beated. And guess what, there is CheatEngine for Android too.


    So activision do your job and ban cheaters. Make the game little easier for colecting resurses so we dont have to cheat if we dont have $ to pay

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    Are you able to add a bit information thanks.

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  • 06/05/15--05:42: Re: Name the movie gif
  • And yet I still can't think about anything other than this when "1984" is even discussed.

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       It's all over your forums players giving feedback on the drastic changes to offensive units (drags/jugs) and how it has affected gameplay. I think the new defensive buildings are a great add, but nerfing offense has made it difficult raiding bases of your same level without using more skill points than you would gain from that match, and nearly impossible to raid higher bases.


       Please create an in-game poll for players to vote whether they would like offense back to where it was prior to update, or keep as they are. You have done this asking us to provide you with heroes or units desired, so this should be a logical step to take as you can see how important it is to players (just read the forums).


       If not, maybe we can start it here with the limited players that are on the forums. Please reply with:


    YES - would like offensive units stats back as they were

    NO - I like the reduction in power for these units

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    Hey guys I'm letting you know that Edge gaming is now accepting members o all skill types to join our team!

    There are 3 divisions you can join. Casual, Competitive and Sniping.


    • Must have a mic
    • Must be loyal/dedicated
    • must be skilled
    • Must have a Skype or kik

    We are black ops 2 ps3 only for now.

    For more information or to join the team please contact me on kik @ohhsocial or Skype @ben.albert108


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    There are 3 shield parts on origins and motd. the only other map(tranzit) with a shield has 2 parts both in the dinner stop. In motd one of the parts is in the main docks area, the other is in the room with the generators, the next is along the spiral staircase if its not there then check the area where the plane part spawns.

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    "They have stated that they are going to reempower the dragons."


    Where did they say that, out of curiosity?

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    eroes Weekend Update - June 5th



    We just wanted to share a quick update before this weekend:

    • We are currently working on a patch (1.7.1) that will fix the bigger PvP crashes/freezes that some of you have been experiencing. Your feedback has helped us narrow down the causes of issues and we believe 1.7.1 will improve stability. Additional information on the timing of the patch will be posted here when we know more.


    • In the meantime, we have found that a crash can sometimes occur if you deploy all units in the battlefield or sometimes when using Harper. As a temporary stop gap you can try ensuring at least 1 unit is never deployed during a battle and try to avoid using Harper which should help minimize the chance you experience a crash.


    • Regarding the balance adjustments to the Dragonfires - We hear the concerns from the community. As we've said before our number one priority is always try and balance and re-balance the game for the better by buffing (and sometimes nerfing) units and heroes. As with any balance, it is sometimes delicate to navigate and there are times, like now, where looking at the recent data things may have swung too far in the other direction. Again, as we always do after every update, adjustments will be made to get the values to a point that creates the best balance for the game.

    We appreciate your feedback and hope you are still enjoying the game,

    Call of Duty®: Heroes Support

    It won't go back to how it was but I think its clear they are worried they irritated too many players and plan on "balancing" the dragons stats upwards.

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    The model rewards people who either earn skill point legitimately in the game or buy them. The developers clearly planned for people to use lots of skill points in wars. It encourages people to skill farm/play more. If your concern is that people can buy skill points, again, that's a developer issue. They want it like that. For some people buying skill points and pouring missiles on people is a great time and they play for hours just wasting skills, which is profitable. Not to mention advanced gear, boosts, and cel purchases of all kinds to advance bases at unreasonable speeds. We can all do it and we can all choose not to. I donbelieve encouraging skill use in wars is a problem, using hero skills helps make cod Heroes fun (emphasis on the "Heroes"). What my model rewards is the destrction of your opponents base. I'm pretty sure that's the point and the only real way to measure success, weighed by the difference in your base development.


    I dont think any playing field needs to be leveled, in any wayway, at all, ever, in this game. The playing field is leveled by you, and all of us, upgrading our bases. I feel like this is a fundamental thing about this game and AW.


    To your third point, are you looking for the leader board to simply count wins? That's as much a measure of how frequently an alliance fights a war as how well they did and it doesn't take into account mismatches. Individuals make up alliances and their individual efforts, added together, win wars. Measuring the successes and failures of each match and weighing that against the difference inin base development would give you the most accurate view of an alliances strength. It would only show it in relation to AWs and not PvP so the the AW leaderboard would show tho strength of alliances from the wars they have fought. People want more accurate leaderboards that better reflects alliance strength. This is either the way to do it or a pretty good start.

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    Might have better luck in the clan section.


    Good luck

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    The Havoc and Ascendance DLC have been put into normal rotation with the original maps and the playlists have been replaced with the Grapple Playlist and Supremacy playlist instead. The Ascendance and Supremacy maps and are available in the Grapple Playlist.

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    I wish they'd do away with this exclusivity deal for DLC as it doesn't benefit anybody but Activision. They get a load of money for it whereas the people that actually buy the game just get screwed.

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    Maybe engine lag isn't the right term but there is some sort of inherent delay in the engine and it's still an issue for COD. For me I started noticing it in BO1 and it just seems to have got worse since then. It's something that needs fixing as it just adds to lag problems and then we get all the "fix the f***ing laaagggg!!!!!!!" posts on there forums.

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    They WERE overpowered...


    Im not saying this as a defender...

    I'm saying this as someone who was using the all in dragons to 3 star higher level CCs, repeatedly. They were simply too good at 3 starring higher CCs. I was using it and I knew it was a cheap EZ tactic.

    But guess what, it STILL works. There are a bunch of guys in my alliance still using the all in dragon attack for looting big bases and difficult alliance war opponents.

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