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    "I didn't know they made 9th place ribbons, Greg".

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    it should be simply counted by stars difference in each war. currently every month will win strong alliance with 25 members that war non stop. but if it was counted for example ¨team1 75-40 team2¨ winner gets 35 points to be added to leaderboard. simple as.

    on current conditions if few alliances have same score as first in ranking how winner will get decided? or they all will be 1st place winners?

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    Spot on.....

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    Hi Derflax


    Having just done exactly what you're about to do between PS3 and PS4 don't worry.


    Everything will be there for download on XB1 and will all show as purchased.


    The download will take for ever though as all the files are pretty big.



    Your progress / rank / combat record / Create a Class and Operator customization in MP and All your Armory will transfer across - you'll even be able to swap between 360 and XB1 and it will live update between the two systems which is what I have to do sometimes on my PS3 when I cant get to my PS4.



    The ONLY thing you will not have is your Emblem, Campaign Progress or Exo Survival rounds....


    However you can still do these on 360.




    Tip: As soon as your XB1 is setup start the downloads - it will take ages those Map Packs are huge!

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  • 06/02/15--04:29: Re: Weapons need a buff
  • ^ Aye, nobody really black scopes apart from people who try to hit clips and go 10-32 because of that. It's really unreliable. I don't really care about realism in CoD (even for that .01%), it's just more about that I feel it's pretty cheap to make half of the weapons in the game to be novelty weapons and other half to be actually useful. Whatever, we see.

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    why is my post still being moderated and this one isnt in the same thread ???

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    tracy wrote:


    Yes, league play is for everyone, but personally I've found that unless you run with a team then you're just cattle fodder. The only time I entertain playing league play is to complete a daily supply drop challenge, I encounter too many people who rage quit before even trying to turn the tables, loose one round and they're gone, so I'd rather stay in public lobbies with randoms and clans, at least most of them wait until the game is nearly over before leaving and do try to get the win.

    I said league play. there are no supply drops etc we are talking BOPS here. league play is separate from public matches so if you dont play with a team at least your public matches wont have thousands of full clans playing against casual players like they have with Clan wars. Clan wars is Clans vs pubs.

    while league play is strictly parties vs parties

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    Took me 12 days to earn the Loner variant in a regular Supply drop so say 2 to 4 hours of game time a day. Other people like Tracy are a lot luckier


    It's not as bad as the stats suggest (but  I only play HC) and the ADS time is a bit slow worth the wait to use it on Urban

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    If you built your base properly e sentries were very effective, if you built your base properly you could defend against dragons. With better base design you can do a lot. They are taking the skill out of base design and putting in "fixes" so people can design and use bases that the "want" ratherthan being forced to change your base due to neccessity and it evolving over time. Just my opinion.

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    daphne the best alliance? in cc7 world perhaps. grow up and try gaining same rep while at cc9 lol

    what have you or your alliance done for this game? nothing! continue to do the same, while we top players fix the problems that this game is full of!

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    very true! cc7 is most these so called top players biggest achievement! sorry cc7, cc3 are kicking your butts big time!

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  • 06/03/15--04:36: Re: Elite weapons?
  • It seems to be get killed first in a games and get a regular supply drop. Don't know if they fixed that though

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    i have already proposed this to activision, just like many other ideas and some of them are being used in game already. plenty more to come!

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    Everyone complaining about the "rules changing" because of a stat change.



    Games change

    Meta changes

    Balance is adjusted

    Its all about ADAPTING and that's what keeps it fun.

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    Since we are in diamond division I did play solo this past weekend quite a bit, outside of my dd time frame .Went against parties and clans and have my fair share of wins and losses. Had good communication with many of the random players as well - noticed when going a agaisnt a clan with a party of six and I was with five other randoms many times the communication increased on the side with ransoms as they wanted to beat the clans and we did our fair share of it running solo...

    I am just saying that not everyone shares the same experiences while playing online whether they were good experiences or bad but that doesn't mean that they don't happen.

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  • 06/03/15--04:47: Re: Bunkers and Hangers
  • Its hard to tell what things are supposed to do in this game, but you are right.  I saw my little man inside take one shot and get blown up.  The bunker troops never leave the bunker.


    That being said the darn thing sure does blow up good.  Is that all its good for?  Has anybody spent the $20 to $50 to upgrade this thing to see if its any good.  At level 1 its crap.   5 spaces but three slots, what do you put in there?  Not assaults you would only fit three.  Not Jugs, their range is to low.  You put 1 RPG?  Even fully upgraded this is nothing more than pay to win.


    Speaking of pay to win, the hanger is just that.  How many level 10s have you seen with fully upgraded hangers?  Forget about ever attacking these bases as a level 8 or 9. 

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    Sitting in 4th on the Diamond Division leaderboards in our main clan, 69th in our second clan (after missing out on the first DD war this season...)....this is your chance to join a top DD clan!

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  • 06/03/15--04:56: Re: 1.7 Bug List
  • Guys.

    Let's keep this thread as a bug list for the devs and not an extension of the threads complaining about unit stats.

    WE already have a very long thread in that...

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    I can see everyones opinion on this, but the best phrase I think is: iHattoriHanzo0 "super competitive" and "casual competitive".........


    I am by nature Super Competitive but in COD Casual Competitive, I only play with Randoms so know that I won't win every time, still doesn't stop me trying though (but without Rage).


    The Rage factor has now gone from my COD playing and are actually achieving better results for it.


    The point I want to make is sometimes you need to realise your skill ability against the other players and not rage.


    Casual Competitive is ok... works for me.



    A Minor Edit to comment above: Rage - I still do it occasionally  - usually when i'm trying to get a challenge completed prior to prestige, or when I find i'm playing a complete clan on the other team - or when all my team mates rage quit (actually maybe rage hasn't gone at all!)

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