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    It was a glitch that occured in games with two rounds, someone would call in a Goliath at the start of the second round, but they wouldn't be a Goliath, they'd sound like one but just be a regular soldier and they would be invicible, if they pressed the button to self destruct the Goliath it was like a hurricane that would destroy enemies but not them. All I can say is thank god it's finally patched, reported so many players for doing this.

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    Can anyone clarify what this slogan means "how far will you go"?


    I am left wondering the following:


    Where are we going to wonder how far that will lead?


    Did we have to go there in the first place?


    How far is too far?


    Why is it that we are going anywhere?


    Is this COD or a riddle from Trey!


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    spartanMook117 wrote:


    YEP worst cod so far!!


    Annnnnnddddd.... you've played it where?



    Why so bitter?

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    Be made to read your rant....5 times.


    Then take a test...

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    The thing is to play solo and set it to easy....

    What do you need help with exactly?  Upgrading the staffs..?  Because they are using pseudo symbol, binary, hexa, and other non deci symbols in most of those and its probably best just to use a cheat sheet IMHO.  Like I can read the fire symbols as 11 or 21 but I have to typically go look at a chart to remember number 11 is 4, 40 or whatever in decimal.


    If you are having trouble getting past the panzer in solo, just do this.  Don't buy a weapon if you don't have to and if you do, buy the m14 or some other $500 weapon.  By round 7 make sure that you have unlocked the center of the map and have Jug, and have bought the machine gun on floor -2,  and bought claymore's.  You can kill the panzer pretty easy if you manage to hit him with at least one grenade and at least one claymore.  Put the claymore down when the path is clear between the panzer and you without any zombies between you and him that could detonate them.  You will find some places on the map that if you hit him with a claymore, he has to stop and throw up his arms and then you can shoot him then because there are a few seconds after he has been injured that he won't attack you.  Keep throwing grenades back. Once you are past the panzer, you should be able to have a staff within the next round or two rounds...the key is to save a zombie while you get the stuff together.

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    MakoShark222 wrote:


    Tell you what BIG TIME load up AW again and we'll go play a few games. Lets just see what this .90 k/d guy does against a guy who can't even figure out to play KC.. Going to crawdaddy back out?


    You love leaderboards so much, and you feel they are what shows skill, yet you say I don't know how to play KC?


    This is why you've lost all credibility to me.


    I've played you before, on modes that I don't even play.....and I wasn't impressed. Deja vu around here.

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    Lol.. Now your just kicking him in the crotch right..


    I don't play it much but KC is a tag based game. Couldn't you win that game, be the game MVP, and never score a kill? It's team based and tag accumulation wins the game. I don't think K/D ever enters into that equation.

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    I think I'll just go with the flow of the forum....


    Disney Gif animated GIF

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    Thanks mang!

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    Sorry Hattori, I should've worshipped harder.


    I know you'll forgive me one day....


    *hides in corner*

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    It really is a thrill ride

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    MakoShark222 wrote:


    People are ditching PC gaming in record numbers, PC has died and all thats left is NOObs. I know I just left PC for PS4 the competition there is far below par. Not many people have $5 grand to play at 4k on PC. I'm doing it on PS4 my new Samsung curved will upscale everything to 4K and it also will make any game 3D even tho the game doesn't allow it. You should see AW in 4K 3D its absolutely amazing! Now upscale to 4k isn't like native 4k but its super sweet. Now that $5k double or triple carded computer you just wasted your money on needs a true 4K monitor and the basic min on viewing 4k is with a 50 inch monitor or greater. Go look up one...$88,000.00 bucks.


    As usual, so full of crap you need wings to stay above it.


    PC gamers outnumber consoles for one simple fact: Mobile Gaming.


    Yeah, even Candy Crush and Plants vs. Zombies (mobile) counts as PC gaming because they aren't on a console system like the PSx, Nintendo or XBx. This means there are millions of PC gamers world wide. Sure, they may be considered casual gamers, but PC gamers nonetheless.


    The reason consoles are so popular is because ease of use. You don't have to be tech savvy to operate a console... Which is the majority of consumers out there. Plus, the games just work out of the box. There are infinite PC hardware combinations, so whether a game is going to work right out of the box is always in question... Which comes back to ease of use with consoles; just pop in the disc (or download), press play and you're off.


    You're also wrong about how much it costs to build a gaming PC. All you need is $800, and you can still beat the PS4 and XB1 easily and get 1080p @60fps (the industry standard). First person games like Far Cry 4, and play and look much better on the PC than on either consoles because not only can you crank up PC-specific features, but the overall immersion is greater because the frame rate is smoother at 60 versus the locked 30 on consoles. If you bump up the budget to around $1000, you can do 2K and 4K gaming just as easily as 1080p gaming depending on hardware (Nvidia vs. AMD).


    One last thing, that PC you keep bragging about is about six, seven years old. I have a gaming laptop that is even more powerful than the XB1 and PS4 combined:


    -i7 4700HQ @ 3.5 GHz (turbo boost)

    -32GB DDR3 RAM

    -GTX 780M 4GB VRAM

    -Blu-Ray Drive

    -128 GB SSD HD

    -128 GB SSD HD

    -240 GB SSD HD


    It boots in less than six seconds. It's listed on 360 Total Security's fastest boot up leader boards along with my gaming desktop that boots up in six seconds as well. FYI, I also game on XB1 and PS4 because I am a gamer first and foremost, and there are no such things as exclusive titles, or DLC in my house

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    I complain about everything when playing, but you would never catch me posting some of the crap I say here People haz to show some restraint.



    <---- awesome meme

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    SlappShott wrote:


    A company like Sledgehammer Games makes games and based on 1 thing. That is making money. These COD Gamers act like Sledge should build a game based on what they think shhould be as opposed to the company trying to make as much money as they Can. Thats what running a business is all about. If you dont like what they do or where they are going then just dont buy or play the game! This "i deserve the best" attitude is ridiculous.  Think about this, if you bought a steak from an Italian restaurant and it was awful, whould you get it again? Prolly not


    I like the game, I just don't like the business practices used by Activision, or the industry in general right now. They are anti-consumer and driven by one thing: GREED.


    Pre-Order and DLC is out of hand. It's getting to the point AAA games will sell you half the game and charge you for the other half, so you can finish it. Just look at "Evolve". It's a AAA game that resembles a F2P game because half the game isn't there in the form of hunters and monsters. It would not be so bad if they charged like $1.99-$4.99 for these things, but each one is $15! That's not for a map pack of four maps & a gun like CoD. That's ONE playable character (monster / hunter).


    It's business practices like these that turn hard working gaming enthusiasts like myself away from their hobby because while we accept it's an expensive hobby... like most hobbies... The industry is at a point now where every single thing is designed to be monetized and nickel & dime gamers out of things that should already be IN the game at launch, let alone be given for free like devs and publishers used to do back in the '90s when video games were really starting to go mainstream.


    So, I don't hate companies for wanting to make money. I hate it when they act like addicts:


    One dollar is too much to spend, but a million dollars of profits is not enough.

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    I have built gaming PC's and been at the top of 3d Marks and others for years, years ago kinda when all the OCing and stuff like that began. I had (you are not going to believe any of this but its the gods truth) the very 1st OC to 1ghz from ANYONE on air. No S*** I got a Duron 650 to 1032mhz on air with a stock cooler using the #2 pencil trick to unlock it. That percentage of an OC was unheard of back then.  Bwhahahahha I had a bunch at an old forum freaking out when I walked in and pulled that off. I got that chip to hit 1058 iirc max but not 100% stable like the 1032 which was certified in a 24 hour stress test program that COULD NOT be faked or hacked at least not back then. I also had one of the 1st CPU's to hit 3ghz with an AMD Opteron. Enough said about my PC building.


    PC are way too fickle (remember read the above) and people jack them up ALL the time especially gamers. You have guys running 4k settings (almost) on $800 dollar PC's! Not going to happen. You got to deal with lag no matter where you play but add all these people pulling down the game because their systems just can handle what they THINK their PC can run so they suck at the games. They will also add to the overall server lag because they are thrashing everything there.


    You're right its much easier on console just pop in the disk and game just like everyone else. No one has the 2 980s and running med setting so they run 300fps while the guy in the next state is running a GT9800 at max rez with 11 fps. Naw been there done that. I know graphics and my PS4 on my 4k Samsung is better than any PC I have ever owned. Its going to be extremity tough to see huge break thru's in graphics thats going to matter that much better than what the PS4 is today. You read what I said about how my impression is that PS4 players/games are superior in general on it over PC so I wont touch again on that this is already taken too long to write.

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  • 04/27/15--23:22: Re: HeroHQ Survivors
  • @Viva - That sucks, I've been seeing a lot of Daredevil ads later.  Pretty annoying they ruin the reveal of his red costume when the show does such a slow dramatic build to it.  Not everyone is a binge-watcher to go through the entire season in a week.


    I know, just three days away!  I already got my tickets for the 1 PM IMAX showing on Friday!  You must have an iron will not to see an entire trailer or ad, haha.  They're all over the place now too so it's getting harder to avoid em.  I don't watch much TV so that helps but they're popping up websites too.  Have you been marathoning the previous Marvel movies before AoU?  I'm nearly done with Phase One.  The Carol shirt sounds awesome!  I'm gonna wear one of my Hawkeye shirts to AoU so we'll both be going full nerd on Friday, haha.  Really hoping Hawkeye is as awesome as everyone says he is.  Wanda is supposed to be pretty great too!  I haven't heard anything about Carol in the movie, but I hope there's at least some easter eggs related to her.


    I was planning to go with my default Cass-Varric-Dorian team, but now you're tempting me to swap Varric for Sera if there's some great lines between Cass and Sera!  Maybe I'll just have to play it twice.  Oh, the horror, haha.  Does it matter when you play the DLC?  Like is there any dialogue about Corypheus or the Divine, etc?


    Haha, well, at least you still have the hockey gig, even if it's not very helpful in the summer months.  Hopefully ya pick up something soon.  It sounds like you've got plenty of experience between the college job and filming so much hockey.


    Doesn't sound like many of us use Facebook much.  I've only used it for playing Avengers Alliance and occasional chatting but with the forum being all weird we might not have much of an alternative.  My name on there is Hawkeyed Clint if ya wanna join our little FB clubhouse and ya can tell it's me cause I have a Dragon Age banner and my profile pic is a picture of my Inquisitor right now, haha.

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    It's kinda like that kinky gal at Pinkies. After the first 8 rounds, you're just drunk and it ain't kinky anymore.

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    Hi , I got my code and redeemed it for PS4 and it said I am in Beta access. So how will I download the Beta when it is available ? I mean will it automatically start downloading on the Beta on PS4 or I have to go to store and download it manually ?

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    me too. LMAO!!!


    COD: BO3 Top Complaints ...

    1. Laggiest COD ever. Why can't we get a new netcode like was used in MW2??

    2. OP weapons - and we already know which gun I'm talking about. This is ridiculous. Every year they get the weapons wrong. I wish they had weapon balance like AW - in that one they had it right!!!

    3. More campers than ever!!! Can we get some verticality to deal with these idiuhts? Or maybe a subterrain perk to come up out of the ground behind them??


    I know. All the fanboys! are going to ignore the facts and say I can't make these claims because the game hasn't even been released yet. But you can see the lag in the reveal trailers. Same with the OP weapons - look how many people were being killed by just that one gun. And I don't even need to look at video to prove the camping is ridiculous in BO3 --- I've already been shot in the back 3 times! Which reminds me ...


    4. Fix the spawn logic!!!

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