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  • 04/22/15--01:46: Re: Zombies ee ps4
  • Hey iv done the outbreak ee so ill be happy to help if you still need it. My psn is Vayne213

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    Go to callsign in the Multiplayer main menu and you'll see "Clan Tag" select that and put in what clan name you want.

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    Dforums ... those are good questions that I cannot answer with certainty because I don't (yet) have a Netduma. I WILL be getting one, but it's gonna come when I upgrade console and everything else.


    I can try to make an educated guess based probably on the same observations you've been reading in these forums.


    Frankly, I don't see the Netduma results contradicting the observations I made in the OP. Think of each highlighted "dot" as a "region," including the blue dots and the green dot. In other words, don't think of the "region" as the red outlined circle, per se. That region is created by the collective party. It isn't a pre-programmed region. It is a calculated region. I know there's gamers out there that might see that red outline as some sort of "gotcha!" but that would be a ridiculous observation. If it is okay to play with your buddies in a party who are "outside your most local region," then why would you want to exclude randoms between you and your buddies?


    When you're dealing with a party, you're basically "triangulating" each member of the party then determining the most common center among all members of the party.From there, the game generates a radius that includes everyone in the party. Any random gamer within the diameter of that center point has met the first criteria of what is being called CBMM - connection based match making. And, yeah, that DOES increase the ping of the lobby - but the members of the party have already implied they accept the increased ping.


    To the second part of question 1, yes and no. Yes, if no connection-qualified candidates are found within that initial region, the region expands. But, again, the party has already implied consent to such a larger region.


    However, just because there were no connection-qualified candidates in the first search, that's not "proof" that connection-qualified candidates don't exist. The ONLY thing it means is that, when that first scan was done? At that moment there were none available. In the next scan, connection-qualified candidates might show up. Each search scan includes the initial area plus each corresponding search area.


    And a "region" is loosely circular in shape. The image below shows a four-region scan for a make-believe player living just outside of San Antonio.


    texas map004.JPG


    In a geo-political "region" like Texas, where there are three to four major metropolitan areas from less than 100 miles to roughly 400 miles of each other, you can easily imagine the huge over-lapping player population. Yes, I used this area on purpose. It relates to the research done by forum member Juanfartez earlier this year. I don't know where he lives. I recall him saying he lives somewhere outside of San Antonio so I used a center point near San Antonio. This image is not exact, but each ring is meant to add 100 miles to the diameter of the search region. As you can see, the region does stretch into Mexico. So he should not feel that something is wrong if he comes across players from Mexico.


    That said, I live in the Los Angeles area which is closer to Mexico than is San Antonio and, frankly, I rarely come across gamers from Mexico. I'm more likely to come across gamers from Hawaii, New Zealand, and Australia. Oddly enough, that's not because the game can't find gamers in the SoCal region. Rather, it is because gamers in Hawaii, NZ, and Oz are having trouble finding matches in their regions.


    Much of this post deals more directly with Match Making in general than it does either parties or SBMM. That's why I didn't get into it in this SBMM series. That in mind, I do want to point out one other detail.


    Notice that I eliminated the shading of the region once it reached the coast of the Gulf of Mexico? Yeah. Unfortunately, an insanely huge number of gamers seem to fail to keep bodies of water in mind when they start talking about how they feel they should not be seeing gamers from other countries.


    Hope that helps.

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    Dont rescue any survivors. I can confirm this as this is how i did it. after you complete the EE if you rescue a survivor the game will crash.

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    mena4fam.... i want in!

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    please tell how to get a lot of teeth in the game, i am usually getting no more than 5 to 10

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    No, the only reason 2.0 kdr players were playing weaker players more often in older games is because of the players who were lobby shopping. There's not easy way to lobby shop in AW so the lobby shoppers have affected both themselves and everyone else. Most people have been affected in good ways, the lobby shopper have been affected in bad ways, and the legitimately good player have been pretty much the same as ever.

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  • 04/23/15--10:07: Re: LAG ONLINE
  • Ok,i turned it off,it was on ..i hope it will help,if it works,many thanks to you

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  • 04/23/15--10:10: Re: LAG ONLINE
  • Your stating the game performes better on a strict nat or do you forward the needed ports?

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    Id love this PSN THEKINGTHIEF

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    DId one of the updates change it? Because we made December/January more than 30-40 fights to be sure that troops

    are not on same Level als sender. and we choose accounts with a very big difference unitlevel. For example Account Level 2 juggs, getRing juggs Level 6. and they all died same time as low Level units.

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    Yes you are right. I was thinking solely from the point of view of a UAV sweep displaying your position and not the other factors (Threat/boost/no name). I agree with your point about the stealth perks and would personally love to see pro perks return.

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  • 04/23/15--09:50: Re: Which router to get ?
  • Netduma doesnt ship to India. And Amazon does not have Netduma listed.

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  • 04/23/15--09:47: Re: Supply drops
  • Everybody has gotten a lot of same things in supply drop.  I collect them and after rank up I usually make 10-12 levels without playing by trade them

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    I Hope so! Worse accuracy with some kind of 3hk Would be nice.

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    JCONNOR wrote:



    If the maps were like the Ghosts maps that were much larger and resembled real places, then I think 90% of the complaints about the game being "too hectic" and "a chaotic mess" would subside. The three lane design works if you are grounded, but with the Exos players don't have to stay in the lanes. This is where the execution fails and this is where the overall chaos and trying to form tactics goes right out the window.


    but thats what COD complaints did man.


    They wanted more movement, they wanted to remove the ability to camp, the chaos, the WTF factor.


    Again, its not the games fault the community wants speed and messy (quick) games.


    Far from it.


    Dead on accurate Izjar11. I mean, I'm LMAO that all these guys who thought BO2 was the bomb are now crying the blues that the game is too hectic. LMAO. Seriously?


    If adding exo movement to BO2 results in AW, then the exo movement wasn't the problem to begin with. It was the BO2 philosophy.


    You know what's going to be really hilarious? If AW is BO2 on steroids, just wait until BO3. BO3, from all appearances, is going to have exo-suits, right? Given Treyarch's experience and self-confidence coming off of BO2, what do you think is going to happen with BO3?


    BO3 is going to be AW on crack-laced steroids. Talk about ADHD issues??? Ha!


    Just ...



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