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    Yeah I use an Aimbot which explains my 25% accuracy with the FAL.


    Or so the angry man in the lobby said.

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  • 09/04/13--00:12: Re: Sniper only playlist?
  • Of course quickscoping is the fastest way to kill someone with a sniper rifle IF you are unzoomed. What is even faster is predicting enemy movement and be already scoped in, which will get you called a noob nowadays (like 90% of all stuff that is in the game). Good quickscopers are extremely effective, but there are way too many people who try to do it but fail half of the time. I'm playing on PC where QS is harder but I've still seen a lot of good QS, but for every decent QSer I see 5 sniper dudes who don't give a crap about their team's objective, and finish their game with 5-20 stats.


    Correct me if I'm wrong, as I have only seen very few championship matches, but what I mean is this: There is maybe one QSer on their team per match, but not the whole Clan (as it is suggested by their YT videos). Or do they actually only QS?



    I don't see a problem with QS. It's extremely effective when a Pro does it, but so are Marksman rifles, or a Machine Gun. And from what I've learned from League in BO2 (not much to learn there, I know ) is that a team who has a sniper in any gamemode but SnD, has already lost.

    The only problem I have with QS is that it is unrealistic as **** and looks stupid, but so do a lot of other things in this game. As for a sniper only playlist, it's just doesn't really seem right. Would it be sniper only on large maps only? or would it be QS only? Also why not just add a Knife-runner lobby?

    They could probably add this in some form of Party gamemode similar to sharpshooter.

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    I know we all know about the wall glitch in the tunnels behind saloon by now. I want to know if there is a way out without killing yourself. Come on I'm sure we can put our heads together and think of something. try EVERYTHING

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    That's one of the worst ideas ever.


    If you have a problem spotting campers, use your UAV/SATCOM. If he has Off the Grid, wait until he fires. If he has a silencer, open your damn eyes, or use your brain. If someone not moving at all is winning a game, then you are doing something wrong.


    Camping has been in this game forever and I love getting called a noob over and over again for securing a Hardpoint/HQ, or defending the B flag, or a Bomb Spot.

    If a camper is giving you trouble, don't f*cking run into his line of sight all the time.

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  • 09/04/13--00:23: I blame lag for being crap
  • When I get ghosts I will see how crap I reall am

    i think I'm really crap no matter how hard I try i don't get ant better so i tell friends and family it because of the lag. Not my crap aim or anything like that what excuse can I use when I get ghosts with its dedicated servers..

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    I don't play MP alot (prestige 8 lvl 40, but Mob of the Dead was so bad, i started MP). So in almost 9 prestige, that did took some time cause my KD is about .70 lol, i'm not that good, i haven't seen a single hacker (unless you count the boosters). I'm betting you all are on xbox? So sad to pay 50 bucks a year for an hacked game like that, or maybe i was really lucky to never found any hackers, lag switchers and such exept boosters in any PS3 lobbies


    Sincerely, someone that won't pay 50$ to play online on an hacked-out system, even tho ps4 gonna charge to play online, i'll stick to Sony

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    Can we make it an option to join games in session while searching for a game? I would rather be in a lobby, not join a game when the enemy team is decimating my team with kill/score streaks everywhere. You get a loss if you join in a late game when your team is losing by 50+ and there's no way to turn it around.


    tl;dr Make an option where we can join lobbies, not in the middle of random games when searching

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    *Face palm* Everyone have a good night lmao

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  • 09/04/13--00:29: Re: Score Streak Hack ?
  • During the past month or so, it seems like information about this cheat has been spreading quickly and reports by players are increasing. At this point it's not a secret, and I imagine that Treyarch is working on a patch to fix this problem.

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    One of my buddy tryed using the paralyser to try to come back, used the trample steam in every cm of that wall to get out... Just jump in the yellow thing behind and kill yourself, that's your exit. Hopefully i never find you in-game so i won't report ya

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  • 09/04/13--00:20: Re: Rage quitting on Studio
  • People using the tower to get kills is not a very good reason to quit a game in my opinion. There are so many lines of sight to that location and grenade spots around the map that this situation should get you easy kills.

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    What is the purpose of this post?


    have you done any diagnostics your end with your network first?

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    Deltas Wants you All Adults please apply

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    Delta wants All Adults please apply

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    starbuckfrack wrote:


    I knew they sold points cards, I guess I should have been more clearer.


    Heck even my local Sac N Pac sells points cards.

    The issue is more so the precedent that they have set. You can pre-order map packs which are sold to you as MSP, unless it has changed, then perhaps they might do this too where they offer the "full experience" so to speak.

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    So I was just starting a match of HC Dom on the wonderful Nuketown map, I started off very well with 4 immediate kills and then get randomly banged by a flying grenade.  I start back up two more kills and this is going well until I hear the last guy I killed say, "That's it for you, you're out of here."


    And then poof, I am back at the main grey Black Op II menu and it says, "You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty servers <etc etc>"  I tried to go back to the same game because I had a mate playing as well so I followed him.  Got back into the game, which is a rarity normally you have to sit and wait until the match is over, only to spawn in, kill someone and evidently it was the same bloke and I hear again, "You're back, now you're gone."  Poof back to the grey menu.


    I have seen my fair share of hacked lobbies, boosters, lag switchers but this was the first time I have seen someone able to do this.  Not shortly thereafter, my mate was kicked out of the game as well, same deal.  He said that before he got the righteous boot in the arse, there was only 1 player left on 'our' team that the rest of the group was taking turns killing as he was simply standing in whatever spawn point he spawned at and did not move.  I had to assume that was a booster probably with a split screen but you never know.


    I was just curious, how does someone just kick you out like that unless of course you are Treyarch/Activision support.  Is this a new 'hack' to go along with lag switching, unlimited ammo, boosting, immediate scorestreaks, aimbots, etc.  On the last subject, also played with a guy with the first aimbot I have seen on PS3 earlier tonight, he was shooting straight up into the air and the bullets would hit you, outré.

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    I am looking for 3 skilled players who know the steps for the origins Easter egg msg th2k supremacy for invite

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    TH2K supremacy on xbox live

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  • 09/05/13--00:35: Re: Another hacked lobby.
  • I just do not understand the purpose anymore of reporting in the system.  I have actually done that several times to people who were blatantly hacking/boosting and then remember their name to go back and see if anything was ever done, only to find that nothing is ever done.


    One instance was a bloke who was a supposed prestige master, go into the start of the match and hear "Hostile Swarm Incoming", literally the zero had just vanished off the screen.  Same scenario as someone mentioned before, got hit by seven swarms, five lodestars, and three K9 units.  Found him in the back corner of the Studio map hiding out, unloading a full MK-48 with FMJ's into him, nothing.  Repeatedly started knifing him, nothing.  He was controlling the Lodestar at that point.  As soon as he came out, he chucked a flashbang at me the killed me.


    Checked his stats after the match and stayed in it to report him, he had less than 3000 total kills but was a PM?  To this day he is still a PM and his K/D ratio is 94, not .94, 94.  The only thing that has changed since that time I played him was his total kills and awards have gone up.  Reported him multiple times since then, nothing.  Oh and he even has one of those fancy 'adult' themed emblems.  Reported him for that, still has the same emblem.


    I just lost faith in the entire system with that.  I have BO2 for the PC to, and when I play that I expect hackers simply because it is a PC game and well, it should be easier to hack.  I just sort of expected better support on the back end.


    Doubt it will get much better with Ghosts, especially since I saw the other day a Chinese site that already had most of the code for Ghosts and was working on hacks (if it was true).  How they had that is beyond me, but all that matters in the end is sales of units plain and simple.

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    Hey Guys,


    I'm looking a for group of people that are 18 at the most but 12 at the least . I want to find a group of people that love to troll / have fun but also can go competitive. When i go and have fun on SnD my KD goes to about a 1.07 but when iI go competitive it goes up to about 1.10 KD. I can't find any cool people to play with because they all just hit on me and I ask for my number and stuff . I'm looking for people who don't entirely care if i'm a girl .  I am not looking for a clan because I really don't want to make a new account since I just made a new one because I left my last clan, but if it's a really good clan with a YouTube channel, then I might reconsider. Oh, I almost forgot add me if you are interested: KellyFrumCali   . I'm currently prestige 0 lvl 55

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