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    Well whatever the system is for doling out these supply drops, Instead of asking the unfortunate players like me, who never got any elite ARs or SMGs in the 5 months after game release, to pay for the chance to get them, they should have said f*ck it you can have em all now take your pick.


    Either that or they could have had a couple hours of the day where everyone got nothing but elite stuff. Or a day of the week.


    Anything but asking us, the unfortunate ones, to f*cking pay for guns others got for nothing 5 months ago.


    It stinks. Never known a game policy like it. I actually enjoyed playing this game every day until now, but the cynicism i feel surrounding the whole supply drop thing has spoiled the experience for me.


    Jesus, others had these guns for months getting them for free i paid £50 for this game and now they asking me to pay for the same guns these lucky players had from the start.


    Seriously disappointed in the developers here, not only was the 'random' supply drop thing flawed, but their solution to it was greed. Balancing the unfairness wasnt even a factor for em.

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  • 03/09/15--11:39: I have Havoc DLC but no AE4
  • To be honest I want to say that an other account on my PS4 bought and downloaded the Havoc DLC and that account CAN access everything, and has PS Plus. On my hand I don't have PS Plus, and I can access everything, but the AE4, and if I try to access it it tells me to either buy Season Pass or Havoc DLC. I have heard this as a problem on many other places as well, so if ANYONE has a solution to this problem please let me know.

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    deamonomic wrote:


    Izjar11 wrote:


    ITS_SURRIDGE wrote:


    But the whole game is competitive, so isnt the whole point of the game to prove your better then the rest and get rewarded for doing so? So why do we need 2 types of competitive playlists?


    Just put everyone together so we can all be competitive as one

    As I mentioned league is for those who take it further and want to show the others they have battled for it!


    In League you will then compete for ladder rank in subdivision ladders. When you win you earn rank points that help you climb the ladder. Lose, and you lose rank points. Your goal is to finish with the best rank by the end of the league season.

    Goal is to finish with the best rank, to show it!

    Its another meta game with COD to show your level of commitment.

    there is this too.

    Both are competitive, but in different ways IMO. The way I play when teamed up is different to how I play solo pubs. I play to win all the time, but my movement is faster and risk taking is always higher when playing solo in pubs.

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  • 03/09/15--11:41: Re: clan raids????
  • yes starting today any clans with a 1st 2nd or 3rd place win in diamond division before March 3rd will have early access to clan raids. My issue is that we have our win in diamond already but there is no option to access this feature on the app.  Anyone else having this issue?

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    My prize? Well, I got attention every where I went. I had GamePro magazine message me to do an article about me and the cheater above me. I had a flight paid for + travel expenses for an elite Canadian clan in Toronto (CEG which doesn't exist now)to teach them everything I knew. I had the same offer from a UK clan but declined because I was still a student. I had an exclusive in-game match with InfinityWard developers to show them how well I knew the maps and give them suggestions + being able to beat them at the game.  I would receive close to 50 messages a day ranging from childish messages to very interesting ones; people trying to get personal with me, others asking for advice in which I answered ALL emails. I got all the attention a gamer could ever ask for. Does anyone remember me now? Nope. Do I care? Nope. I live in the moment, and at that time it was amazing being in my shoes. Not sure how things are now but this was back when Modern Warfare came out and won awards for being the best FPS game of the year and setting the new standard in "CoD gaming" with their engine. Everyone from your friends mother was playing this game at the time. Facebook just started and wasn't as big as MW lol.  I would recommend anyone to try and get top 5 in a game. It's a whole different gaming experience and if you're a true gamer you can appreciate that. All of this is not achievable by being a casual gamer . Hope that answers your question lol.

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    I have not got weapon too the strange thing is i never got atlas tier 1 exo after completing prestige master also calling card prestige master locked could this be why you not get elite guns does it need a patch ?

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    SBMMStillSucks wrote:


    That's because he's arguing against logic aka lying. That's why good players don't believe him.



    Nadeshot designed the One Shot list. I take it he is a good player (professional), even if he isn't the best player on Optic, he's still better than you. That Nadeshot and SHG collaborated in designing a mode, I take it that there is evidence that good players do, indeed, believe Condrey. (Oh, right, he's eSports and another part of you weird conspiracy to prevent you from lobby shopping people with no thumbs.)

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    it is random. I prefer to get rhino gate lasts because i can get the other gates perfect consistently.

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    Experiencing the same issue here! Waiting for a quick update / fix!

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    I have never bought any type of CoD DLC so no way will I be buying supply drops.

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    instead of rage quitting when I went down I actually finished with a lovely 8 relic 3 down game that didn't even beat my 7 relic score, pathetic!!!

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    I have run my own business for years and I don't lie to my customers ever. True lies are always going to come back and bite you. To say that someone is a liar without definitive proof is usually just an attack on that persons character out of ignorance. It is not a good thing to see conspiracy and deception everywhere you look. And to disparage the nature of others without proof to push you own agenda forwards sounds more like the behavior of a lawyer in court. So Sniper is not being gullible if he asks for proof of a statement that is possibly an outright attempt to obfuscate the issues at hand.

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    What platform are you on? Have you tried a hard console restart by removing the power cable for a few minutes? Are you using a disc or digital game version?




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    Well to start with I was running my favourite class (with the suppressed/dual mags KF5 Genuine), and I was doing alright considering how well the enemy were dug into that middle room - I was being shot at from several different dark corners every time lol. However one guy was killwhoring, sat on his butt with a Pytaek, and once I'd used up my high damage rounds my KF5 wasn't cutting it because I didn't have time to reload, so I pulled out a Gung Ho ASM1 class with Lightweight. That helped a little


    Not sure what the rules are surrounding YouTube vids but I can link it if you want? It's just the gameplay with no commentary, but I think the gameplay speaks for itself lol. I'm not really bothered about channel growth because I just upload games for fun, so if I'm allowed I can post it for ya

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    Fatal_Affliction (F4TL)



    Currently in the process of rebuilding the clan after a falling out.

    Looking for mature adult members that are interested in participating

    in Clan Wars and playing in Ranked Play. All Clan wars will be played

    during the PST Clan Wars time zone.






    21+ yrs old

    Have a Mic

    Communicate with me regarding Clan Wars

    Be familiar with eSports rules and (4v4) game modes

    Have a 1.25 kd or higher





    If you are interested and meet all requirements, I would love

    to have you with us. Look forward to hearing from everyone,

    and you can contact me on here or on PSN.



    Contact Information



    PSN - X_x_Fitz_x_X

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  • 03/10/15--12:01: Re: gone was the emblem...
  • Hey,


    Have you received any kind of notification regarding your emblems? Any ban messaging?


    Do you or have you edited your emblems via the app?




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  • 03/10/15--12:03: Re: Lagging against bots?
  • I think the game is re-writing an approximation of what it sees.


    I tested the kill cam it was actually the final killcam by luck.


    I knew someone was just around a corner about 3 seconds away so I started hip firing for a second or 2 then started walking the 3 seconds to and around the corner only to die (which was the plan) Now, I was hip firing for around 5 seconds non stop and the kill cam showed me walking around the corner with my gun down and not firing at all. One of the opposing team players even said that he saw me hip firing around this corner.


    killcams are a waste imo.

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    Sorry you've had some trouble. Have you attempted to verify the integrity of the game cache? Verify Integrity of Game Cache - How To's - Knowledge Base - Steam Support




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