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    Looks like they are manually checking and updating the accounts manually, so be patient folks. I would expect it to be fixed properly (without need to manually check and update) in the next update. Once again thank you AxelSpoonz

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    Thanks dude. Send me a PM with the link, would like to see it. I think there is a rule on the Activision forums that you can't post youtube links to your channel which is understandable.

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    BTW, how do you record AW games since there's no "theater" mode?

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  • 03/10/15--12:07: Re: Weapons master loadout
  • Hey,


    What is your console and gamertag/ID? I'll pass your info on for further review.




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    -I can't use any attachments(Besides the foregrip, silencer, and mircophone.) on the ARX.

    -Can't use any attachments on the MP11 depending on what variant you use.

    -Can't use the AE4(Which I paid $15 for..)!! It keeps switching to the OHM(Don't own the season pass.) or the MDL Grenade Launcher with only one round in the chamber. Why buy the DLC/Weapon if you can't use it?!!


    You call this a patch?! You just ruined your own game... How?!!... How do you ruin your own game with a "patch" that's supposed to "fix" the game? This is the first time I've seen a patch screw up the game entirely... Especially mulitplayer.

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    For the love of God...why do I have to set up a class every time I prestige if all my attachments stay...


    I'd buy a couple slots if I didnt have to reset every level


    This is a super long grind without the bonuses from the challenges...

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    DDo your research buddy. Advanced supply drops are guaranteed 3 items and guaranteed at least 1 gun. Also, one of those items is guaranteed to be professional or elite. So yeah, your odds of getting better stuff would go up simply by those rules.

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    Maybe if we keep this topic at top of board they may bring it back lol. Everyday each of us just bumps it to the top. Lol !

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  • 03/11/15--12:04: ranked play problem
  • Theres already loads of problems in ranked play but recently every so often when I die It doesn't let me spawn back into the match for the rest of the game. I'm just left spectating. Like in one match as soon as we started one of my team mates quit and then I died and it didn't let me spawn so another quit because we started loosing. And then at the end of the match I lost 20 points because we were the 'favoured' team.  Whaaattttt! !!!  This needs fixing

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    It says that but at the same time you could get nothing you want, or replicas. D:

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  • 03/11/15--12:10: Ban dank Hacker Lobby!
  • Wurde in eine Hacker Lobby gemoved und konnte auch nicht leaven bis ich meiner Konsole den Strom gezogen habe.

    Danach ist mir aufgefallen dass ich sehr schlechten Spielern begegnet bin.

    Jetzt wurde ich dauerhaft ausgeschlossen!

    Bitte regelt das und entbannd mich bitte!

    (Quake Freekill) email: flo.jeep@gmx.at

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    Like a lot of you, if I'm going for that camo I usually do the no perk one at the same time, stick a support UAV with scrambler on and play TDM, it's a pain but it's better to do both at once.

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  • 03/11/15--12:12: Re: DLC is a waste of money!
  • I Agree!! The DLC is a complete waste of money considering once you open the first ******* door on exo zombies you can glitch the game & go up past round 1000+ (Check the leaderboards)


    We basically paid for an unfinished map pack... A group of lab monkey could've button mashed a PC an made a better game.

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    I like to knock out the Carbon Fiber and Gold at the same time...no attachments or perks.  It's pain in the butt, but once you put the perks and attachments back on, it feels like easy mode!  It's really strange!  The AMR9 no perks or attachments was the most brutal thing I've ever gone through in Call of Duty.  Talk about taking years off your life!

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  • 03/11/15--12:05: Re: PS4 Patch Is Live!!
  • Ok.. there is allot. And  mean ALLLLOOOTTTTAAAA speculation on . When armory slots will be available and alas the Almighty 2 dolla make you holla or cry 'ADVANCED SUPPLY DROPS'. which are purchasable through store and or by hitting level 20,30,40 and Prestige. This is the info I have for armory and create a class. From Charlie Intel. Extra Slots and 'Atlas Gorge' available March 12th on PSN | Charlie INTEL
    As for The ASD =Advanced Supply Drops.. I am going with the ..I will see tomorrow approach when Sony store updates. March 3rd is when XB1 got them..So either its tomorrow or the 3rd of April.. Whatever 30 days is from the March 3rd as it would then be confirmed to be a stupid exclusive for XBONE... And I say stupid,because. Its not a Map pack or Exo Zombie content..Anyhoo. Hope everyone is getting info out to each other. We have to stick together and say whats up! Is this right? this seems odd etc. To Iron kinks in the update and to be a community! Have a good day Ladies and Gents. o7

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    taking out the leaderboards takes away a big element of the fun. worst idea ever.

    it like being on facebook but not being able to see other peoples stuff. SHARING  the word of the day

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    I do il play any mode really I started this up tho because I wanna check out clan wars at some point and would like to have a team for a ground war match

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    feel free to join a1

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    Nice gameplay Pity it was BO2 though The biggest culprit for player stats dropping in AW is predominantly the movement/exo's and the unpredictability of where the enemy team are IMO.

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