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  • 02/16/15--08:27: Black Ops 2 remade
  • IMHO Black Ops 2 is the best Call of Duty of all time, and I think that it would be a great idea for Treyarch to remake it for the Xbox one and PS4. Even if it were still sold at new game price it would be worth it to play that game again! How does everyone feel about this?

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  • 02/16/15--08:27: Re: Elite Weapons?
  • I unlocked the BAL OS last night. I was soo happy wasn't expexting it

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    They already have the DLC segregated all they have to do is put the original maps into the rotation with it. 


    Of course you won't be able to select the majority of game modes you have Death Match and Mosh Pit to choose from. 

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  • 02/16/15--08:28: RAS LE BOL
  • J'en ai ras le bol de votre licence, ras le bol de votre lag compensation.


    Le jeux est injouable... Ma connexion est très bonne, je n'ai aucun soucis, donc cela ne vient pas de chez moi, je tiens a le préciser...


    Ras le bol d'avoir dépenser 100 euros pour un jeu et son pass, pour ne pas pouvoir y jouer, j'ai l'impression de me faire voler... Internet croule d'exemple de vidéo youtube de votre lag de compensation qui ne fonctionne pas.


    Et VOUS NE FAITE RIEN... c'est une honte... une catastrophe...


    Perdre une partie ca arrive, mais les perdre toute avec un écart de 2 kill pour 20 morts... il ne faut pas exagérer...


    Quand dans la killcam on voit l'autre joueur vous tuer en 3 balles et qu'il ne vous voit meme pas tirer alors que j'ai tirer un chargeur sur lui... c'est une honte...


    Vous êtes des voleurs... depuis le temps que vous développez cette licence vous n'avez jamais régler ce problème,

    vous prenez les joueurs du monde entier pour de cons...




    Les gens désertent vos serveurs, vos ventes sont moins bonne et vous continuez...


    Pour ma part c'est la dernière fois que j'achète un call of duty... ras le bol d'espérer une solution qui ne vient pas...


    Vraiment RAS LE BOL et encore je suis polie...


    J'espère que plus personne n'achètera vos prochains call of duty...

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    YYou say you don't care, uet you created an entire thread about your account being punished from complaints And how sorry you are lol. So if you say its purely kd, then start another account, never leave round 1 and get your 185kd. That is the only way to discredit rounds. You seem to forget that every game you play, you are ascending  thru rounds. If you only need one or 5 rounds added to bring up >.001 round average then yeah you'd rank up on round 3. So when your last 15 games are loaded, ypu fail to account for the other 900 games played.  seems like you are fine with selected data for your  theory. You've seen proof of removing the kills as a variable And getting them. As far as the time played, I used that to determine what game to look for in your unsavory methods. if it was based on time then all you would need to do is have Lenny hold a crawler for a week and never leave round one. Or EMP, then go on vaca. In a game that has since day one been about surviving rounds, why on earth would it be based on just that, surviving rounds. Have you ever even used a trap before? How many kills are registered? Have you used the gun turret? So if I wanted to use that for my primary weapon to kill, I would be penalized for not getting the kills corresponding to it? Have you ever even played blops1? Whis a better player, someone that gets 1000 kills and dies on 20, or a player that gets 100 kills, uses traps and buildables and gets to round 100? Kd really would reflect that don't you think?



    i Think you just recently landed a job as a programmer, and have a napoleon complex going on. 

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    28 members so far & still actively recruiting for our first platinum division clan war.

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    i have clan you can join if you want? El1te Hooligans is the clan name and my gamertag is mcllln69 let me know if interested

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    If any one is hosting a XP/Bot Lobbie Add my PSN - Mateljgz


    thanks in Advanced.

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  • 02/17/15--10:28: looking for large clan
  • BlackMamba27b. XBL.  I am looking for a large clan that wins it's clan wars and are active. I have 1.02 or so k/d 6th prestige. I play at evening on weekdays and try to play the weekends. I have a mic and I use it as much as I can. I like to communicate with my team members And make a plan. I have about 2 other players who will also come with me.

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    Why do I have to at the age of 18 to go to call of duty championship. I'm 14 and I was looking forward to buying a platinum package

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  • 02/17/15--10:29: Multiple COD Accounts
  • Is it possible to create to cod accounts on one xbox profile? I want one account to mess around, and one for good stats. Can I logout of my first account and create a second account, and then switch back and forth? Thanks for the help.

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  • 02/17/15--10:30: Re: looking for large clan
  • PS4?

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       I'm up to help u guys and my friend need the achievement 2    Saturday !

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    That is not my gamertag McFly.

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    Jimmer032 wrote:


    I bought the game I can whine all I want. And I don't think "I'm whining about pants and knee pads". I'm upset that we got lied to as COD fans. I didn't think I made it that hard to comprehend. Stop whining about whining. I have every reason to be mad


    No, that doesn't entitle you to whine all you want. You sound like a spoiled child. They don't HAVE to give you ANYTHING else. They delivered a game worth your measly 60 bucks.  If I was SH I wouldn't put out another thing for you complaining idiots.


    Why is it that you feel you HAVE to get more now? All the gear, drops...anything else...is just gravy. And you want to sit here and complain that it's not coming as fast as you'd like it to?


    Just shut up before someone takes their belt off and gives you the whipping you need.

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  • 02/17/15--10:35: Re: kva recon mask
  • ha just done challenge.5 kills in one life with overkill on and a kill with both weapons in each life,,(so die every time to do it) challenge done opend drop reward ,fkin kva recon mask lol

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    Lesley Gore died yesterday, there is no excuse for crying anymore.

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  • 02/17/15--10:36: Re: ASM1
  • I agree. I think these players want to use every gun in every senorio on every map and do well. It doesn't work like that though. I have multiple setups with with different weapons depending on the map, and how I choose to navigate it. The ASM1 is a strong weapon, but definitely has it's flaws which can be manipulated to your advantage. If the ASM1 does get nerfed, I bet you the next nerf thread will be the KF5.

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  • 02/17/15--10:38: Re: Xbox One Clan Recruiting
  • right now we have 9 members

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