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  • 02/16/15--08:05: Re: new to cod on ps4
  • if u live in the usa shoot me one im 23= todd567

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    There is aim assist but only when using as controller and it is only noticeable when someone run past your and they are very close and your character will move slightly. There should be no big snapping movement, but, some mouse and keyboard users are very accurate so they could look like they are using aim assist but they might not be. Finally people that use a mouse and have aim assist are c**ts because they defeat the point of being good at a game

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    Actually it's quite the opposite with me. The closest thing to hacking I've ever done is tape up my screen so I have a reticle on hardcore.


    Most of that Google search you sent was already common knowledge, but I checked out one of the links that argued that it was ok because it wasn't illegal.


    The thing is, regardless of the legality, hacking is morally objectionable. It gives you an unfair advantage. It's something I would never do because then I'd be lying to myself about how good I am.


    But doesn't hacking also contribute to the ability of a person to improve their game play? If you think someone is hacking, you will not blame yourself for your in-game mistakes and you won't improve.


    That's why I often lean towards assuming that it was me who made the mistake in whatever crazy situation that happened.


    If I suspect hacking, I back out, but most of the time, I just assume that I got beat.

    Come play with me on PS4: kraftydevil

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    Anyone need a decent sniper in their clan? Add me on ps3 - Dragonizee

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    Did you know that UAV Threat Detection module doesn't always show up on kill cam?


    I've tested this, and noticed it on final kill cams where I know I saw someone with my threat detection, started tracking them and got the final kill. On the final kill cam, no threat detection!


    Isn't it at least possible they could have been tracking you through walls that way?

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    The heavy weapon class is basically the same class as LMG in the past games......... but since we are in the future..... we have direct energy weapons included.


    There are many different ways to play the game without using these "go to" classes that include the Bal, ASM1, and AK12. Over time a good player can pretty much master any weapon and be successful......... navigating through the map that makes your weapon of choice as effective as possible and avoiding confrontations that put you at a disadvantage.


    I've been using the EM1 a lot lately. Basically because it's completely unique to AW and I did horribly when I first tried it. That made me want to accept the challenge and master it. There have been numerous times I've been on the top of the leaderboards since then using the EM1. I absolutely enjoy listening to the enemies death chat as they talk junk about the "lasers" and even teammates say they're trash while I'm the teams mvp.


    I guess my answer to the thread title is.......... heavy weapons can be fun.

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    May i join

    Psn- GoldNStreakz

    Experience- Playing COD since Mw2-Advanced warefare


    Hope u accept me


    Phone Number- +447475062253

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    Hello all you talented Gamers!


    I'm John, I founded and am Commander, of my Clan Synergy Elite Gaming based out of the Midwest in North America.


    I am now Recruiting any Serious, Talented Gamers that would like to participate in Clan Wars in Two Weeks!


    We are a very organized Clan, looking for people that are not only Team Players, but are supportive and have good communication skills. If you are tired of losing games with randoms, want to join a clan with a good rep, and a winning focus, then come join Synergy Elite Gaming, a clan with respective players and a good "feel at home" environment.


    We participate in Clan Wars, so Members must have the Advanced Warfare App on their Smartphone/Tablet.


    Must be 18+ YEARS OLD to join the Clan.


    I am a very good leader, very neat and organized, and I keep everyone up to date about what's going on, and what we need to accomplish before and after Clan Wars.




    -Have Access to the AW App at all times

    -Must have a working Mic/Headset

    -Communication is a must, Call Outs are required

    -Must be able to work with a Team

    -Must be friendly

    -Be Mature

    -Be Serious and Dedicated to Advanced Warfare, and Clan Wars

    -Do not go off and play by yourself all the time

    -Must be willing to help Level Up the Clan, we are at Level 16 right now, took less than a Month.


    We are a Platinum Division Clan, and we take this very seriously.


    If you are interested, please message me.


    GT: iluminatethesky


    Also, we have a Official Clan Page:




    Thank you!


    ~John, Founder and Commander of Synergy Elite Gaming

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  • 02/16/15--08:21: Re: Hack in Comeback (PS3)
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    Apocalyptic Harbingers


    Clan AH [AH] is  looking to recruit dedicated and loyal players who are willing to lend a helping hand to help the clan grow. AH is a laid back, and easy going clan in which our primary objective is to simply have fun. We also play competitively as well. Clan AH also has gold clan tags on Ghost & in AW.  AH has a well organized ranking structure in which all new clan members will start off as a trail member,  you will remain a trial member for up to 2 weeks and are required to ware AH, as a clan tag without gold tags tell you pass your trial stage. The more active you are the more promotions you will receive. Before you consider making


    Clan AH your home I ask you read below what few rules we require in order to join.


    • Must be at least 18 years
    • Own a headset
    • Be active both in game and for clan wars
    • No boosting, hacking, cheating,
    • tubing or glitching
    • Be drama free
    • Must be able to have fun


    We Do not care about K/D's We are a Community of family and friends; Looking for active players that are willing to stay and make us their home. . (Our Roster is Active and loves spending time together; and chit chatting. we are looking for people who are community orientated.)

    We have a Facebook group, Twitter, and instagram.. for clan chat and information.


    Add one of the following to  Xbox one, for more information.

    CLG Medsua

    CLG Lezmerelda

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    gotsomestars schreef:


    You have zero clue what you're talking about.

    Lol, coming from you that's a compliment. Reality check, you suck/are average at best, at a game you're obsessed about, lmao.

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        I had just gotten Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for PC last Friday and I was so excited. That is, until it finished downloading and I tried to log on to multiplayer. I got and and joined a match but there were no games found. So, I tried every single gamemode I could but they all came up with no games found.


        So my question is: Is this an error with my game? And if so, how do I fix it? Or is Advanced Warfare on PC really dead?


    Thanks for your help!

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    phillllli       I don't believe you can't stereotype people by rank.  I have lots of great friends that have shotguns and even skulls for that matter.  I play with people that "stay" in the game and don't leave and use team strategy.  I've played with lots of idiots that have shotguns and/or bones.  I give everyone a chance without regard to their rank.  However, I have found "statistically" that if the person is <14, chances are they will leave the game, not matter what their rank.  I feel that stereotype might have some validity.

    My current k/d is 176.  I have to overcome a lot of downs my daughter put on this account. However, I move up about +.2-.4 every time I play.  So I have to play another 45 games....lol  I don't care about the rank other than I believe the exact numeric are an easter egg. So if I up grade at 184/185, then I will be right.  It certainly isn't rounds/down, but anything with downs in the divisor is going to lead to people quitting.

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    nuttin2say schreef:


    You truly do not know what you are talking about.


    BTW ... what drift0r came up with in all his effort is very close to what's going on even if he doesn't realize it. I think he does and threw people that use SBMM as an excuse a curve.



    His effort was totally irrelevant, all good players knew spm is a key part and he couldn't check that. All he proved is that P level isn't relevant and I already knew that. All the time he invested to prove absolutely nothing at all was indeed hilarious.


    There is no excuse. It's fact, that SBMM is heavy. So I'm as around/as good as the next previous 2 plus k/d and high spm player in older cods. Good to know. Lmao.

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    {Finally de-ranked and with a kill/down of 322 and kill/death of 1105. This shows that K/D does not matter.}


    NO....I already said that you can DERANK for leaving your profile idle.  I have two friends that have already done that.  All you did was prove that.  However, just a few x games with a k/d over 185 and you will rank back up.  So now, go into some public games with kids, get a k/d over 185, as soon as you are over 185 and/or everyone has left, die to end the game.  It won't matter WHAT round you go to.  Round 7, 8, 10...no matter.  In fact, you should be able to play lobby games with kids to get to 185 k/d BEFORE round 8 and most of the kids will be dead by then so your games will all end before round 10. Once you have proven you can maintain a k/d again over 185, your will get your rank back.


    I don't know what the number of games is, but I don't think its many at all.  In fact, it could be as low as one.  You may literally just have to GET ONE game with a k/d over 185 and die.  My friend got his rank back all the way from dagger to bones, back to skull and then dagger and he played such a small number of games that he never even got blue eyes.


    A few good games with a high k/d and you will instantly rank back up irrelevant of your rounds.

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    tengo destiny tanto en el xbox 3060 como en el xbox one y uso la misma cuenta pero canjie mi pase de la expancion de destiny en el 360, por que no puedo usarlo en el xbox one

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    Hello all as of right now our new gaming community is recruiting! Here is a few things we about us and a few things we are looking  for in new members.


    Max clan level (have red tags) (Diamond Division)

    just started our second roster

    we have our own forums created

    wholesome community everyone will feel welcome

    we are a competitive clan especially during clan wars

    we have currently over 50 members as of right now.


    things we are looking for:

    must have mic

    must be active

    must be over age 18 (16 minimum but will be watched closely)


    a k/d of 1.0 is preferred but not a huge deal aslong as you can play the objectives during clan wars

    200 SPM

    you will have to register on our forums and play with our members before being accepted 


    So if you are interested we would most defiantly like to hear from you!


    XBOX ONE GT: eX Shiftin IV



    XBOX360 GT: Fatstewie

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