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    Walgreens or 5 below none over 5$ and got the kaos crystal

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    You could also add you your list to place them at head height if possible.  That will help your kill ratio go up. 


    I like the point about tossing one out next to an enemy one and getting a little bonus boom from theirs.

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  • 02/08/15--20:45: COD advanced warfare
  • Hey guys, im currently playing cod advanced warfare . I recently bought the season pass and downloaded the Havoc DLC and all other downloadable content , but the ae4 hasn't shown up in my weapons inventory and exo zombies still doesn't work. I keep getting the error message "an active download has been removed or all profiles have been signed out."


    Can anyone help?

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    I am on PS4....and I guess I will just apply.

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    Any ps4 clans want to like have a scrimmage. Esport rules on SnD. Haven't decided what map yet but it's not that hard tonpick a map. Plan on playing this weekend or something.

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  • 02/08/15--20:49: Re: Sad Realization
  • Was it a fun game or something you think you could spend some time on. Believe it or not but I have never owned a BF game and have played it very little. I am thinking about expanding my FPS horizons because I have every COD since MW2 and this game is just getting a little old even though I am having some fun with AW.

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  • 02/08/15--20:50: Clan War/Srimmage 4v4 SnD
  • Any ps4 clans want to like have a scrimmage. Esport rules on SnD. Haven't decided what map yet but it's not that hard tonpick a map. Plan on playing this weekend or something.

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    What is your PSN I.D. ?


    I will send you a F/R, and we can talk from there.

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  • 02/08/15--20:53: Re: Spawn Logic
  • Getting killed/killing instantly out of spawn is the single most frustrating thing in the game. It's crosses into exploit territory. For some reason the game brings back the 'revenge spawn' system. The worst one is the back cave on Retreat; even when there's plenty of spawn room on the sides of the map enemies still spawn behind you, even if you are slightly out of there. Similar to the stupid Stonehaven spawns from Ghosts: By the hay bales or the Castle (Despite numerous areas of the map being free). I remember a spawn someone had on Horizon where he spawned and a split second later he was looking at my back because I'd just run into that corridor. 10 feet away & killed me. I was absolutely livid because he didn't kill me. The game did.. And then spawning nowhere near a building when an enemy Warbird goes up is painful but that's a different matter.


    Gears of War does spawn protection perfectly, but causing damage while 'spawn protected' should also be disallowed. Spawn killing is and always will be an exploit, intentional or not. I've done it on Black Ops II Hijacked off the balconies. Look away when you get the kill and they should spawn back there. It's so easy to manipulate the game and it's completely wrong. But bad spawns are normally caused by headless chicken spawn flippers. The worst kinds of team mates at times. Is crossing the map constantly THAT important? Why not just fight in the middle? These are the players that get slayed and end up giving the enemies 2/3 vs 1 flanking opportunities.

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    I Find games no problem it just never joins a game it goes in circles and it frustrating...my internet is fine and works for everything else but multiplayer gaming on this....I have a wired connection and nat type 1

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  • 02/08/15--20:55: Re: Rank Reset/Lowered
  • I am reading that you went from rank 40 of a certain prestige to rank 8 of the SAME prestige. That to me would sound like a bad save and it simply reverted to the last good save. Since you also lost all stats then it could have been a forced reset. Should have an email from them if that is the case.

    There is an area here where you can get it looked into. Sorry I don't have a link but I know one of the others will post it.

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    I have a 1.0 KDR and I am on a lot. I want a clan that is always on!

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    I will check back here tomorrow morning, and I'll link up with you then.


    Talk to you soon.


    Thank you.

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  • 02/08/15--21:00: Lag help/rant
  • ( before you start reading know that this is a rant/help me type post, so don't get mad at me for this, now I give your a fair warning ) ok now I'm at my wits end about this.the lag in this game is just unreal and unplayable, I have a better/funner time playing veteran bots.like I can play cod4 and black ops 1 and have a better connection, And I tried just about everything there is to try (ex ports,wired play,tv settings) and still no use (ports make the lag wors) and its feeling like ghost anyone know something j can do to make the lag stop or somethin.u play on Xbox and xb1 (all my call of duty games except aw which u play on xb1).

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    I'm having the exact same problem, been having this problem for 3 days. Its pissing me off because I can't connect with my clan at all

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  • 02/08/15--21:03: Re: Lag help/rant
  • https://community.callofduty.com/thread/200964532?sr=inbox


    Check out the netduma link and videos in this post. It will cost you some dough but it's worth it.

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  • 02/08/15--21:04: Re: New XBOX ONE CLAN!
  • hey I am interested in your clan I don't have a mic but I hope thats not to much of an issue. I just want to be in a good clan that can be taken to the top of the leader boards. Expect of message from Lakers 24 200 and keep me posted on upcoming clan wars.

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    I don't understand your first sentence, you are going to copy on what their general response OR copy to ask on Twitter (or whatever the assist is on?)


    I haven't changed any information, the problems arose from the latest update. I even just tried going to Multiplayer>Play Online>Operator>CoD Account>Sign In and continue to add my email and password (which is correct, for it is the one I am using right now for my account AND checked if my PSN is connected) but it doesn't login. I press the button and no response. Nothing. So my information not being correct is not the information.

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    back in MW2 I remember these kids trying to trash talk me and my friends because we had just dominated them (and thats being nice). They started up the whole you only win cause of ur gun thing. I was using my M16. I loved that gun. But I loved pretty much all the others too. It was then that I got the idea in my head to prove them wrong. So I said "Ya know what, fine. I will put away my gun. Infact why dont you choose the weapon. Pick one you think you can own me with. and while were at it (speaking to my team) everyone use the same gun. whatever they pick."


    So its at this point the map is selected. Its demolition on Highrise (I think, the map with the helicopter on the roof, very small map). And he and his friends had been discussing with themselves how they would prove we were bad. Finally the one who had sparked all this came forward and uttered the words he would soon regret "You guys have to use the P90".


    Now at that point I could have just said okay and gone with it. But I decided to be honest. "No. You do not want to pick that weapon. Pick literally any other weapon. If you cant kill me when im using an M16, you sure as hell are not killing me when I have a P90. I regularly SNIPE people across the map with this thing." I wasnt lying. It was true. While I loved the M16 the P90 was my utter favorite. I had the timing down to rapid burst fire it and maintain near perfect accuracy across map. It was my most used weapon. And at that I knew for a fact that everyone on my team was grinning at this because they could use it too. But in the end they took what I was saying as me trying to deceive them. It confirmed their thoughts that we would get owned and that we were afraid to use it. Well, at the end of the game, No one on my team had more then 20 deaths... And no fewer then 70 kills. I had 110 something with the most deaths (20) and the rest of my team did similarly well.


    Now heres the kicker. They didnt leave. Instead they proceeded to call the P90 broken and OP. So the next game they thought they would throw us a curve ball. Pistol only. I was SnD on terminal. I remember one particular time they planted the bomb on the plane. they had all the entrances covered. It seriously looked like something out of the movie SWAT. We tossed flash, stuns, smoke and grenades then went in. 1 of them died immediately but then 2 of us dropped to spray N Pray. My friend call me farrow came in and killed 2 of them from the rear of the plane. The guy who was supposed to be watching that entrance had mistakenly turned when we assaulted the plane to try to cover the other entrance, he died and another of his friends died for his mistake. My teammate was about to die while reloading when I poped through the front of the plane and ended the round. The next round we did what they did and camped in the plane. They tried something similar to what we tried and tried to take it from multiple directions. Unfortunately it ended for them just as fast as last time.


    so much fun from trash talking lol

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  • 02/09/15--20:56: rocket launcher challenges
  • Is SHG event thinking about changing those challenges? if yes than when will they be changed?? at least Mayhem.

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