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    im sorry but i cant get skype, my phone is out of room and my laptop just doesnt work anymore. is there any other way?

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    Im in

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    I dont have a email but my name is makayl on the game im a expert guitar and bass

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    This fixed it for me too,but when I went to the clan bank thing,it showed the clan points as 0,it used to be 1000,any idea how to get them back??

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    Yeah it doesn't mean anything one way or the other whether people think I'm a vet. 


    Like you said, what matters is objectivity and knowledge, both of which a guy who just registered in the forum today can have. 

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  • 02/07/15--20:36: Special supply drops
  • Just curious if anyone else has completed the daily supply drop challenges and not gotten the specific items they say we would get by completing them?  Its happened more than once and since the last patch that made things a whole lot worse.

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  • 02/07/15--20:36: Re: Fear of being banned
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    Me too. Actually I have been playing a lot of hard point. Its a little easier to drag a team to victory if I only have one obj. to worry about

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  • 02/07/15--20:41: Re: Guitar Hero 7 Ideas
  • Guitar Hero should've stuck to just that, guitars. No offense vocalists and drummers out there. After GH 3, the series went downhill. Just make a new Guitar Hero that takes the series to its roots again.


    Also, for the Guitar Hero fans out there, pick up a real guitar and play!! I've known so many people who love the game but never try the real thing. Defiantly worth it.

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  • 02/07/15--20:42: Re: Goliath Inbound
  • You obviously haven't seen a Goliath with both Homing missiles and Cannon Modules. That thing is pure badassery.


    I suggest you experiment with new things more often.

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    We're a Platinum level team, We currently have 16+ members and play a variety game types to suit everyone, K/D isn't a deal breaker as long you actually play during clan wars.
    We are one Platinum win away from the Diamond invite.

    If you're interested just send me a friend request or message to my xbox tag: The Zombie EP

    So for all those seeking their first clan or looking to abandon ship from their inactive clan
    we're a group of vastly different people that come together to have a little fun
    So if you're in the market for a clan, and want to have fun while also winning then we're the clan for you

    Info about the clan:
    - Name: MLG Infidel
    - Clan Tag: MLi
    - Motto: WIN
    - Level 22 Clan
    - Clan K/D Ratio: 1.12
    - 16 Clan Members strong Xbox players
    - Everyone is welcome as long they able to be mature

    Commander: The Zombie EP (Me)

    - No K/D required
    - Be of any skill
    - Invite friends or anyone you know that would like to be in a Great Clan
    - Play with other Clan Members
    - Play whenever you want but still try and be active
    - Stay loyal and please don't leave
    - Be friendly to each other
    - Participate in Clan Wars
    - Highly Recommended that you own the Call of Duty App

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  • 02/07/15--20:50: Re: tired of ths
  • Yeah its pissin me off really bad, I cant wait till they fix the dayum glitches lets see how many people rage quit when there are none lol, glitchin shows no skill what so ever. I have skill and reacher round 33 solo with only jugg,reload and a gun that looks like the maverick from m cod.ghosts upgraded 3 times and the rapid shotgun upgraded twice. Now im all about challenging myself so I set a goal. One that ive been trying with freinds is open one door every 5 rounds so that means no exo suit till round 15 and no jugg till round 20. It is difficult to do so it will.make people better players by using teamwork and point management, can anyone come up with more challenging things?

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  • 02/07/15--20:50: Re: Fear of being banned
  • The vid kinda makes me want to go back to Ghosts for some Thermal USR Stormfront action. But yeah, dat accuracy though.

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    lets do it make a band

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  • 02/07/15--20:55: is there a way???
  • can i make the game install any faster its been taking awhile and im just wondering if theres any way to speed up the process??? any tips are greatly appreciated.

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  • 02/07/15--20:55: Re: Special supply drops
  • I'm on 360 and its happen to me every single time. Today I was suppose to get a shirt, but instead, brace yourself, Nigerian Police Knee Pads!! Everyones favorite.  *sigh*

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  • 02/08/15--20:37: Re: ASM1 Needs A Nerf Now!!!
  • I got to agree with THEASpartanCV. I wont say this gun is OP because I think we have had better weapons in other games but I have yet to hear anyone name a negative about this gun. Every gun should have at least one negative to balance out all the positives and the ASM1 don't. This gun is good at every stat that people look for and that is why you see it so much especially with some of it's variants. I use the AK-12 just about 95% of the time. It's a solid gun but it does have some negatives like a slow rate of fire. It don't have the best range or power or anything but it's just a solid gun. Now if they do plan to buff some of the other guns in this game and make it to where other guns have competitive stats then I say leave it alone.

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  • 02/08/15--20:39: Looking for a clan
  • HI I'm looking for a clan. I haven't had any luck trying to find one. All guns preferably. I've had history with competitive gaming and looking to get back into it. I started a new user to mess around with my friends so my kd is only a 1.8  User is InfernalRevenge   

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