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    killer are we doin this or what? whered ya go?

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  • 01/15/15--10:40: Re: Looking for a ps4 clan
  • Why so then you can join and then leave? U joined us and left wthin a day. Reason? We run as a clan and won the first three wars but left our old team because the leader was an *******. Do you have a reason for leaving.

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    any one knows this problem ?? not just me even my friend bought the same and didn"t worked

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    You have the RIP??..... I hate you.. Lol.. I want that gun so bad and never get it.. I don't have an Elite BAL, either.. I pick them up a lot and use them and love them.. Same with the RIP.. I'll pick it up when I find one on the ground and then wish that I could get one!! Good get for you on the Steel Bite, too.. I love picking it up when I run across it.. Good looking gun and will put people down.. The Hole Puncher is a blast to use.. I had been using the marxman version but the HP is a lot stronger.. The marxman version is still a really good gun.. Higher fire rate and I feel like I'm more mobile with it.. But I've used the HP on each map now and can finish well with it on any of them if I play the right way.. I love to move fast, so I just have to be a tad more cautious with it.. Great gun and very underrated..

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    for everuyone who wants to see you can watch




    not trying to advertise I dont care if you actually watch.

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  • 01/15/15--10:43: Re: Okay wtf.
  • Well that sucks but you might want to make your title more descriptive of the problem.  It sure sounds like you've got one.

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    add me on 360 blackrose335

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    I'm glad.

    I understand their reasoning for removing it but the fact is that removing it doesn't reduce team killing.

    The 2 reasons I team kill are:

    1) I aiming at somebody and it doesn't show their name above their head so I fire and find out it's a team mate. This usually happens when they're at a weird angle or head glitching.

    2) I run around a corner or a team mate runs around a corner and surprises me so I fire. I simply don't have time to check out what they're wearing because if I hesitate I could be dead.


    Both of those problems could be solved if they worked on the game displaying team mates names better. Some times they'll show through walls and sometimes they won't. But the fact is they should ALWAYS show through walls if you are near a team mate.


    If, however, turning on customisation results in a massive increase in TKing then they could turn it off again, At least test it first to see what happens.

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    tryintohelp wrote:


    lowering hp decreases information needed to determine who gets shot more in a  fire fight,  leading to less lag comp.


    see what you have done is taken viewable situations and extrapolated into made up stuff.


    Yes your idea is sound as a game mode variant for PERCEIVED improvements but thats it, it doesnt lead to "less lag comp" as thats not a thing thats possible .


    tryintohelp wrote:


    Why do you think people who play hardcore hardly complain about lag comp and all the other BS? whats the difference....oh yeah the health.


    Honest question did you just drag mine and rans ideas up from before and now using what we said to justify your "idea"

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    If I bought the season pass for COD Advanced Warfare on the Xbox 360, but I wanted to get the Xbox One version, will the season pass also go to the Xbox One?

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  • 01/16/15--13:54: Re: I Need Clan Members
  • You should try here then it is the section of the forum for clans to recruit Advanced Warfare Clan Recruitment 

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    you dont patch the foundations of a gamemode?


    HC does not need to be patched, the reason you are getting kicked for TKing and cos when you call in a bombing run teammates are dying is not because SH didnt realise it would happen, it's happening because that is how HC works and that's how it has always worked, get over it noob.

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    Tuesday my internet was not good, tried to get in and could not, suddenly came in and my account was prestige 1, any day of play, kill / death 0.000. I want my account again, I tried to contact support directly and nothing so far! My KD 3,349 and almost 7,000 games played. please help me!

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  • 01/16/15--14:00: Xb1 platinum clan recruiting
  • Recruiting every nation for our platinum division clan message 'BaileyOvSwc' saying invite to clan and he will not invite you, anyone welcome just be active

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    Added All of you

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    I also purchased the zero day digital pro edition, and everything worked great (except the game freezes.) Now season pass content is available (gun dlc) and it says i don't have a season pass, even after redownloading and reinstalling and applying the season pass, i'm still sitting here with no content. Phone support is a joke. took 2 phone calls with hold times of roughly 50 minutes each to get my problem "escalated" first phone call was to identify the problem and send screen shots of my purchase of the season pass (although they already showed that i owned it) the 2nd was to show that my system still required me to purchase season pass for an additional 49.99.



    2 days later still no updates or resolutions.   Now i have been reading threads saying that this issue is affecting all systems, and that they knew about it a month ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! when xbox users were having issues, but didn't even think to believe the same issue could affect PS users next month.... And for them to have corrected it fox xbox users but can't easily fix the issue for PS users is BS



    activision or sledgehammer dropped the ball big time with this game. It was released with not glitches but FREAKING HOLES in the game design of both functionality and the maps. No constant updates are being made to resolve issues in a timely manor as they are being identified/isolated for sole game functionality.


    Now a major problem affecting the "breadwinner" group of players who are the die hard COD players who are also season pass holders, are suffering from another SNAFU of game (under)development. with no hope of any type of resolution in site.


    at this point all i can say is WOW. and you can bet this will affect your reputation as a game developer... way to go.



    thankfully another decent game has come out which will replace you as my "go to game" at least the developers of destiny got their game functional before release, and support their game EVEN AFTER it was released.



    pathetic......... just pathetic

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  • 01/16/15--14:04: Re: The ASM1 Vs the MP11:
  • Here is my problem with these numbers they compile, while I do appreciate the time and effort they put into this, it is only meant to give a snapshot of how the gun balance is. It's not meant to be biblical scripture and the final verdict of the gun itself and should not be construed as such.


    Why? Game updates and patches can and will skew those numbers from when they did their tests.


    They are tested in a vacuum, in as static conditions as possible. (I.e. okay Bob, you stand here Bob while I back up to here and shoot you in the chest from this distance with this gun and I count the rounds). They do not truly represent how the gun performs against opponents that are moving, in various cover positions, boost dodging, jumping, double jumping, or even firing back.


    Also, no matter how you arrive at numbers, what the numbers say, how amazing those numbers look..... Code > numbers


    FInally, recoil. They best anyone can say is x gun has more recoil. But everyone always fails to miss one very important aspect.... Does the recoil favor a straight up and down pattern for a better chance of a headshot? The ASM1 does. At normal fighting distances, aiming for the chest, it has a straight up recoil that really pops headshots A fair amount, probably more than any other SMG. Othen SMG's tend to be all over with recoil.

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    *he will instantly invite you aha

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    The main reason is there are no dedicated servers like the old days (on PC) where you can make custom matches like this.


    Second, it's not about domination or "easy" opponents since bots are nothing compared to human players.


    The point is I removed many of the things I feel make this game too easy e.g. Scorestreaks, certain weapons, etc... So the game now requires more skill that is dependent on players (true) ability and not scorestreaks, or other factors such as lag, lag comp.


    As stated, killing somebody with an AR or SMG in CoD is easy. It's easier than BF, or CS for various technical reasons. It needs to be to keep people playing.


    What this exercise demonstrates (IMO) is the core game just hands you kills without having to work for them. So, I did something to make the game more challenging for myself. Therefore, I am having fun... Which is the entire point of playing a game.


    I never claimed to speak for the majority, but when there are multiple posts of people literally writing, "I quit AW because it was boring", or "I wasn't having any fun" -- possibly due to technical reasons like lag, etc. -- That's something Activision and SHG need to consider and it is one of those things that points to CoD being on the decline.


    It's no secret CoD is at the end of it's life cycle. There is the Treyarch game later this year, but I have to wonder if they are going to do anything different than IW and SHG since Activision probably wants "same, but different"? However, the "same" part isn't cutting it anymore for a lot of people, so not matter what "different" there may be might not be enough.

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