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    My name is "Twomindedkiller" the commander of "So Elementary (ELMT). We are looking for mature and loyal members to join our clan. We are 3-4 days old and are almost clan rank 7. I am active during the day and evening on eastern standard time, USA. Often times there are a few others on during the day as well, but the evenings and nights there are many active players. So whether you play day, evening, or night there should always be somebody on to play with.


    We are in the process of building the clan up, so we have not competed in any clan wars yet. However, clan wars and ranked will definitely be played once we recruit a few more. As it stands, there are 11 members to the clan.


    We are a clan that Is non-judgmental towards our players. We are friendly and inviting. We want to challenge each other to do better each and every game so ultimately our clan becomes better. We teach certain skills to each other and help each other grow even if we have to do it in a private match. We understand that we are not all the same skill level nor will we ever be, but for those that want to become better, there is the opportunity.


    The only requirements I have for joining our clan are as followed: First, Remain active when you can- we all have our own things to do so we understand not being able to play but it you cant play a certain day, just post it on the clan wall on COD app. Second, Please use a mic, it allows us to do call outs and ultimately have an advantage over the other team. Without a mic and constant communication, we are not really a TEAM. Third, Be friendly and non-judgmental towards others in the clan. We joke and have our fun but we are mature. Fourth, If you are online and another clan member is online, please figure out a game to play together. Obviously if you are working on daily challenges or something like that it may be hard but we are not a TEAM when we are all playing separate games. But like I said, there are exceptions, just please don't make it a constant habit.


    To be accepted into the clan is very simple, just send a friend request with a message to either "hit_tbye" or myself  "twomindedkiller" saying that you would like to join the clan. One of us will then send you an invite to the clan, OR If you have the call of duty app, you can send an application for the clan and one of us will accept it relatively quickly.


    Happy Gaming!

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  • 01/14/15--10:11: Re: Need a Clan? (PS3)
  • add me : iNoVeX-  My KD = 2.4  20 kem strikes / i left my old clan for a better one that speak english / Duch

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    I rechecked all the wires as you said mate. I am using Belkin CAT 6 PATCH cable to connect to the internet using my router. I checked all the cables and they are fine and they all are brand new coz I bought them last month.

    Are the PATCH cables causing problems ?

    What type of CAT 6 cable is recommended for COD ?

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  • 01/14/15--10:13: Re: Why be an A hole??
  • Sniper challenge in cabin area is hard by yourself w/o a flare.  I would guess I have about 50% success by myself depending on if my teammates are letting me get kills...but it is always close.  Plain and simple, anyone who puts an ark on their secondary weapon before their teammate has one is an *******..period.  I deleted a long time friend who I actually played a lot with for the same thing this week. I found an ark 1st area and gave it to said friend. Find another one inside the 3rd area and offer it to the noob who has been marveling at my buddies ark the whole game.  Before he can get there my "friend" runs up and snakes it for his secondary laughing "screw the noob, he won't do any good with it anyways".  I reply with "you're an a-hole".  He spends rest of game trying to justify it to me, but I've long since unplugged my mic.  Delete him immediately after the game ignoring multiple messages from him.  Add noob to friends list, take him through Exodus where he finally gets his ark.  He's hooked.  I hate high ranked players who don't help promote the game by making it fun for the noobs...which there actually seems to be an abundance of lately.

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    yeah I know, but don't have the money and want to get better first

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    So u mean u hard reset ur router and it worked ? Its not possible to do it everytime coz I have to forward ports again then to get open NAT.

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  • 01/14/15--10:16: Re: Forum friend requests!
  • can anything transfer to Xbox one from PS3/4? Would be awesome to at least transfer my extra teeth to a new account or something was kind of thinking about getting a ps3 or 4 just to play with new people

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    wollte nach langerzeit mal wieder CoD4:MW zocken nur leider kam beim installieren  "the key code you entered was not valid"

    hat da wer einen verdacht woran es liegen könnte ? kein steam is die DVD version

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    whats ur gt?  we are testing now 

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  • 01/15/15--10:30: Re: Hit markers?
  • Just to clarify AW uses something called a hitscan. what is coming out of your gun is not actually bullets. Bullets are simply an animation. Sniper trails may show to be 10metres above their head but in reality your 'hit-scan' was actually a complete miss due to your aiming, which may have been your issue, or due to, as what you said, lag, either legitimate or through lag compensation.


    You may notice that you also kill an enemy with a sniper rifle but the bullet trail is off in another direction, that may help you understand. Pretty much, wherever you aim is wherever you get a hitmarker, no matter what. Unless lag comes into play.

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    tryintohelp wrote:


    Sad part is its so simple, its built into the game, and I don't want to post it because quite frankly those who just want to shoot down ideas and improvments make me care less about trying to help, which I came to do. 

    Really you want to help but are keeping this a secret?  who exactly are you trying to help here then obviously not the community

    the only person you are helping is yourself to build some rep based on a secret you have which by your own admission is a setting in the game so why not just post it.


    tryintohelp wrote:


    I dont post the solution because it would be shot down by the higher ups on these forums, gotsumstars, maccabi,nuttin2say, who are all just AW defenders who attack people who point out flaws in the game.



    noone shoots down ideas that WORK, simple as that.

    the only thing that gets shot down on these forums is bad information


    you know for someone who "just wants to help" but wont share the help your user name is all kinds of irony

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    Got to have a mic nd at least a 1.10 kd..


    We wanted to reset nd make our own clan with good people.. but if u interested.. add  RenzoBandz.. Dats all i ask    

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  • 01/15/15--10:32: Re: What's your favorite AR?
  • Started with bal on release and enjoyed that the most but have been running smgs and shotties for a while now and when I went back to ars to try a rip I got in a sd I felt like I was moving in treacle . Need to practice with some robots lol

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    No, there's no way to disable DLC from being downloaded and available on the PC. On e.g. the Xbox you can delete it but on the PC if you did somehow delete it, it would re-download again.

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    Running test game to fix "lag comp" and Hit detection right now.  Post your GT to join in.

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  • 01/15/15--10:35: Ranked play broken?
  • I was playing yesterday in ranked play, a squadie of mine and myself had ranked up into the platinum to diamond level. During a match, the other team quit, more importantly the host quit. Match reset and we lost ALL of our ranked points, completely reset us both to zero bronze! Has this happened to anyone else?


    Platform xbox360

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    You think COD has dedicated servers for the consoles? Uhm..... no they don't!

    You do know what dedicated servers are, right?

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    Also make sure your name is on dus post so i kno who to add

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    '90%' of the CoD bans are not VAC Bans. If someone has a VAC Ban then more than likely they're a habitual cheater since maybe 1 out 10 cheated games yields a VAC Ban, and oh yeah it also means they're a moron because it's typically the 'FREE' hacks that result in a VAC Ban .. and not the paid cheats.

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