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    the isp modem i have now cost 260 without tax add in cat 6 Ethernet cord there's your 300$ if you read my post you would have read that i get 100mbps i know all about port forwarding QOS bandwidth managing the lag is because of AW sucky servers. just stop commenting plzzz

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    So before you advance warfare fan boys go crazy let me start by saying that everything i will say is based off my opinion and my experience of these two games not no one else's.

    So lets start with the pluses of advance warfare;

    1. Good Concept

    2.Wonderful Single Player

    3.Really Like The customization's of your character

    4.I like the fact that they added a classic mode

    5.I like a few of the weapons Bal, Mors, Epm1, Ak12 a lil, Sn6, ks5,

    THAT'S IT!!!!!!!!



    2.No map control

    3. Kill streaks or weak

    4.The other weapons are far to weak to keep up with the others

    5.Maps Too small for this concept

    6.Die to fast

    7. Kill to slow/Hit-markers

    8. Exo Suite Abilities don't really add to the experience

    9. overpowered melee

    !0. Die around corners

    11. No specialist Class

    12. Relies Heavily on team support

    12. Bad Hitbox

    13. Lag


    15. fast hands at 43

    16.Lost the realistic feel

    17. supply drops

    COD Ghost


    1.Good Kill streaks/Assault/Specialist  only

    2.Good weapons

    3. Better spawns

    4.Can win games by yourself is team sucks TDM type games


    1. Op Map control Heavy Camping

    2. Die to fast

    3. Bad Hitbox

    4. Big Maps

    5. Sat com

    6. Aimbot Players OMG

    7. To many Choke Points

    8. Lag Comp

    9. Leveling Up weapons

    10. Op melee


    Now some may disagree with me and that's fine you are entitled to your opinion just like i am. Advance Warfare really needs work spawns are killing the game you can't build kill streaks which take a long time to get due to the fact that you are constantly being killed from the back. This is due to the fact that the exo suites lets you boost half way across the map. These things can be fixed by creating a re-spawn time for every game mode with exo suites are making bigger maps or creating more spawns. Majority of the guns on this game suck because they are useless against a jumping/boosting enemy. Majority of the guns cant be used because players cant capitalize on the strong points of each gun that's why alot of people are you the same gun. EX the MK14 not strong enough but the gun is not a rushing gun so you have to play at a slower pace but you can't because there's someone always behind you spawn flipping and even splitting. There should be way more guns than they are like OMG they really did not have to put in TWO burst fire weapons. SMG are useless they lack power at close range and the fire rate needs to be upped. Cross Bow useless, Rocket launchers unless ADS slow fire rate slow and plus you can 't use them due to the fact people die before they can even get a high enough kill streak. Grenade launcher useless why put a timer on it like fr though. Shotguns useless, I get hit makers at close range like OMG i don't care if i hit you on your finger nail you should die. Close up gun battles don't makes since shot first die last like i can't tell you how many times i have came around the corner seen a camper shot first in the HEAD 3 hit markers to the face and still deaded. IN my opinon they didn't spend enough time on this game because if they did they would have created some kind a damaged meter based on your guns stats and the body part you hit it should never ever take more than one hit to kill a person in the head like i should be able run around the map and insta kill everyone if i hit them in the head like come on. To make head shots not over powered just boost the strafing speed. The lag needs to be fixed you can't tell me that out of all the billions of $ you make you can't maintain proper severs. It causes me to die once i have been around a corner like today i ran around the corner seen an enemy hid a ms later my kill cam came up i had died and they was only shooting at my shadow. There is no specialist class which really sucks there has always been a specialist class why remove i don't understand. There's no point in having exo suites because you still die fast the abilities run out to fast so its down to jumping and strafing and that really don't make them useful. My biggest problem is the fact that this i game is built around having a clan making a team in Ghost you can be 40-3 and win the game and your team is all negative not on advance warfare if your team sucks you suck which makes me have to play FFA. The developers really missed that real war feel this was a wonderful ideal but some where along the why they started thinking about the money and lost the realness of the game you don't nerf guns you just make the players stronger. If i had a chance to make the next one i could guarantee at leat a 10-15% increase in everything profit, fans ,etc just because i will be willing to listen to the people. PEACE YaLL

    ALSO one more thing plz fix the overpowered melee like fr i get kill even at getting 2--3 hit markers on an enemy most of the time i get punch and am not even near them

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    Same issue too. Activision need to resolve this

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    jahMoon wrote:


    Samsung 27 inch monitor with headphones. I set it up on a small table and can watch TV and play at the same time. Tried to play on my big screen and it just doesn't work for me. I would like to get a new 27" (around that size) monitor and like to hear some good suggestions. Asus the way to go? Last time I shopped the contract ratio seemed to the key to getting a good monitor. 

    Input lag and response time are the important factors. Contrast Ratio, Color Depth, etc. will not matter much if your screen ads excruciating amounts of lag on top of your experience.

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    And here is all the info of the Lizard Squad members revealed! http://www.finestsquad.com/

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  • 12/11/14--22:20: Re: load of cak !!!
  • 25-30+ kills and under 10 deaths?

    That must be how you got that 1.04 K/D.

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  • 12/11/14--22:21: Profile problems help please
  • On my companion app, my profile avatar is the default guy in the exo-suit(Carmack) and not my guy. I can't do anything with the avatar, not sure if you should be able to.If not, they should fix it to where you can change your avatar in the app. anyways, If anyone can help me fix this, please reply! I would really like to see my guy. BTW, If I go on someone else's profile, I can see theirs.


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    Same here since CoD MW2

    like Mr_Google said, if you're not cheating / hacking nothing will happen to you.

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  • 12/11/14--22:24: clan members needed (ps4)
  • Looking for active players to join my clan. Kd is not a requirement but would prefer anyone with a mic and competitive. Must get along with others. Anyone interested message on ps4. User name  Kwezt

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  • 12/13/14--09:15: Clan Recruiting!!!!
  • Clan recruiting The Murder Mob level 6 started this clan last Saturday reached level 4 in just a few hours the same night we are currently looking for people who play often and would represent the clan to the fullest intent XBOX1 no special kd required just want you to be a team player and we love to talk Sh¤¤ and have fun if your interested HMU gamer tag Kid Mid21 holla at me clan tags are (MOB)  be apart of it


    Message was edited by: KidMid21

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    hi i'm recruiting fora new clan called CuLe we need trickshoters editors and feaders send your clips into CuLeclan@gmail.com

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    you'd figure after 10versions of this game they'd have figured this stuff out by now.  It's almost like buying something and then the selling not giving it to you.  pretty shady, amateur level stuff going down.

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    I own an Xbox360. The memory unit states 473 MB is free. And for Cloud it says 512 MB free.


    When I try to select either storage for the install disc. I get a message. I don't have enough space. Do I need to purchase anything else for more memory?

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    Messaged you on xbox mate

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  • 12/13/14--09:35: Re: SBMM
  • AGH! @Tommy_Ledge why do you have to go and ruin it?? Been having so much fun trolling all the SBMM crybabies... oh man. Hopefully nobody reads this.. smh.

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  • 12/13/14--09:37: Re: RECENTLY BOUGHT COD
  • add me.... Charmingbrick and I will add you to the clan

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    Same issue here. It seems that this is happening to a lot of people after buying the game in Steam. After some 50 hours of fun or so, the game just cannot be launched. I tried with some of the Steam troubleshooting advices (Cabela's® Big Game Hunter® Pro Hunts - C - Knowledge Base - Steam Support), but I get no results. I can't find even the PC plattform in Activision's support area, so I can't open a case myself. I'll be grateful if some admin can do it for me.

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    Hi hibryd7,


    Seems like you've been into various troubleshooting and I believe that you're on the right track. What I'm seeing is that there might be persistent data that's keeping your game to run properly even if you already fixed the issue. Try these steps below:


    ◘ Power cycling your PC and connections

    ◘ Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragment

    ◘ Verify the Integrity of the game cache


    Hope that will be a permanent fix for you.


    Kind regards

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    Send me a message or reply your name and we can add you to the clan. we are level 11 and came in first place in the first clans wars.

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