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    Die Anweisung in 0xf8a92d72 verweist auf Speicher 0x00000061.Der Vorgang read konnte nicht im Speicher durchgeführt werden.

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  • 12/13/14--09:47: Re: Fake Supply Drop Glich
  • My Supply Drop didn't appear again. I re-logged, restarted my console, and it's still gone.


    I did lose some items (Red Baron gear) the same game I got it, so next time it doesn't appear, I'll see if I lost some limited time gear.

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  • 12/13/14--09:51: Clan Recruitment ~PS3~
  • New clan named CorruptedNation [CptN] is looking for members! We are making youtube channels and if you want to be a part of that be sure to apply to our clan! I already have a YT channel but i have still not posted the name is (CptN_Trizma)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

    Clan Requirements:

    KD 1.10+


    Name needs to be CptN_(Name of choice)


    Skype/ts3 will be added soon!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

    i check the applications every 2hours

    Hope to see you in tha clan!

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    Hi UCD_281861240196melrUhzcMGlcrbkP,


    Are you referring to a COD forum name? If yes, try editing your forum name by going to Call of Duty® and go to your "Profile." You should see an "Edit" option for your forum name.


    Hope this helps.


    Kind regards

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    JOIN we are 12 now!

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    1. Post a picture of your favorite weapon drop(s).
    2. If someone else has the same picture, give it a like instead of posting the same image.


    Here are some of my favorites (so far):



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    Hi mikiops,


    I just recently checked out Xbox's status and I found the following message: We’re aware that some of you have purchased the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Season Pass, but can’t access the AE4 Widowmaker weapon in game. We’re working to get this figured out as quickly as we can, Xbox members! Thanks for staying patient. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.



    Here's the link for more details: Xbox Live Service Status



    Looks like this is currently being investigated. We may just need to wait out a bit.



    Kind regards.

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  • 12/13/14--09:55: Re: arx-160 Spoliator
  • thats one of my faves actually. you can take on 2 to 3 guys in HC at once if you got the right twich. its got a crisp feel to it for sure.

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    The page hasn't been update in a while so, yeah...
    Anyways gaming is still on for the team, also names still have to be taken. Gamers who are added to the team don't co-operate so it's out of wack. Next weekend a session will be on and who joins are in the team and who doesn't are out. Normal time as in the schedule. - H3R0

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    The advice we are offering is that you shut the hell up on this. You're crying over something that doesn't matter. It will come out again - before whatever holiday you celebrate. You complaining on 3-5 different threads is silly(at best). especially since you think that crying like that is going to make a difference. It won't. you're wasting your time. There's your advice. As I said on a different crybaby thread - Pretend you're an adult - wait and be patient. Maybe your child will learn from you a good trait. and not that if you TYPE IN ALL CAPS YOU'LL GET WHAT YOU WANT



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    I played 3 games won two of the that info just for robot wtf ever his name is now I can see why people think core games lag buts it's the same as past ground war games 3 to 7 hit markers sucjs the only time I noticed real lag not this new invented word "lag comp" is when there was more that three big kill streaks going and again Idk why people would play core but especially grouND war but props to you if you do its terrable

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  • 12/14/14--16:01: Re: whos enjoying the game.
  • Pretty awesome so far. Shame I have no friends who are playing so I'm mainly alone but hey ho...

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  • 12/14/14--16:01: clan xbox one cod aw
  • Hows it goin DEFQON eSPORTS are looking for clan members for all gameplay modes we are level 6 at the moment we are on all the time looking for dedicated players who can make there mark on the leaderboard an bring in the xp im QwiicKshot add me or follow on twitter @DEFQONeSPORTS or look us up on facebook leave your name an il check your profile out thanx hope to see you join the crew...

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    I would like to join


    I am 1.4 K/D, my psn is wzzvd

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    In principle you would think this would be a quick fix, I have the digital pro edition and although the season pass is downloaded (allegedly) on my X1 it is not registered in game.


    Just goes to show the game is not thoroughly tested before release. 

    6 hour delay on release due to game re-downloading

    Multiple in game glitches

    Shocking multiplayer matchmaking

    Season pass not registered

    Issues with joining parties

    Will DLC download?


    It is like every new COD is the first online game ever produced, surely if the developers pooled the previous experiences the game would improve every year (surely), Sledgehammers prev experience (MW3) was the most inconsistent multiplayer experience I have known so why use the same/similar system which failed so badly. 


    I do in love the Cod franchise but with my clan mates quitting the game it is also pushing me to my limits, DLC was useless on MW3 having on most occasions returning to std maps to try and get a reasonable lobby and I feel this game will go the same way.

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    plz plz can I join good quikscoper diamond snipers  looking for a good active and competitive clan

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    Typically boycotts work better if you dont buy the product first you lose what we in the haggling business call your leverage

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    i just tried this because on my main account I was having terrible games. I finished a game of KC where a guy killed me 4 times in a row, I kept spawning right in front of his line of fire.


    I created a new account and played a couple of games and wow what a difference. I have around 100 kills and my K/D is 1.7 (old account K/D is 1.05) I was having fun, let's see how long that lasts.

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