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  • 11/19/14--20:28: $tar$ CLAN
  • New clan on Xbox one, looking for player's based in UK or Ireland, only myself at the moment, only thing I'd ask is that you be over 18 and mature, and a mic would be nice. Clan name is $tar$ , apply today!

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  • 11/19/14--20:29: Re: Prestige bug!
  • Those problems within the game will not be fixed.

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  • 11/19/14--20:30: FFA aka Sniper For All
  • Has anyone noticed how in FFA there are at least 3-5 people using the sniper rifles in a single lobby?  I'm not really complaining since it's easy to kill them, but I still find it quite odd.



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    Greetings julius39


    Kaos Traps are in high demand! your best bet would be to contact your local Skylanders retailer (Toys 'R'Us, WalMart, GameStop, Best Buy...) and see if they have any in stock-or when they plan on getting a new stock. Most places don't know exactly what is in the boxes - but they do know when they get new boxes.


    Good Hunting!


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    Hey man, send me a message on Live!

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  • 11/20/14--20:28: #Dice-Squad-Is-Awesome


    Join Now

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    hello I've been on the phone multiple times with activision and Sony... I've reset my PS3 to factory and the game won't even load story mode first it wouldn't allow me to play mp now the game won't load anything please help

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    Activision do you have any idea how much longer we have to wait this is getting a little bit out of hand ?

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    Looking for more!

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  • 11/20/14--20:30: Re: Trading?
  • Well, then, you would obviously have the option of NOT trading something.. Some people get really good supply drops, and others don't.. What's the harm in allowing people to trade equipment that they got at random?? You can only have so much in your armory, and you can sell it for XP.. I see no harm in it whatsoever.. Like someone said below, you can get the same thing numerous times.. Why not be able to trade it for something you would actually like to use rather than just sell it for XP over and over?? I would like the option of trading equipment, rather than just selling it..

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  • 11/20/14--20:32: Re: Trollers.... WHY??!!
  • The fact I play so (too) much, even with friends who love it too, they have actual lives, so it's not always possible to play with them.

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    IIf you get an answer since they went home for the night they are gonna tell you to be patien... I can't even play story mode they told me to contact Sony it was my system well Sony says it's not its the game since all my other titles are working fine... Surprisingly they closed now even though I called about  twenty minutes before they should have....

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    Looking for more. Come join us!

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  • 11/20/14--20:34: weapon camo not there
  • Are they in the process of fixing the weapon camp because I completed a few challenges on my MORS and it says I did but its locked.

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  • 11/20/14--20:35: Re: Anyone else agree?

  • I agree. People will come and go then come back again. I do have my problems with the game. I played cod when it was good. When connections weren't a problem and people only whined about camping, or just getting spanked all the time.

    You would think that after the last 2 years of really bad connections and bad spawning that they would make a game without this stuff by now. That's all I want is just a generally good cod again.

    Will the connections get fixed? Probably not. They always give a fix that either doesn't work or just makes it worse. I know they'll adjust the spawns at least.

    Anyways the only reason I even buy cod anymore is the hope that the next title will be as fun as it used to be. This game is fun when it's working in your favor. But when it's not it just sucks.

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    Bottom line: To all, look into your decision to buy the next Call of Duty or even an old one... See what they do to you.


    All below is the truth.


    Remember Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare? The best game ever! I believe it got "Game of the Year" edition... Incredible! It deserved it. CoD: WaW was awesome! Then came the sequels, along with Black Ops. It started going downhill, in money wise, the opposite. They believe: "We can release the same game over each year, save money, and make more money each year!" They still believe that. They are stealing ideas from Halo, Battlefield, and even the movie "Edge of Tomorrow/Live. Die. Repeat." And guess what? They don't give a crap. They have the worst customer support/service, and only fix what they can find in the games, maybe. Then more problems arise with the updates, which they don't give a crap. What are they doing right now? Sitting there. Tweeting. Instagraming. Telling people: "We are alive and well" basically. Remember Halo 2 and 3? Best games. Halo Wars, and Halo: Reach were less then best, but were great! Why? Because they had creators that didn't do it for the money, they did it for the fans. Then came 343... Halo is just died my friend. Microsoft told them: "Release something big, twice, exclusive on the Xbox One". It worked for some, but not all. THEY ARE KILLING OFF THE PS3 and 360. Hell, the creators of Call of Duty: Quickscopers Wrath (AW) didn't even want to handle the PS3 or 360 versions. All games from here on for the PS3 and 360 will be crap. Expect a lot more paid reviewers and advertisements on the Xbox One and/or PS4. Battlefield is already dead because of 4, the game engine sucked, and wasn't even a playable game. CoD: Quickcopers Wrath (AW) is bearable playable. Hold on there, that doesn't mean you should give them $60 or even $15 for some angered fueled entertainment.


    You have my word that all above is the truth. PS3 and 360 will become ghost consoles, if not, crappy games will be released on it. All they want is money.


    To the creators: You want to know how to make money and ******* save CoD? Read these forums. 1 Hour: Minimum Wage: Money Mountain and Happy Gamers.

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    try deleting all of your custom classes<~~ activision support told me to do this... And try playing infected if that doesn't work " thank you for your patience on this matter" that's there favorite saying

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  • 11/20/14--20:40: Another laggy night
  • been in a bunch of lobbies and watching and listening to people clear out because lack of hit markers and lagggggggg.... Its getting worse not better.

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    Alright cool ilk check you guys out .

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    when are ya gonna fix the fuckin game on the xbox360

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