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    :ban: for smoking :smokin:

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  • 11/18/14--20:06: Re: Fix Your Joining thing!
  • If you are on XBox, there are some known issues with Live.


    Xbox Live Status



    • Social and GamingLimited

      Affected platforms:
      • Xbox One
      • Xbox 360
      Affected services:
      • Accessing or retrieving data stored using cloud storage
      • Joining other Xbox Live members in online games
      • Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing
      • Sending text messages to other Xbox Live members
      • Unlocking achievements
      • Viewing achievements
    • 11/18/2014 9:52:15 PM CST:Are you having difficulties with Live when you try to do things such as add or view Friends, Message, get or view Achievements, interact with multiplayer functionality, or Cloud Storage? Our team is working hard to get these issues resolved and we thank you for staying patient while we work. Check back here for another update in 30 minutes.

    Xbox Live Service Status

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    Same here. It seems that no one is addressing the issue here?  What a bummer, just wanted to relax for a few minutes and play, after working 12 hours day before I go finish my evening with my family.


    All that needed addressing was spawn problems and small maps. ..


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  • 11/18/14--20:09: Re: Are servers down? PS4
  • Exact same issue as you and a very similar time frame. Been talking to some people on other forums with a similar time frame and the same issues. Tried AW, Ghosts and Bops2 with the same issue, other games connect fine online. People I've spoken to have the same thing, can't connect to any CoD games on PS3 or PS4 but everything else works fine.

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  • 11/18/14--20:13: ACE3 Clan!
  • Hey  guys, Im looking for people to join my Clan!

    Add me RayMay9878


    Also im looking for more females to join !

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    Hello antoniosansmolina


    Sorry to hear you're having issues with your figures. Please keep in mind i can only provide support in English. Is it only the 2 figures - and which two? Can you please try changing the ownership of the figures? Activision Support If that doesn't work you may need to Reset the figure (please note this will erase all data on the figure) Activision Support


    If neither of these work then it might be the Portal. Please be sure of the following:


    - the portal isn't too close to the tv

    - the cord on the portal isn't bundled up

    - portal isn't near any wifi devices

    - the portal isn't near any metal (even the smallest piece of metal can interfere with the portal)

    -  the figure isn't in the direct center. Lift the figure completely off the portal and place it closer to the edge


    If these issues continue - then you need to replace the portal by going to the support.activision.com - create/sign in to your account > Select the Warranty & Returns tab at the top of the page > and then following the instructions that is provided.


    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask!




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    Hey there Bronko828


    Thanks for contacting our forums for help with your issue.


    Please try the tips left for you by your peer. If they do not help to resolve your issue please let us now.


    Also, please let us know you ISP, region/location and what system you are playing on.




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    Looking for more! Come join us!

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    I just spent the evening on my second account, the one I kept seperate from my Clan Wars/party account on Ghosts, mostly for the same purpose as it had for Ghosts: levelling it up (for weapons and attachments) so that I can play on it when I'm not playing with friends.


    In my first game with default classes, I finished a TDM 27-2 with no streaks. Next game 26-3 with UAV only. Next game I went 27-0, 3 away from my first ever DNA Bomb before we reached the 75 kill limit. Next game was Hardpoint; I went 49-15 with 7 caps hipfiring only to unlock Stock for my Bal, and once I got my 20 hipfire kills I ran around with a naked MORS to try and unlock Variable Zoom for it. Went back to TDM, dropped my first non-lethal 40 bomb. Next game I went 50-19 without ever earning any streaks past my UAV, rushing my nuts off trying to "upgrade" my KF5. Game after game after game, same story. Connections only started deteriorating after around 20 games. Guess what? Those connections were great; the same quality I get in Ghosts even outside of peak hours for my timezone and with less than 10k people online.

    I've been complaining of lag in about 85-90% of games on my main account for the last week or so, and up until yesterday the game wasn't enjoyable whatsoever with me so far behind much of the time. Today I had the most fun I've had since I got the game.

    Coincidence? Also, when did I ever mention lag comp? I know what it does, and that it doesn't do what 90% of people think it does. I'm talking about pure lag.

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  • 11/19/14--20:14: Re: Dissapointed
  • Am I the only one that loves this game? Granted, its my first COD, and as such, have nothing to compare it to, but its good

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  • 11/19/14--20:16: Re: Forum Help Please
  • Hey TempFadyNader


    Just in case we will leave the deleting up to you if you feel there is no longer a need for it.




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    Hello DarkSerenity81

    Thanks for the contact. Please keep in mind that i can only provide support in English. You can try looking for the game here Skylanders Video Game - Official Site You can also check for compatibility there as well.




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  • 11/19/14--20:19: Team Killed Still Counts?
  • I thought this was supposed to be fixed so it doesn't count, nor resets your streaks. What happened to the patch?

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  • 11/19/14--20:22: Looking for a Clan Xbox 360
  • I am Looking for a Clan on Xbox 360. I wanna good clan, and I wanna clan that also plays Black ops 2 or Cod Ghost, doesn't force you to change your gamertag, a clan with nice members, and a clan that has at least 10 members. My xbox 360 gamertag is: revliedparker. You can send a message to me on xbox 360 or on here.

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    Hello Adamski111176


    This figure might not be out in your area yet. You should call you local stores and check on availablity.


    Good Hunting!


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    The headshot is in the kill feed if you get the kill.  I am just merely pointing out that when u get multiple HS hit markers and don't get a kill its frustrating.

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    Hey there GAE_QIn


    Thanks for posting to our forums.


    Please let us know if the steps provided by your peer has helped resolve your issue. If further assistance is needed we'd be more than happy to help.




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    my mic just wnt out getting one for christmas im on the 360 is it ok if i join and then get my mic at a later time

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  • 11/19/14--20:27: Hardcore Gamemode Issues!!
  • Me and my clan are strictly hardcore and we definitely think hardcore gets the short end of the stick 9 times out of 10.


    But anywho, why wasn't ricochet brought back?...there is entirely too much team killing. And with all the silly ass children that play this game (that like to kill their teammate JUST BECAUSE) I think ricochet is definitely needed.


    Also we were wondering why the respawn timer was brought back? I honeslty think that contributes to a lot of the insane spawns.


    And we would definitely like more game modes...there's a lot of game modes that we as hardcore players dont even get to enjoy because they aren't made available to us.

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