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  • 11/15/14--19:01: Re: telephone number
  • Hey there Rrftank


    Apologies for any delay in getting to you.


    If you need any assistance with one of our titles please let us know.


    Just tell us which tittle and on what platform system and we'd be happy to assist.


    We look forward to hearing from you.



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    I am definitely having this same issue, which worsened after yesterday's update. Seems like SH is aware and trying to fix. The bad news is that I cannot receive a refund for my girlfriend who bought me the DZ edition for my birthday. I am not angry with the developers, but I am disappointed in the lack of response to the loyal fans of this franchise. No more pre-orders for me.

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  • 11/15/14--19:03: Re: This Game is frustrating
  • Was it today because i did it yesterday and it didnt happen

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  • 11/15/14--19:04: Re: Telling us updates
  • Make an update in black ops 2 for changing the medals to how it was in black ops 1. Like when u get first blood, there is a picture but in black ops 1 there are just words. Change black ops 2 to how it was in black ops 1. And combine the attachment fast mags with the perk fast hands and call the perk fast hands. With this, u will be able to reload faster and throw lethals and tacticals faster and everthing else the the fast hands per does.

    Also change black ops 2 to kill streaks. PLEASE!!!!



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    I think its a POS.

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    I recently switched to the PS4 version of the game from the PS3 version. The difference is amazing. The connection is better, the graphics are better, it runs smoother. Everything is better. I am amazed.

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  • 11/16/14--19:32: Re: Camo Challenges
  • Anyone going to reply or is activision just going to sit at their stupid computers and do ****

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    recruiting competitive gamers!

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    Hey mont230


    Thanks for the contact! Can you tell us what the screen says regarding the challenges? Does it state that the challenges are completed? Also when did you complete the challenges? What console are you on and did you download any updates?  ^ZJ

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    KDA of at least a 1.0 is required.Forgot to mention that

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    Same here as well in Canada, Ont. I have added an exception for both TCP & UDP for the game file in ESET Smart Security 7. Also did port forwarding in my AC1200 Netgear router, flushed the DNS and deleted the app data to the game, reinstalled the whole game and steam, still the same result.


    Also once my game is started it won't shut down as well as can't connect to online services.

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  • 11/16/14--19:35: Re: Clan Recruiting (XB1)
  • I'd like to join your clan. Gamer tag holylightt

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  • 11/16/14--19:36: Aimforthehead recruiting ps4
  • Level 3 right now.

    5 members two active.

    Active for all clan wars as soon as they start.

    We play every night around 8-9 pm est.

    We accept all applications as long as your ACTIVE.

    Once we get the minimum active members non active will be kicked.

    Add jasonnnx and message for invite or search aimforthehead

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    Were you shooting upwards at him? Bullet could have gone through the body to his head and registered it as a headshot.

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  • 11/16/14--19:38: Re: Looking for ps4 clan
  • Add jasonnnx for a competitive clan

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    Everytime I read the title it makes me laugh.

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    I've used the IMR for a while, so I'll share what worked best FOR ME PERSONALLY.


    IMR: Foregrip, Parabolic Microphone (3)

    Atlas 45 Pistol: /// (1)


    UAV/Care Package/System Hack (3)


    Variable grenade x2 (2)

    EXO Mute (1)


    Low Profile (1)

    Blind Eye (1)

    Toughness (1)


    TOTAL (13)


    Good Luck!

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    Very much so !

    It seems like it doesn't take very long for exploits to be found by community members so a 2-4 week open Beta should give them enough time for players to seek glitches etc.

    Damn right - they do need players who will test the game how it isn't supposed to be played as - put simply- there are portions of the community who don't want to play games in their intended way.

    These exploits need to be discovered asap.

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    I have started a clan called ROCMOD Gaming and i am looking for some more members and needing some co leaders. if interested send me a message on xbl at major killfrost or you can reply here.

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  • 11/16/14--19:43: Re: Xbox 360 Patch
  • =[ still waiting on 360

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