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  • 10/22/14--16:27: Re: Players Online
  • Plus a universal playerbase.

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    So I've just created a clam, it goes by the name of Sons of Murder.  The clan is currently level one with one member, which is me.  I'm looking for a second leader and as many recruits as I can find!


    I'm looking for member who:

    -Has a mic

    -Will accept an invitation to play with the team

    -Help find new recruits

    -Contribute to winning


    We will not be competitive, rather a pubstomping clan.


    -Have a Kill/Death ratio above 1.00

    -Own a mic

    -Have a decently deep voice


    My gamertag is Melodicore, simply add me asking for an invite and we can get things going.
    Happy Gaming!

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    Oh my god, the AoU trailer is out!  It had me shaking.  It blew my mind, it looks so amazing.  Go watch it!

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  • 10/22/14--16:31: Re: Players Online
  • Very true.

    Plus updates every other day.

    My issue is when PC gamers act superior over other gamers.. uncalled for and ridiculous.

    Damn right, that #PCMASTERRACE **** is just elitism and arrogance, drives me up the wall and I used to be  high end pc gamer exclusively.

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    Hello everyone and welcome to Shadow Ravens

    Journeying through Advanced Warfare's lush world can be lonesome, that's where we come in. Shadow Raven's is an established clan that is ready and willing to engage in all areas of the COD universe. Shadow Ravens defines the balance of competitive hardcore players and laid back casual gamer's.

    Our clan focuses on appealing to skilled hardcore players that want to tackle challenging raids and competitive PvP action as well as casual gamer's that are searching for an active community of players to call their brothers. Shadow Ravens aims to be a decade long clan, and is hoping to achieve legendary status among the COD Community, with your help we will dominate Clan Wars.

    What you can expect

    - Well structured

    - Competitive

    - Community oriented

    - Active

    - Clan support

    - Decade long clan


    What you Need

    - 16 or older

    - Mic

    - Be team oriented

    - A thirst for exploration & discovery

    - PS4

    Clan Website - http://shadowravens.clanwebsite.com/

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  • 10/22/14--16:41: Re: Players Online
  • Pretty much hate it from any group of gamers.. Xboxers over PS users, PS users over Xboxes, PC users over Consoles... Everyone over Nintendo U users.. ( I jest on that last one)


    Play what you like, like what you play. There aren't gamers with "more skill" on one platform or another.

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    Bumping thread with the request that those who are looking to possibly join.


    Please do not try to recruit me to a clan you want to start instead.  That is not what I am looking for.  And it wastes my time when trying to find members.

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  • 10/22/14--16:44: Re: Account Posting Issues
  • Hi ZJ, 


    Thanks for responding.

    All good, case has been resolved

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  • 10/22/14--16:47: Re: SHIELD TV series
  • To paraphrase Egon from Ghostbusters, I'm excited beyond the capacity for ANY thought, haha.  Palicki in that Mockingibrd costume looks unbelievable.

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    nicedrewishfela wrote:



    I worry that AW will not be so much a progression in the series as it is a complete paradigm shift.


    Personally I do not see a return to how we once experience COD, I firmly believe those days are over and for them to provide that, they will have to do something that will shock us all.

    I really hope you're wrong.  I think it's possible for us (for me) to still have plenty of fun as we have in our favorite past titles.


    I played a lot of WaW, MW3 and BOII but I might as well have played MW2 or Ghosts when it comes to the types of fun I have playing CoD.  It's pretty simple, really: relatively solid connection (to expect perfection when it comes to the internet is silly); good gun v gun; and, most importantly for me, maps and mechanics that facilitate strategy and skill.


    Unlike some who feel it's a must to have a new title as soon as the title come outAre you buying AW based on 1) Annual Tradition, 2) New Game Novelty or 3) An Objective Approach?, I can take or leave the next title if I'm still having fun with the present or even previous one.  (Although I must say, having skipped Ghosts I was really looking forward a title that I wanted to play.)


    The factors that tip the scale in favor of me getting a new title depend on whether that new title will provide those three factors I mentioned above.

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  • 10/23/14--15:50: Re: Banned from PC BO2?
  • Hi stimpakt,


    Hey, bro. I really know how hard and difficult this news must be for you and as hard as this may sound, I'm afraid that there's nothing the support or the forum mods can do for you about the ban anymore. You can also check this link for more details: http://support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/I-have-been-temporarily-or-perm anently-banned/


    Kind regards

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    OP I recently ordered a Scuf One, and I couldn't be any happier! I have it blacked out, trigger stops, scuf grip, and 4 paddles. I do NOT regret it at all. In the short time that I have used it my W/L has went up and my k/d has went from a 1.73 to a 1.89. And this is with only about 10 hours of game time. Very rarely do I have a game where I have below a 2.0 now. And I don't die nearly as much because of being able to jump/drop shot so easily. It makes a huge stiffer emcee. It took about 3 hours to really get used to the controller because of the extra buttons so be patient, because it will be worth it in the end.


    If you have any questions feel free to ask me and I'll reply back asap. Again I have the controller so I can give 100 percent honest feed back.


    I typed this from my phone so sorry for any spelling mistakes.

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  • 10/23/14--15:55: league players
  • any masters looking to play league and or make a team?

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  • 10/23/14--15:57: New Sniper rifles
  • If you have not done your research, those who have the game already leaked the names and images of the new sniper rifles as well as the other guns. I am not going to get into the names, but from looking at the pictures, how does one tell if they are bolt-action or semi-automatic. Not sure how many gun experts are here, but If a sniper rifle has a stand, would it be categorized as a bolt action? (MORS)  Then would all snipers without the stand we could predict be a semi-auto?  (Lynx)

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      Hey everyone! so I'm generally new to the forums here and id like to welcome myself and say that Advanced Warfare looks really amazing so far! i wanted to post this here because i feel that ill get more feedback. i had just gotten it pre ordered a few weeks ago and will be going to the midnight launch as well so i cant wait to get it and hop on multiplayer

      But what im looking for at the moment is just group of people to have fun, crack jokes and play the game with when it comes out, im not not really looking for a "clan" exactly but just a few mature, cool people/ friends to hang with and just have a blast playing the game! I feel that social gaming for me has gone way down in the last few years so im looking to get back out there when this beast drops . I believe that social gaming can make the experience 10 times better with friends

      With that being said im not that much of a competitive person when it comes to online gaming so im usually laid back but i can be when im playing objective based games . I used to be pretty competitive when BO1 came out but that was when i had a lot of friends to play with at the same time so it was really fun and all!

      If anyone wants me to join they're group or something like that or just make a group just send me a message and/or comment your GT and ill give you mine in return and btw Ill be playing on the Xbox One . Ill probably try every game mode but ill mostly play Dom, KC and SnD and Momentum which looks fun! happy gaming guys and sorry for the long wall of text.

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    lewdmouth wrote:


    Ah another poster dancing in the street as rome burns.


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    Not much more to it really, if someone has any info on how to populate that field or can show me what I'm doing wrong I'd really appreciate it.



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    I generally just play HC TDM and HC KC but I do find it annoying that they make these new modes and never give them to HC players. Why not? At least let HC players try them without having to play Core. If the population is low for the new modes then by all means remove them, but at least put them in to start with.

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    I went from the 360 to PS4 last year, and my 360 controller's right stick was really stiff after several years of use, so moving to the new DualShock was a challenge. I definitely second this; getting some tall Kontrol Freeks (I got the Sniprs, the tallest set) helped out a ton. I'm not sure whether or not to suggest a concave set (the standard 360 type stick) or the convex (PS3 style) as it's purely down to personal preference, but convex definitely seems better for overall accuracy and making small changes when aiming, whereas concave seems better for comfort and grip, and CQB gunfights. Perhaps try two different types, or the set that gives you a small concave and tall convex one (Vortex) and see for yourself


    What's great about them is they've allowed me to greatly increase my sensitivity over time, while my accuracy is still increasing. I played on 4 or 5/20 for the first few months, averaging 19-22% accuracy with regular weapons, but I recently bumped up to 10/20 for Ghosts as I was struggling with tracking targets at close range. What I didn't anticipate was how much it would also help my long range shot - I'm mostly using the Honey Badger, which isn't the most accurate weapon in the game, and my overall accuracy is up to 24.52% and still rising. My HB accuracy is at 23.4% and rising, while my R5 and Ripper accuracies are approaching 26% lol :s


    To Bulletcasster -

    They're great products; I doubted them to start with but I can't play without them now...if I take them off my aim goes to sh*t I also watch a YouTuber/live streamer who's sponsored by them, and he has a promo code for people to get 10% off. They're a little pricey for what they do if I'm being totally honest, so type in code "PWNSTARZ" on the site when you pick some up he even said himself that the XB1 sticks take a while to get used to after moving from the 360, so these will help! Other than that I can't suggest anything else as I'm not on the XB1, but just roll a lower sensitivity for a while until you get yourself used to how loose the sticks are

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